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  1. Hi everyone,


    I'm kinda stuck on what to do with my GE Money claim for ppi on my old store card, have sent them 3 letters now and had 2 returns saying 'ppi not mis-sold'

    Just received 3rd letter from GE - Saying they require evidence to prove that i was not working a min of 16 hours a week as of when the ppi on my store card was sold to me - I obviously dont have any wage slips or anything like that as i was a full-time college student and not sure if the college will still hold records of me going back to 2002?


    I have been trying to look into the route regards the FLA as GE not covered by FSA in 2002, cant seem to find much info on this and any i can find is saying that the FLA is usually unsuccessfull.

    Any advice on what i could send them as evidence or just general advice would be v.much appreciated!?


    Thanks in advance.

  2. If you call your bank and tell them that you want them to look at your claim under the FSA's financial hardship ruling then they will probably send you a form to fill out, all about your financial incoming/outgoing, they will then use this to determine wheteher you fall into the financial hardship category (and if your getting charges of £300 a time then i think you will almost definately fulfill the criteria) if you do they have to look at your claim even when everything is on hold.


    You can find out more info on financial hardship claims on the reclaim bank charges section @ www.moneysavingexpert.com


    Hope this helps and good luck!


    Keep us informed x

  3. Hi there


    I have just had an offer of £330 from them which like you is just under half of what i'm claiming, sent them a rejection of offer letter, just waiting to hear back.


    Good luck all x



    Just got second offer, double what they offered first time! :)


    All i need now is for them to pay it straight to me and not take it off my outstanding balance! :(


    Any progress with you?



  4. Reclaimed ppi due to OH being self employed so far had success with..


    Monument - offered £1252 (which included interest)


    Still awaiting final sums but


    Halifax loans x 3 - admitted that ppi would not have been appropriate and have decided to put in a position if never had ppi


    Halifax credit card done the same


    Hi There,


    Just wondered how long it took halifax to pay you the amount to 'put you back in a position if never had ppi' as i have had this same letter from them regards my loan?


    Many thanks!

  5. There is no box to select. just the part which states 'sign here if you require ppi' which the sales advisor did not mention during the sale and then at the end asked me to sign at the crosses (which stupidly i did without thinkin, as i was not told it was optionl)


    Will scan and post a copy on here as soon as i can.

  6. This is a copy of the letter i sent to GE:


    Dear Sir or Madam,


    Re: Dorothy Perkins Account number: ***** *** **** ****


    I am writing in relation to the Payment Protection (PPI) Policy on the above account which I purchased from you in November 2002 but now believe that I was mis-sold this policy for the following reasons:


    This is due to the fact that I was not given the correct information when the policy was sold to me, as


    • Your salesperson did not tell me that the policy was optional

    • I was only provided with information of the store card with PPI attached.

    • I was not asked whether I already had any existing insurance or employer benefits that would cover my repayments.

    • Your salesperson did not give me full information on what the policy would and would not cover.

    • I am concerned the sales assistant that sold me the policy has no financial background and the policy was not sold in my best interests.

    This is also due to the fact that you have previously been fined by the Financial Services Authority for failing to have adequate systems and controls for selling Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and for failing to treat its customers fairlyand I believe that this is the case with my policy.


    Unless you can satisfactorily justify to me that the policy was fair and reasonable I am requesting a full refund of all premiums, and subsequent interest on these payments, that I have paid to date. As I believe I have been deprived of this money I also expect 8% statutory interest, the amount a court would award, to be added to each payment made.


    I look forward to a full and prompt response to this letter and for the matter to be concluded within eight weeks or I shall be contacting the Financial Ombudsman to investigate my complaint.


    Yours faithfully,

  7. Thanks, I started my letter and then came across yours, they're quite similar anyway, both cross referencing to the FSA's ruling and so on. Gonna get it finished then send it 1st class Monday morning.

    I'm not too confident as alot of the information on here confirms that they are willing to fight all the way :(

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