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  1. I guess as the money leaves your account it no longer belongs to you, but the interest charged by your credit card company strikes me as unfair. It would be interesting to find out from an insider perhaps?
  2. I have long thought this is one of the biggest scans in the credit card/banking world. My questions is: Where is my money, that has left my bank account instantly, hiding, before appearing 3/4/5 days later on my credit card statement? Is it sitting in the credit card company's bank account, accruing interest whilst I am also accruing interest on the card in the time it takes for the payment to appear. I consider this to be up there with unfair charges and PPI.
  3. Hi all. HBOS (Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card) settled in full this morning, having filed to say they would be defending my action. £623.00 inc interest + court costs. Followed, to the letter, CAG templates - thanks again.
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