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  1. hi I am in a bit of trouble with my bank lloyds tsb they are chasing me for £10,000.00 for loans that they forced me to take out to clear my overdratf etc. i have £4,000.00 currently stayed untill after the oft test case also i have £7,000.00 on my business account for various charges. can i refuse to pay their money to them on the grounds of them owing me money untill the outcome of the oft test case is resolved if so what is the process and how do i go about implementing it. actually play them at their game wouldnt that be fair please help this would help me and my business a lot in current climates or perhaps i should ask for a bailout smudgerer
  2. els do i have to print the complete documents for the scots law etc or just the part thats relevent smudge
  3. hi struggling with exhibit bit on the witness statement can any one help
  4. hi Thanks for info get straight onto that. the stay was lifted with a letter to mcol northhampton county court asking the court to lift the stay due to my case being a special case Here is the letter leaving out the detail: I am writing this letter to you as I beleive that at present I fall into the category of a special case. I am well aware of the office of fair trading supporting the consumer against these unfair bank charges and also the test case that is being carried out and I would agree with waiting for this to finish before resolving my case. But as the oft have pointed out on there website that some claims could continue if there where special cases I beleive mine to be so becuase of these reasons: 1 I am in financial difficulty paying my bills 2 I am and have county court judgment proceedings against me 3 I am in mortgage arrears If I had not received these unlawful penalty charges I would not be in this situation I am being demanded to pay of which I cant the result being bailiffs and incurring more costs. -leasereview my case and help me resolve my situation. Then a transfer of proceedings and a court date but it is ordered that defendants to file and serve no less than 7 days before the hearing all evidence upon which they intend to rely a) on maintaining the stay a) in support of the charges imposed on claimants account should I wait to find if the manage to impose the stay before sending my court bundle smudge
  5. hi people i haven't been on the site since my case had been stayed but i managed to get it lifted but upto this point following instructions has been fine. I do have some questions 1 my court date is the 25th of jan 2 do i need to send anything else to s & m before this date I am preparing my court bundle as we speak any hints smudge
  6. scott well done This is the first post of yours i have read and it gives me great beleif these charges can sink businesses smudge
  7. ah it looks ok after all now does it work
  8. cheers red have opened a step account with natewst even though i had tried to open a business account previously and been refused. So i have sent of my prelim for my business account i shall bank through natwest untill they complain to many transactions are taking place at which time they will upgrade my account to a business account. thanks barty 5k before interest is added is good news lucky i found this website in time. Red i have found a fantastic thread started by photoman if you havent seen it check it out. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/68191-claiming-business-account-lets.html#post586623 there is a shorter version but this is what you get after cut and past hope it works. smudge
  9. hi all first of all well done massey, I have managed to open another account now so shall be trotting of to the post office with prelimkeeping an eye out for info keep posting smudge
  10. hi all found this thread i intend to claim £4600 but still cant open an account but i a shall be looking in on this thread often for help and to give any if i can. smudge
  11. hi all lloyds have acknoledged my claim i am now in the capable hands of SC&M. I am using mcol so i have now sent details of charges to them and i now wait 28 days for a response.update you soon account 1 mcol wait for reply 9th of may£410.17 now account 2 lba ends 25th of april £3,177 account 4 need to open another account £4,665 (still growing) smudge
  12. send 2 coppies of your charges to the court manager with this covering letter The Court Manager Money Claim Online Northampton County Court 21-27 St. Katharine's Street Northampton NN1 2LH Dear Sir/Madam name –v- Lloyds TSB Plc Claim No: (claim no) Date Issued: date Please find enclosed a schedule of penalty charges taken from me by the defendant, along with interest claimed at the annual rate of 8% pursuant to section 69 of the County Court Act. The interest in addition to the amount in charges equates to the total amount of my claim, namely £(amount of claim). I respectfully request that the enclosed schedule should be attached to the particulars of my claim. Yours sincerely, you will receive a notice of issue in the post with a date in which they will respond this notice has guidelines on how they will respond. for me they have untill the 16th of april. if you receive an acknowledgment from the bank you need to send a copy of the charges to there soliciter which is kS&M although i dont know there adress as yet smudge
  13. i am still a little unsure about my business account and where i stand with interest and the small claims procedure. 1 if i add the 8% interest to the ammount and this takes it over £5,000 will i still be able to go fast track. i have read that you can still apply even if above as it is the judges decision how far over is the question i suppose. 2 can any one shed some light on breaking down the claim into type of charge. 3 and im still finding it hard to open another account surely becuase we almost depend on banks to do our daily lives they must have to provide us with bank accounts.
  14. i have now completed my mcol and sent 2 coppies of charges and interest to the courts manager for account no 1. this is where it starts getting interesting hopefully they don,t reply before 16th of april but i reckon they will ask for the statutory month account 1 mcol please dont reply 16th april £410.17 now account 2 prelim ends 10th of april £3,177 account 4 need to open another account £4,665 (still growing) smudge
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