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  1. HI there I was looking for a holiday to malta so was on the internet. I found a suitable place through bookmalta, and tried to submit my booking-a 2 bed apmt- however I didnt receive any confirmation straight away on the screen so I assumed it hadnt gone through, and when I went to to check on the reservations field I put in my details and couldn't find anything, so I assumed the booking had not gone through and there was an error on the site. I then carried on looking at some other sites and found another holiday and booked up with no problems. Later that day I was looking through my e mails and found a booking confirmation from the first holiday company! I couldnt believe it, so I e mailed them and they replied saying an e mail was sent to me straight away confirming the booking, but there was nothing on screen at the time to say this.I didnt have my email open at that time and would have checked if I had known, The deposit for the first holiday hasnt come out of my bank yet( 100 euros) but is there anything I can do?? If I cancel there is a cancellation fee of the deposit. I never even thought I had booked this holiday! Thanks for any help Li
  2. HI there Thanks for that but he definetely has not got MS, proved by his MRI scan. Li
  3. sorry what I meant was should they just pay the 480 and the 24.50 to the council or pay rossendales its just that they cant pay it in full but can apyy 100 ish per mth.
  4. Thanks for quick reply- no they have not been in their property at all, so this 'fee'' is totally illegal then. Thanks is it worth sending out a lettr or just pay council
  5. HI there Just wondered if anyone could give me a bit of advice on the next course of action. I am writing this on behalf of my brother and sister in law who are in a right state. They have recently piad off a council tax debt to Rossendales for £483 for a debt from their old house. Then a few wks ago they got another bill ( differnt acct no) for £480 from a C tax debt in 2007. They queried it with the council etc and it appears right. They have started to get letters from Rossendales Bailiff and have tried to agree to apying 100 a mth, but the bailiff wont hear of it and wanted it in full. My sister in law rang him last wk and she agreed to pay it in two installments- even though they would be in financial hardship and he agreed to this and said he would write them a letter explaining the new payments, but this letter never arrived, and so she never paid, but this morning they got a letter( hand delivered) saying they would be back in 24 hrs to collect goods etc and the debt was now 600, and a fee for ''removal'was added as they have refsed to pay. My sister in law rang again today, but he totally denied the previous phone call, basically called my sister in law a liar and that he needed 300 by friday and 300 in a wk by debit card. They do not have a debit card( only cash card) and so have offered to pay into a bank acct, but he refused saying its debit card or nothing. ?? Can you give me some advice as to what they should do now!! Thanks Liz
  6. Thanks for your reply- my union are looking into it for me but I dont hold out much hope..................
  7. HI there Just wondered if anyone could help? My hubby became ill approx 18 mths ago, and to cut a long story short he has a progressive neurological condition , believed hereditory but not yet confirmed. All his symptoms are same as Multiple Sclerosis /Parkinsons/Motor Neurone. He has had to give up work, receives DLA etc etc. I have been paying into a work scheme for the past 14 yrs for me and hubby, and the above 3 conditions are listed as illnesses in the illness cover. My husbands condition is not( ataxia). Is there any way I make appeal to get him some sort of payout as the symptoms are exactly the same, its just that his disorder is just not as well known as the 3 I mentioned! Or am I just wasting my time?? Thanks for any help!! Li
  8. Hi there Just wondered if anyone could advice if we have got a case or not!? In Jan We went in our local First Choice to get some brochures for a holiday for next Feb 08 and see what we could get. We spoke to the asst and told her we were just looking as we were also going on holiday the following mth and couldnt afford to pay a deposit on the one in Feb. She then told us about the low deposit scheme in which you pay £40 each for deposit. She said that the balance of the deposit was due in march but when I told her that we couldnt pay it by then as we had another holiday to pay for she stated that she would get it put back till May. So on that basis we booked a 2 wk holiday to Gran Canaria in Feb 08 each paying the £40 deposit( £10 pp). She told us to call her end of Feb to remind her to get the date put back for the deposit which we did, however she left us a mesg saying she could only get the deposit due date put back for 2 wks instead of May she had told us about. We rang her and complained that we would not have booked the holiday if we had known the deposit had to be paid in March and not May like she said. Now First Choce and asking for £480 deposit! We have sent a letter to complain but they have just ignored it and have sent us a letter berore action for the money! Anything I can do? Thanks for any replies L
  9. Hi there I am now onto the next stage of getting my money back......... I believe I now have to make a court claim, as I have received a letter back from YB charges section in Leeds basically saying that they are not giving me my money back and after 8 wks the case will be closed etc after sending them the LBA for £501.00. I have not yet sent a letter with charges AND interest added, do I do his before starting the court claim, or will this be sorted out at court stage. Sorry for sounding thick, but am getting worried about it all now! Thanks Liz
  10. Hi there I am going to be claiming back my erc from Yorks Bank shortly but only have the mortgage acct no and the yr and mth it was taken from me and the approx ammt. Will I need to send off a SAR to get hold of the redemption statement? Dont want to fall at the first hurdle! Thanks Liz
  11. Well have sent my LBA today, I am only asking for £501 back, and not mentioned interest yet.... so will wait the 14 days and see what happens! Hope everyone else is getting on ok! Liz
  12. Hi there Just a quick update from me..........well I sent off the pre lim letter and got a reply today from the office in Leeds, basically refusing to refund the charges etc etc............... so I now believe I fill out the LBA??? Good luck to all! Liz x
  13. Thats great news! I have a claim for £500 so near enough same as yours, have just sent my pre lim letter, so will wait and see...................... Liz
  14. Hi guys I am in the same boat with Rooftop, we are going to be moving Mortgages to Abbey and they are wanting to charge us 8K redemption.............. !!! Liz
  15. Hiya! Well done!! Did actually get round to MCOL or did they offer before that stage? Liz
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