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  1. We can do nothing but sit back and wait for the big day... The Test Case... once this has been decided say mid February we will know one way or another...
  2. Hey guys thanks for all your help - sadly like alost everyone else my case has been 'stayed' shame I know but fingers crossed the OFT case in January to swift and a winner!
  3. Any help please would be really appriciated...
  4. Hi guys here is an update on my court hearing which is scheduled for Sep 11 - Barclays have advised me they will be asking for a 'stay' I called the court and the judge has not honoured this as yet - he will be making the decision in court... I have requested judgement but I believe in this kind of case you can not. I am looking for some advise... I need to stand my ground in court and defend any 'stay' to ensure it's not granted I don't want to go down the route of human rights etc, but obviouly I want a fair trial considering this has been going on since Dec 06! Please let me know your thoughts!! Thanks!!
  5. Well done barney.bradshaw!! This is great news, Barclays have not submitted thier bundle in my court case which is scheduled for Sept 11, I have written to them asking for it which was due on Aug 15. I recieved the standard leter a week ago from Barclays stating that they would be asking for a 'stay' on all claims, I am just hoping and praying my judge feels the same way yours did! At my pre-lim the judge was ****ed at Barclays for asking for more time and for the games they have been playing etc... fingers crossed!!!
  6. I rang Barclays a few days ago with regards to my court date on Sept 11... Barclays will be asking for a 'stay' on all cases so they will probably try to do the same to you. The are not settling any cases prior to the test case....
  7. Just called Barclays they are contesting and going for a test case!
  8. Hey guys another update.. I now have my final court date hearing set for 11 September 2007 however it has an important notice... "In order to provide your case with the earliest possible hearing date, it has been listed in second place to another case f similar length, since enperiance shows that many cases settle and the judges time is often wasted. If the case before yours has not settled the day before the scheduled hearing, you will be notified by 3pm and your case will be re-listed on another day as a fixed appointment." So we shall see what happens, I am in the process of calling Barclays to settle this now as ther is no way I am allowing them all this time to sit back and wait!
  9. I would say that if you are curretly overdrawn by £200 that must be paid off first with any money due back to you as you still owe Barclays.
  10. Exactly what I did saracen01, even though mine was a pre-lim I still tried to settle out of court but Barclay's seam intent on hanging on until the last minute before they decide to settle, it's riddiculous! The more proof you have the better I think! vbmenu_register("postmenu_1018872", true);
  11. Sadly so, he ignored every call, email and fax I sent as did the rest of the team then sent a settlement email in error to me! You will be lucky to have anyone on the team tell you about thier holiday dates, the judge I saw on Wednesday differered from the one I was suppposed to see as he is on holiday - we are always the last to know it seams!
  12. Good luck with Paul - he can be a nightmare up until the last minute!
  13. Hey guys thanks for the support! Firefly100 good luck to you - just be as prepared for anything, the budle is not needed and the judge hardly directs anything at you more at the counsel rep but the very fact you are sitting there with a full prepared bundle with as much (amunition) evidence as you can club together then anything they contridict can be blown out of the water. I have put togther a letter when I am sending the Lit team today which is my full schedule of charges plus proof I have already send these numerous times in the past and a message regarding settlement - my court case will be early October which I know is way off, however I am holiday at the beginning so if Barclays want to settle I wont be around...putting them in an awkward situation, so settle now of face the judge!!! I know Trucker, I had so much to think about and going on at the time I didn't ven think about it! Wish I had though still the sooner I can end this the better I really can no be bthered with waiting until October that will be 10 onths since I started this journey... although it will be loads more interest....
  14. Thanks dar£n! It really did feel good coming out of the court knowing that a. the judge was on my side and has seen loads of these cases never go to trial wasting everybodies time and b. the counsel representative had nothing to say, he even took me to one side outside the court room which was frowned upon by the staff there... In my letter to Barclays lit team when sending my schedule of charges I have mentioned the trial which they are I'm sure more than aware of and whether they would like to think about a settlement. To top it off they queried my charges and the interest applied - it's in black and white on my statements they sent me! Every charge every applied, how ignorant are these people!? vbmenu_register("postmenu_1015537", true);
  15. Hey guys, an update following on from my pre-lim hearing yesterday, basically Barclays sent a pathetic man along as counsel and he was eaten alive by the judge and me! Great experiance, the judge was totally on my side and a full trial has been set for October - the judge mentioned a test trial so we shall see, his words where 'If you turn up!'. Barclays insistsed on having more time to go over the schedual of charges, then in the next sentance told the judge they had never recived such a document! So I have to send it to them again! So will now finish off my court bundle which I actually took yesterday and surprised the counsel guy.... hopefully I can put an end to this pretty soon!!
  16. Hey thanks Saintly_1 we shall see, may need all the luck i can get!!!
  17. Okay so I finally got an email from Paul asking why I had not responded to his settlement letter - one i never got... guess why... becuase he sent the email in error!! What is with these guys, are they unable to do thier jobs now? Off to court tomorrow!
  18. Good luck bigem27, let's hope Dino responds to you as I have not had any communication from Barclays...
  19. I hope you get your phone call soon fitzos, my court date is tomorrow and I have heard nothing. Shame - we shall see if anyone turns up tomorrow. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1006954", true);
  20. Oh it wasn't abusive or threatening, I was very calm, just stated that it was bordering on unprofessional not to call back... I am pretty calm at the moment... :O)
  21. I have, thanks dar£n, kept a record and printed out all the emails and the fax and have rough dates for calls -just left a really strong message on both Krysta's and Paul's answer machines, it's just so unprofessional of them not to want to stop this going to court and wasting so many peoples time!
  22. They really are a joke, Paul has not rung me back and guess what, straight to voice mail now! I just hope the judge will take noe of this as it is no way professional!
  23. Just called Krysta, waiting for Paul to call me back.... ahhh!
  24. Hi Saintly1, Paul Quinn is dealing with my claim
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