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  1. Thank you both for your replies. I was so worried when I read the letter, I feel a bit better about it now.
  2. Hi all. Sorry if this post is on the wrong forum I wasn't 100% sure where it should go but I would really appreciate some advice about my rights on this matter. We had our new kitchen fitted at the end of August. There were many problems during the process of the kitchen being fitted, we were on holiday at the time and the kitchen fitter phoned us with problems and questions everyday. I had informed the company that we would be away but we had no communication from them before, I even had to contact them to ask what time someone needed to be at our house to let them in! the main issue was a couple of days after the kitchen was finished. I had a phonecall from the company's admin lady to say that she had forgotten to tell us there would be an additional charge for the fitting of the worktops as we had chosen to supply our own (ie they were not included in the kitchen fitting price we had paid the kitchen company) and that would be an additional £50+vat per worktop (they insist it is 6 worktops but it is in fact 5) please and could I email them to confirm that I accept that quote (which I didn't). I stated that I had emailed her nearly 2 months before to say we were supplying our own worktops and she had replied to say that she would make a note of it, no additional charge was ever mentioned. A couple of weeks later I received a final bill for the work done. The £300+vat for worktops was on there and they had added "as agreed" next to it. I wrote a letter to the managing director along with a cheque and went through each item on the bill. They had refunded me some money for some of the work they hadn't done eg, installing the fridge, boxing in the pipes but didn't refund me the vat I had paid for them! They had also installed the sink in the wrong way round (he thought the plans were wrong!). I also stated in my letter that the worktop price had not been agreed. I deducted 20% off of the sink fitting price, the VAT they owed me on my refunds, and the price of the worktop fitting (I also stated that there were not 6 worktops). I sent them a cheque for the amount owed minus deductions I had made. I received a reply from the managing director stating that he would deduct 40% off the worktop price and therefore I still owed £180+vat (that would still make it 6 worktops!!). I ignored the letter on my husbands advice, I know this was probably the wrong thing to do. I received another letter today (dated 6/11) saying they are trying to be amicable about this but if they don't receive payment by 14/11 they will refer me to their debt collectors! What should I do? I would really appreciate any advice on this situation.
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