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  1. Im sorry i still dont know what i should be doing!!!! I dont want them to ringing and ringing. I just want to come to some arrangement. I have been talking to them via chat and they have been saying that if i confirm to them i am NOT paying the loan on the day then they will put me thru to a dept that can help me.
  2. Maybe another route out would be to use another payday loan company to pay off the poundstillpayday loan and then offer them a 6 month pay back option!!!
  3. The loan isnt in arrears yet it is due next Friday. I think the original loan amount was £350. I'm just sick and tired of going round in circles re-loaning all the time. The loan is in my wifes name and i dont want them to start ringing her work. Im hoping that if i cancel the direct debit then we should come to some arrangment with the account manager or am i being optimistic??? Regards
  4. Advice Needed!!!! I have a loan with Pounds Till Payday. I owe them £513 and wish to pay them by installments but they refused. Saying they dont do that and the loan must be settled. the women then went onto say that if we dont pay the loan an account manager will ring us to discuss why. Im thinking that i should cancel the DIrect Debit and wait for the phonecall and then try to come to some agreement to paying it off over 6 months or something. What does everyone think??? Are there any tips i could use??? Cheers
  5. ripper

    Abbey & Moorcroft

    Slick, Since i hav't got a pot to p*ss in i would say i fal into the finanicial harship case. What would you say was my next move??? Steve
  6. ripper

    Abbey & Moorcroft

    Slick, Yes i have all the statements relating to the amount and they all relate to charges. I have had several phone conversations and letters to Abbey but they just dont back down. I havn't replied to Moorcroft yet but i shall do that straight away. My guess is that they wont give a damn and carry on. I have claimed (successfully) charges back from Halifax and Natwest before so i know the process. Do you advise me to start the process and send the letter to Moorcroft to show intention that i am going to fight this??? Thanks Steve
  7. I have a Abbey Bank Account that is fairly new. (last 2 years i suppose). Anyway, i had the card registered on ITunes and they debited the card for 79p. My balance went over by 49p and i got charged. I have no overdraft agreement and they charged me £26. I argued with them and got nowhere and told them i wont be using the bank anymore. I have been receiving letters from them and ignoring them. It has now been transferred to Moorcroft and they are saying i owe £166.97. I have logged into online backing and my account is overdrawn by £166.97. What is my next move??? I am adiment that i am not paying them all that money as it's just all bloody bank charges!!!!
  8. If the phoneline is down then we are just unlucky. We will have to make sure that we pay a few days earlier. My payment date is 31st and my wife gets paid on the 26th so it gives us a few days to ring and pay by card. They wont accept direct debit only a card payment over the phone. Im not prepared for a Baliff to be knocking at my door every five minutes so this arrangement suites us. And to be honest if we are late paying or we do miss payment then i only have myself to blame!!!!
  9. Yeah i did think of that but as far as im concerned its sorted. Maybe a phonecall to the Baliffs tommorrow might confirm things.
  10. UPDATE ====== I went to the council offices yesterday and they took £100 payment from me and said they will ring the Baliffs to update them. They have told the Baliffs not to visit on Wednesday and that an agreement of £80 a month has been reached. This £80 has to be paid to the Baliffs by Card Payment over the phone. If we miss a payment then they visit us again. Cheers for everyones help Ripper
  11. As we havn't got much time we are going to produce a letter but we are gonna visit the council on Monday. Present the letter and our offer etc and ask there opinion. Hopefully they will call off the Baliffs and we can go from there. Anyones Views would be appreciated!!!! Ripper
  12. Mr Worried, Yes Council have been to court and got a L.O. We have been in Rent Arrears and cleared them last month. So now in position to pay the Council Tax. So we send a letter to the Council & Courts outlining what we propose to do. E.G £120 straight away & £80 a month!!!??!!! Would it not be better to call the Council or maybe go to the council face to face??? We also have email contact??? Wednesday is the Baliff visit, What should i say to them??? Regards Ripper
  13. Ok so my plan is to ring the Council on Monday and make the £120 payment to them and then tell them i'll be paying £80 a month from then on. I'm also planning to call the Baiff office and tell them that we wont be meeting with the Baliff and i am dealing straight with the council. Am i corect to do that??? Also, am i right in saying that the Baliffs cannot make a forced entry into my home??? Ripper
  14. Hello Forum, We have had a Baliff visit and they kindly left letters regarding unpaid council tax totalling £1287.92 PLUS COSTS. Can anyone tell me what 'PLUS COSTS' mean???? There is no way i'm paying the Baliffs any costs!!!! My wife has arranged to see the Baliff on Wednesday so he can come round and do 'Some Paperwork regarding the payment arrangement we are going to put in place. He firstly demanded £180 straight away but we have managed to get this down to £120 and then £80 a month hopefully!!! He has said he isnt going to take anything, he just wants to get an arrangement in place!!!! Can anyone offer some advice please!!! Regards Ripper
  15. HI, Halifax have agreed to refund my charges in FULL. £590. They have said that because i am involved in an IVA the money must go to my IVA people and not me. Is this true???? Regards Steve REDPATH
  17. Where would i find there address's???
  18. Hi, I have received a response from Natwest with regards to my S.A.R Request. They have sent me a letter saying they need at least a £5 Fee from me. I sent them a Cheque which they more or less banked straight away. I rung them this morning to say that they have had there fee now can i have my statements and they said that they have no record of the letter being sent and they will refund me my fee back to my account. I told them not to do anything and i will be sending them another letter. Please advise!!! Regards Steve Redpath
  19. OK Cheers Mate i'll send that today. Better Still is there a phone number i can ring Steve
  20. To be honest i didn't send them registered. I'll wait a little longer.
  21. Hi, I have started two new claims. One with NatWest & One with Lloyds. I sent the Natwest Letter on 27th January. No reply, no nothing. I sent the Lloyds Letter on 1st Febuary. No reply no nothing. These letters are the 1st Stage letters asking for Bank Statements etc. What is my next step????? Regards Steve Redpath
  22. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Hi, I have started a claim against Natwest. But about a year ago i started a an IVA which meant my LlyodsTbs bank account was closed. Can i start a claim against them although my account has been closed for about a year???? I still have the bank account details etc so that isn't a problem. Any advice would be great. Regards Steve Redpath
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