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  1. Hi renegadeimp. First I disputed with CRA (Minicredit only report to CallCredit) with a Notice of Dispute. Minicredit didn't reply within 28 days (there's a surprise) so then entry was suppressed. However, when they did reply, they said they thought it was valid and thus Callcredit unsuppressed it. I have outlined by grievance about the default to the ICO following their complaints procedure, and included that with my letter back to Minicredit, but suffice to say Minicredit are sticking to their guns. So, finally, for now sent an LBA to Minicredit (both hard and soft copy) with 14
  2. I've, unsurprisingly, not heard anything back yet, not even an acknowledgement of my letter. In order to prepare for court, what exactly is it I should be taking them to court over and which court/how? I am assuming (and we know what that can do) that I should just use MCOL? If so, what do I claim for? They don't actually owe my anything financial, just a correction to my credit file, which if they'd have done so, I would have left it at that. Do I claim for the current value of the default? If I do, does that mean given the cost of making the claim relates to a specific financial range, am I
  3. Brilliant - thanks again. That's a healthy round of ammo there. Although whether it's enough to get through to these people, who knows?
  4. Thanks squaddie, I have already completed that when I sent them the letter in which I copied in the ICO complaint form. It sounds like they will not be changing their stance in what is now the next 10 days, so how do I go about that Civil claim? If there are any links to the case law that you or anyone knows of, I would be very interested. Tim.
  5. Hi there, I will try and be as brief as possible with this. Here's the deal: Originally applied for a loan with Minicredit 04/03/11 and was declined. Re-applied and was granted loan on 04/07/11. Sent notice of cancellation within 14 days, as per CCA 1974 on 12/07/11. At the same time informing Minicredit, as per rights under that act, repayments would be made within 30 days by Faster Payments, and could they please supply bank details. I also informed them that I no longer authorised them to use my card details. Here's the breakdown of events: 04/07/11 Received £130.50 (£
  6. Thanks for your thoughts asmile, but I would just say their (worthless) Ts&Cs state you can confirm cancellation of the agreement by e-mail to the "info" address, which is what I have done, whilst including requesting a delivery receipt, so from a technical IT viewpoint that is the equivalent of a signature on a recorded delivery letter. They cannot dispute that the information was delivered. Granted that doesn't mean it was read, but neither does a recorded delivery signature. I would agree letters are the best, but I am simply not prepared to be wasting my time with these folks. That's j
  7. These guys are something else. Plenty of letters sent demanding payment (despite the fact I cancelled the loan within 14 days and that they never actually sent any fully signed paperwork, just the pre-contract agreement). Anyway, if you want addresses for them you can use info@capitalfinanceone.co.uk or imraj.jabbal@capitalfinanceone.co.uk. I have sent my responses to those addresses in the last few days and received delivery receipts, I will be keeping these receipts in order to prove they have received my communications in the event the try and take the matter to court ... very unlikely give
  8. Thanks dx. It appears that is what the Nationwide form actually is, so I will fill it out and take it from there. I am so utterly shocked that this kind of behaviour is actually permitted by the UK's banking system and that stopping a card doesn't stop all transactions. P.S. great choice of album, Jeff Beck's guitar work on that is awesome.
  9. HELP! Dispite having changed the card details Minicredit have today raided my account for £105. I have spoken to Nationwide and they inform me this is because Visa still have the account details and this is permitted. I can get sent a Visa dispute form (within 48 hours) which will get the funds creditted, but they say short of closing the account and opening a new one, there is nothing that can be done. Is that really true? I cannot believe the banking system is that lax! Thanks, T.
  10. Just a quick update, things have rattled on for a while with them refusing to believe I have cancelled the loan appropriately and this morning's e-mail was full of bluster: "We would like to remind you that your MiniCredit overdue loan balance is £304.50. If we are unable to recover full amount within next 10 days we'll send Your account to THE DOORSTEP COLLECTOR and You will incur extra costs. We may also contact Your employer and start legal action against You. We also report the status of Your outstanding account to Credit reference agencies. All this process affects your
  11. Hi Sillygirl, can you advise, should I JUST be paying back the original sum, or "as per their Ts & Cs" the original sum + daily interest until the cancellation notice?
  12. I e-mailed the folks at Minicredit, as per my post above and have received this as a response: " Our final response to Your Complaint is that the Loan Agreement is not cancelled because the time passed from the date You signed the Agreement. All the charges and interest have been and will be added to the current outstanding balance until full repayment or Legal action. You may see the balance and make payments through Your MiniCredit.co.uk online account 24/7." Do you think it wise that I should pay what I believe I owe anyway, or withhold funds until the matter is settled (whic
  13. Yep Delboy they say it's a NOTICE OF DEFAULT SUM UNDER SECTION 86E OF THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 Thanks for your input sillygirl1. Don't get me wrong, I have not trying to wriggle out of paying, simply that as you state in the resposne I should give, I am purely cancelling the loan within the statutory period, although they dispute that as they say the agreement came into force when I "signed" it, even though I was refused for a loan, but in March. I have had two other loans from them since, the first for £250 and duly paid off, the second for £150. As you say, certainly to me as an "ou
  14. Received 1st Default Notice early this morning and warned of second one in two days. Replied as follows: "This agreement has been legitimately cancelled under the terms of the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) 2004 Act. As a result this charge cannot be raised against it. You have previously stated that I "signed" the agreement on 4th March 2011. I have confirmed with Trading Standards via ConsumerDirect that this is incorrect as no monies were borrowed at that time. Without any lending taking place the agreement cannot come into force. I once again confirmed with ConsumerDire
  15. With companies like this, you can never been certain what they will or won't do, but if you are not in arrears I have never come across even Minicredit attempting to deduct monies before they are due. Of course, if you were to keep your money in another account until it was required to be taken from the account which Minicredit have details for, you would be 100% safe. They only hold authroity to attempt a debit card transaction with the details you gave them nothing more. They will have no visibility of any other payment types you have or other cards. However, please note some payday loan com
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