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  1. Thanks for the advice doo - and I ammended the date in the nick of time I kind of feel like I'd be very lucky if they decided to settle out of court with me, but I thought I'd give it one last shot for them to come to their senses. All these claims must be costing them a hell of a lot in court fees alone; surely they know they are fighting a losing battle here? I'm tired of trying to play catch up with this account. I'm dead set on doing whatever it takes to get myself in the clear - I have the n1 forms filled in and ready to go in triplicate, but I'm doing all this on a pretty thin shoe string, so I hope the court will take my circumstances into account when I apply for a fee exemption - currently unemployed and looking to go self-employed here. That's pretty hard to do in the best of circumstances, without debts hanging over my head. After Cap One, I'm going after Barclays, as they have royally screwed me over for the past six years with a student loan that turned into an absolute nightmare. Cap One is my test case, before I go head to head with my major financial problem. Thanks for the good luck wishes - much appreciated.
  2. Just drafted this letter as a final recourse. Hopefully it'll do the trick - probably won't, but at least I'm informing them of my full intentions now. I hear the war drums a'banging... Sod the olive branch.
  3. Hi guys, Firstly, I want to thank everyone here at the Consumer Action Group for the advice, templates, spreadsheets and all the rest. I wouldn't have known the first thing to do in claiming back the unlawful charges applied to my Cap One account. Big thankyou to Tanzarelli for a very informative thread about his progress with the evil-doers. Good job on the win Tanz! I started this off in February with the Subject Access Request, then moved on in March with the Preliminary Letter requesting payment with a full summary of charges, plus the 8% statutary interest offer. After getting a £120.00 refund credited to my account (no idea how they worked that one out), I sent them my final response letter: Snippet from Preliminary letter: Snippet from FINAL DEMAND letter: After 14 days, I got the standard whiny template letter from Mr. Udy (obviously the computer in charge), saying that they didn't owe me anything and to basically go away. That upset me a bit. I've just printed out three copies of the N1 claim form to take this baby to court. I'm also claiming exemption from court fees due to my current woeful circumstances. I'm all ready to go and put this claim in at Blackpool County Court, but I'm wondering if I should send Cap One a final letter to try and get this sorted without involving the courts? Bear in mind that my FINAL DEMAND letter stated this: The thing is, they've charged me unlawfully - again - twice! - this month, even though my letters state that I will be claiming every single charge back. Also, I gave them just an offer of 8% statutary interest, but I want to claim back the full contractual interest for the standard Cap One Classic card; seeing that Mr. Udy has felt the need to mess me around. I'm thinking of writing a follow-up letter, still offering the olive branch of the 8% interest, but threatening the full contractual interest through the County Courts if they do not accept. What do you guys think about this tactic - should I try for an easy out of court win, or just send the completed N1 forms off charging the full amount + contractual interest? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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