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  1. Morning Everyone, I have just had a letter from the DWP, regarding my Contribution Based Employment Support Allowance. I am extremely confused by the contents of the letter, i wish they would explain in more detail ! ? Basically, i was awarded CB ESA in Sept 2010, and since then my health has deteriorated a significant amount. I wrote to them asking for a reconsideration in Dec 2011, hoping to get put into the Support Group. After 7 weeks of waiting to hear from them, i recieved a letter this morning:???: It states the following : Income And Benefits : Your Income Related amount is £99.15p so you would have been entitled to £99.15p However, because you are entitled to Contribution based ESA, we will pay you £99.15p From April 14th, they will pay me this amount, this is where i'm confused, i asked for a reconsideration for Support Group, and then im told im still in WRAG ? No mention of my CB ESA stopping in April as i dont qualify for Income Related ESA ?? Any advice greatly appreciated
  2. My partner took out an unsecured loan with Lloyds, in Jan 2011. It was for £5000, and over 36 month's, so he's repaying monthly instalments of £174.00, and Interest rate is 15.50 % He recieved a letter/statement today, regarding an update on repayments which is a tad confusing !? We cant understand why, he is being charged different rates each month ? eg. £44.00 then £59.00 then £62 this is debited from his account, in addition to the normal £174 repayment for the loan. We understand he has to pay interest, but this would mean he has paid £650 ?? So all in all, he would be paying £1900 in Interest alone ! is this correct ?? I have read through the small print and it does state that they can vary the Interest/ Charge amounts, and notify you within 30 days. He has not recieved any letters of notification , and on the customer agreement form, the customer advisor has ticked and crossed boxe's, to say he understood info that was explained regarding the loan, repayments etc... He said he didnt do anything except sign the form He cant remember being advised on anything to do with Rates/ Charges ?? So basically, why is he paying different rates/charges each month ??
  3. Hi, ive had a basic card account since 2005, i cant have a cheque book ,or overdraft etc .... They recently allowed me, a Visa Debit card, but wont let me upgrade my account. I understand that the reason behind their decision, is because i have a CCJ with NATWEST, but this was in 2004, over bank charges i wouldnt repay. Im hoping to work from home, and i need a Bussiness Account, so can anyone advise me on how to do this please. Thankyou
  4. Hi Everyone, I recently had my ESA Tribunal on 30th September, and i was awarded my Appeal, and they gave me the Award Certificate before i left. I let the DWP know, and the Tribunal dept, and they said they need to calculate the arrears, and they would let me know. But it's been 3 weeks now ? does anyone know how long this takes ?? And how far back its backdated ? Thanks
  5. Is there still a forum chatroom ?? Used to chat and get advice ?
  6. Hi, Just had another usless telephone conversation with Natwest !! Basically, i had an OD limit of £1100 Over the last 6 years, i accrued £1123 worth of Bank Charges So i claimed this back, and Natwest paid it into my OD Account which then paid of my OD. Since i'd become ODRAWN, they added charges of £526.77p for being OVERDRAWN !! I'm now being told i cant make another claim, and i'm lucky that i got the £1123 back !!! Their Solicitors want me to pay £526.77p Which are charges owing to me ?? I wasnt aware that i had been charged another £526.77 ??? Any one help ?? Emma
  7. Ok, thank's for all your help, at this late hour !! Take Care, Emma X
  8. Sorry !!Just one last thing !!! Should i stop paying the CCJ each month ? As they keep leaving me nasty messages on my Mob. and i have missed 1 payment !!! But I've just paid them £1100, when i claimed charges, so i've paid of really what i owe ??
  9. They reckon that,if i accept the £1123, it would be a full and final settlement and i couldnt claim again ??
  10. Hi, They did say that, once i had paid of my OD, they would close my account. But meanwhile, i have been paying their Solitcitors each month, as an arrangement, to pay of the OD. As originally, they took me to court, and i have a CCJ with Natwest. Can i still make another claim for the money they owe me, as i m getting fed up of paying of each month what should be mine !!!
  11. Hi, Anyone make sense of this ??? NATWEST said i owed them £1100 Over Draft So i added up all of my charges on my statements, and these came to £1123 !!! So i thought, i will claim these back and pay of my over Draft. They paid up and used the money to pay of my over draft. Well so i thought !! Whilest i was over drawn, they were charging me, for sending back unpaid items, as i had no money going in at the time& i wasnt working. So on top of the Over Draft, with charges, it came to £1900 !!! I have spoken to Natwest, and they reckon i still owe them, £800 !!! And they said i should have claimed for more money, but i wasnt aware of that ,at the time ???? They owe me £800, but have used what they actually owe me to pay of my over draft. That's a bit Naughty !!!????
  12. My OD limit was £1100 and with charges it went up to £1915 !
  13. I would argue that as i have an agreement to pay OD of monthly and its a set amount, then they cant just say i agreed to use my refund to pay a chunk of it of?!
  14. Hi, yes, Did you go to court to get a cheque ?
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