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  1. I have recently booked a train journey from raileasy.co.uk I have been charged twice on my bank statement. I only went trough the booking process once and only saw one booking confirmation in my browser and only received one confirmation email. I have contacted them via email and phone and they have sent a patronising email talking to me like an idiot and said i 'have' booked it twice and they can refund one of the trips if i pay a 10pound admin charge. im annoyed and feel cheated. i feel that being a regular customer i am being stolen from and ripped off big time. any advice?
  2. @ stevie1958 - my girlfriend has a very similar issue as above. she had only 1 part of the young persons railcard with her (the photo part) she was told when she bought it that this was the only bit she needed to carry and it hadnt caused any problems before (does the same london/bristol trip every week) on the time in question she was asked for both parts. the conductor said that if she could prove that the YP railcard was valid within 10 days she wouldnt have to pay the fine. this she did. now they still want to fine her but as its after the 1st 10 days its already mounting up. not only was she told when buying it taht she only needed the photo part, but upon the fine being issued she was told that if she proved it was valid she wouldnt have to pay the fine. advice? (sorry for thread hijack)
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