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  1. ITS COME!!!! the cheque came this morning, they paid it all! yay!!! just got to wait for it to clear and then its all over with!! will let you know when its cleared!! im so happy!! Thanks for all your messages of support and all the advice, i dont think i would have had had the courrage to go all the way with it all. Thanks again Gemma x p.s where do i make a donation to the web site??
  2. Hi everyone thanks for the advice chrisi, will call the solicitors and see what they're planned to do, although the point of sending the cheque at the last minute does seem VERY pointless as they have already admitted defeat!! crazy what the hell is the point??? to reply to darling1. I did have to go to court and meet with the judge he seemed ok but a bit hard faced so glad i didnt have to argue my case infront of him, although i think he was just a bit p****ed off that Lloyds had done it again, (gone all the way to court without showing and wasting time). I am not actually aware how
  3. hi everyone Thanks for all the congrats notes its been nice not having to think about and stressing about Lloyds. HOWEVER they still havent sent a settlement cheque through and its been a week, (they have 14 days!) so do i just sit and wait??? i cant spend the money until i have it!!! gemma x
  4. Hi everyone, well i did it! I went all the way to the court! with my legs going numb from the cold and i dont think the nerves helped! But they had faxed a settlement through the night before!!! so I WON!!!! BUT they are going to send a cheque however in the settlement letter to the court they didnt say how much exactly, but the judge said "the full amount, plus interest plus the court fees"! I will have to wait until the cheque arrives and it clears. YAY! im so happy such a big sense of relief, (plus I really need the money!! He he) Thanks for all you help and support its been
  5. thanks guys, your all so supportive, makes me feel loads better. My court date is at 10am tomorrow, which is good no time to stress over it in the morning. just been going over my 'speech' for tomorrow, was sitting there typing away, and I now think I could be lawyer! seriously how hard can it be??!!!! im just joking but got a good few pages of statements and questions to fight my case with!! god im so stressed about it, and i never get stressed about anything! well I will give it my best shot, and if I dont win at least I gave it my best, and if all else fails i'll cry!! alth
  6. OH FOR GODS SAKE- i phoned the court at lunch time and again just now (3 minutes before they close!!!!) and they still havent offered a settlement. So looks like I shall be making the trip to court tomorrow what if they actually DO show up and I have to go through it all!! Really stressing now! well looks like ive got a fun night planned of getting my argument etc clear in my head, oh and panicking. Gemma x any help/advice/words of support would be appreciated
  7. thanks debbie, nice to know ive people supporting me. Im very nervous about phoning the court really dont want to have to go, but if i have to then i will you stick to your guns, and dont let them put you off, they'll cave in the end- I hope!!! Will keep updated after i have phoned the court, think i'll wait til this afternoon Gemma x
  8. oh my god its tomorrow!! gonna ring the court this afternoon and see if they've offered a settlement,as ive closed my Lloyds accouunt im guessing they'll have to send a cheque??? eeeek!!! cant wait for tomorrow to be over Gemma x
  9. Hi everyone just finished most of my prep, just need to get everything clear in my head and work out a little speech. Just a thought, IF they choose to settle prior to the court date (even minutes before) will i be able to claim back additional charges such as time spent on prep, photocopying costs and anything else i can think of! or will they just pay the amount of the charges plus interest?? it sounds like im getting really greedy!! i just resent spending money on a load of prep and copying when the chances are they wont show! getting very nervous now, eek!! Gemma
  10. well done, great news im so happy for you! gives me a thread of hope that it can all still work out, good on you girl!! Hopefully i will have the same luck on Wednesday. Well done again Gemma x
  11. Thanks for that Gary Im going to sound really stupid asking these questions but i dont know so i ask! You've said to put together the bundle which is fine, i have tried to read the 40 doc and try and make sense of it, but im struggling (now i wish i did a law degree!) i was hoping either you or anyone else who knows could quickly let me know what the document proves and if there are any significant areas that i should focus on. I know i should understand all of it but its quite difficult and if it comes down to it i need to know how to use it in court!! thanks guys Gemma x
  12. Hi Natasha, Just thought id drop you a quick note, from what i gather your court date is tomorrow or next friday, gosh im nervous for you!!! Mine is next wed, so i will be really interested to see how you get on. Im very nervous about my court date especially all the prep, its gonna cost a bomb to get three copies of everything!! For some reason the court didnt issue me with any directions so I will take all my copies on the day! might need a donkey to carry it all!he he Just wanted to wish u luck, i will check how u get on. All my best Gemma x
  13. Hi its gemma again!! just had a quick question did u prepare a statement of evidence? or did you use the CAG Court Bundle (the one with examples of previous cases, and all the laws surrounding bank charges its about 40 pages long) because the Bundle seems to confuse me more, so wasnt sure if i needed it or just to prepare a statement of evidence?? its all so confusing! Thanks Gemma
  14. Hi I just rang the court today about not recieving any directions, and apparently the judge didnt order any, which the lady I spoke to said was strange as they are normally sent out with the order from the judge, therefore the judge purposely didnt send any directions. Not sure how to interpret that??? anyway the woman I spoke to asked me if there was any documents I needed from Lloyds, I cant think of any, does anyne know if there are any I should ask for. And also what documents if any do I need to send to them prior to the court date. Luckily as the judge hadn't issued an
  15. Thanks for all the replies, I will be phoning the court today and asking them some questions about the directions. Gary a big thank you to you I wouldn't have known any of this is you hadn't of mentioned it. I guess thats what Lloyds bank on tho, people not knowing the system and not preparing properly. I hadn't been advised to cancel the court date if they didnt settle, I was just under the impression that if they hadn't offered a settlement 7 days prior to the court date that they couldn't as the court date cant be cancelled (think thats me misinterpreting things so thanks for putti
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