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  1. That's great advice - thanks very much slick182 and Rippedoffagain.
  2. I think you're right - it was stopped last year with the test case and the courts weren't taking any more at that time. I will still go ahead though - nothing ventured nothing gained. I have thought about claiming the original amount stated in my LBA, as I haven't had any contact with them since then. The only other thing I could do would be to start from scratch going through all the letters etc. What do you think??
  3. Thanks a lot Rippedoffagain! The last the I did was to post my LBA (16/04/07). Can I go ahead and lodge my claim now? I have checked my spreadsheet and the amount of interest has increased, so I will lodge a claim for the revised amount - (I went the complex route last time). Is that right or am I pushing it?? Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, I hope someone can help. I started my claim against Barclays last year, went right through all the letter writing to them and got up to the point where I was about to file my claim (thanks to help from CAG-ers. Then the test case started so I wasn't able to file my claim. Now that that's been sorted, can anyone please advise what I can do next? For example do I need to start all over again amending the amount I'm claiming so that it's only 6 years from now? Is there anyone else who has the same thing happen to them? All help and advice gratefully received!!
  5. Brilliant - thanks Tori! Emma
  6. Hi all, This might seem a bit daft, but I've looked and can't find an answer . I now need to post my LBA, and have noticed that the totals I used in my prelim letter have changed (obviously as interest is still accruing at a daily rate). I'm unsure whetehr I can use the updated amounts in my LBA or whether I need to stick to the amounts stated in my prelim letter - can anyone shed any light please? THANKS:)
  7. Cheers Tori - feeling all pleased with myself !! - and thansk again for your advice yesterday (scales are clicked!!!!)
  8. Hi Penni, Please don't panic, I'm sure that "full and final" is just standard rubbish from the banks. Go to the step by step guide (sorry, don't know how to insert a link so I can't point you directly there) but this is covered. Also have a read through some of the "won" threads and you will be able to see how other members dealt with this.
  9. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!! I finally posted my prelim letter today after almost driving myself demented trying to work out the whole interest thingy!!!!!!!!! After mucho support from CAG'ers I was able to get my head around it and have gone for the complex route - It was a struggle but will hopefully be worth it. 14 days.......here goes!!!!! :) THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED AND SUPPORTED OVER THE PAST 2 DAYS - YOU ARE STARS!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  10. Thanks all for your help!! If there's a moderator out there, sorry for starting a new thread - not sure how to move it back under my main thread
  11. Thanks! I have been trying to complete the advanced one I have, but in some months there was no interest for some reason and in others there were and nothing is adjusting in the end column??? Am about to PM you with my email address
  12. Thanks - I'm just trying to use the advanced spreadsheet - I've put in teh charges and am inputting any interest paid although it's not clear from my statements what periods the interest charges were fro and I've no idea what my limit was at the time! Also, the interest paid doesn't seem to tally up with the charges Do you think it's worth doing this, or should I just leave it at the 8%??????
  13. Thanks Mum:) - is that what I've already calculated in the simple spreadsheet?
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