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  1. Bennyg13 And as a single parent of two children, which bit of my obviously profligate lifestyle should I cut down on? Start feeding the kiddywinkies grass sandwiches for dinner in order to keep some besuited (edit) in the lifestyle to which he's become accustomed? It's good that you have posted...it reassures everyone of the mindset of the bailiff and his deep sense of social caring and awareness.:-|
  2. I had two visits from B&S and after the second visit I wrote to them using the template letter from here and informed my local council. The council said they would only withdraw the warrant if I was on benefits. I am self-employed but because I have a peculiar source of income it is just as easy for me to claim income support which I have now registered for. About a week later a chap from B&S turned up. I refused him ingress but a few minutes later he posted a WPA through the door regarding the car parked on the drive. I appreciate he can do this but I have a few questions which I would be grateful if someone could advise me on. The car is worth about £50 at auction, wasn’t clamped and the WPA obviously unsigned. Will I be committing any offence if I move the car and park it elsewhere? When the council eventually withdraw the warrant will the bailiffs still be able to seize the car merely to defray their costs or will their charges be included in what the council will want off me when the warrant is returned to them? Am I right in thinking that just because they have levied against something in the driveway this does not now give them a right of access to the house to levy on goods inside?
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