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  1. The above showed up at my home today to collect on a judgement. No enforcement notice nothing. Had submitted N245 to court for a payment plan. No response from court to date. Scared my husband into borrowing £500 and told him back on Friday for balance. How do I stop them coming back.
  2. No assistance whatsoever beyond asking me to contact the court. Council refused to entertain my complaint despite sending evidence of change address with DVLA. It is also my local authority and they have evidence of change of address based on council tax records. The refrain was ' we wrote to you and you did not respond' doh, you were writing to the wrong address.
  3. I don't know what happened to the cheque, it was never cashed and I posted first class it 2 days before the deadline.
  4. Hi all, This is by way of a warning to all. I got a parking ticket from my local authority and did not dispute it. I had gone to the bank and we got locked in because of some systems failure and I ended up with a parking ticket. I did not dispute and sent in a cheque for the fine. In the meantime I moved house. I got Charge Certificate notification 3 months after I moved ( my old neighbor was kind enough to do some redirecting of mail as an when because Royal mail was charging £180 to redirect mail for my household. We thought we had notified everyone that needed
  5. Hi all, I lost a court case with my former landlord. Judge gave me leave to appeal at Crown court with oral hearing and transcripts to be produced at my own expense. Could not afford cost of transcripts or a barrister for oral arguments so appeal dismissed. what happens next please?
  6. I will try to be brief! We lived in the same house as tenants for 13 years. The last 2 years were an incessant demand for rent rises. I finally had enough when he sent us a quit notice and stopped paying any rent. We ended up in court, he was refused possession and we finally found somewhere to move to 5 months after being threatened with balliffs. He has got judgement for 16k, even though he only paid and claimed for £5k. We have been given leave to appeal to Crown Court but must provide transcripts at our own expense - currently £500 and then find money for a barrister. We are jus
  7. Andy, Apologies, life has been so chewy it took a while to remember that this resource is here. I have been fighting fires for a year now and I am really at the end of my rope. This business has really hurt my business and it looks like I am now a jcp client... I have uploaded the orders for the hearing. Most grateful for your help, now I'm not alone.. e: Oral hearing Bundle Click image for larger version Name: OH22.pdf Views: 0 Size: 292.2 KB ID: 63108Click image for larger version Name: OH11.pdf Views: 0 Size: 268.0 KB
  8. Please forgive the length of this post. Very stressed mother of 20, 18 and 14. 18 year old staying on foster child. All in uni, college. Husband primary carer for looked after child. We rented the same house for 13 years, initially through an agent, but the landlord took over himself for the last 3 years. He was a pain and kept increasing rent every 6 months. We should have moved, but, children, work school etc. He issued a section 21 notice at which point we started looking for somewhere to live. I lost £750 in deposit and referencing fees. I have to admit
  9. Confirm that your LL has protected your deposit continuously, he should provide the evidence. He had 14 days to do it. If he didn't its the only technicality that get the order set aside. Good luck.
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