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  1. Can anyone advise me what the current state for claiming for bank charges on a current account from Halifax is? The b**gers have just charged my wife over £100 in charges for going overdrawn for less than 24hrs! We asked for them to be paid back but was told no chance! Start a claim using usual letters etc? Regards Baslow
  2. My debt with Halifax has been passed onto another agency for collection. Do I continue a claim for credit card charges against the new company or continue the process against the Halifax? Cheers
  3. Thanks. 14 working days up on Monday and cheque still not arrived.They ofered everything but I played safe and steered away a complicated case and just went with 8% added.
  4. A quick note to say Ive won! Cheque not arrived yet but offer made.I made a few mistakes in my poc which I only spotted retrospectively but could ahve delayed my case or had it thrown out.Must be busy in Nottm because they never even looked I dont think Thasnks to all and donation on way soon
  5. Can anyone tell me how long after they say they intend do defend does any possible offer letter arrive?
  6. Well I recieved an acknowledgement of sevice on 14 August 2008. The defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim I presume this is the normal response form Cap One but still wondering if Ive not got to actually turn up in court.
  7. Papers arrived today and deemed as served today.
  8. How quickly should the court send you the copy of your papers? Mines been with them for 8 days now and seen or heard nothing
  9. oops sorry I'll continue! upto £500 - £45 upto £1000 - £60 hope that helps
  10. You attach them with your NI and spreadsheet.The court fee is added to the N1 in the apprioprate box on the front page and will be paid in the evnt of you winning but you have to stump up first upto £300 - £30 up
  11. A delay in my papers being filed as I made a couple of errors which meant my papers and a cheque for £85 was returned.Slowed me down as I didnt have a bank account to put the cheque in so the court have had to recall the cheque which takes a week or so. Hopefully papers should be served by end of the week.
  12. Hi Not yet as it hasnt arrived yet.Do I do this by pm? Cheers
  13. Well six months later finally plucked up the courage and found £85 to file my case against Cap 1.Went in on Tuesday so clocks ticking.
  14. Hi Ive justed noticed while completing paperwork for a claim against Cap 1 that some of my charges are now over six years old.Am I allowed to claim these or will Cap 1 try to strike them out? Thnaks Baslow
  15. Just about to start action against Blackhorse. Anyone taken action to recover charges against them? Whats the procedure-will they pay up without a struggle or is a court action needed? Cheers Baslow
  16. Ammani So you filled in N1 claiming all interest.Did Cap 1 say they would not pay contractual interest at any stage? How did you 'force' them to pay everything? Cheers Baslow
  17. ammani I am interested going all the way for c.c interest etc. When you went to court did Cap one turn up and contest? What was the procedure? Thanks Baslow
  18. Kiri Do you information or links to the valid arguments please? Thanks Baslow
  19. I know Im terrible a paperwork managing! Will Cap one jump on any mistakes I make in entering type of charge?
  20. Having a 'mare currently with my schedule one. Ive 'mislaid' my Cap 1 statements and Im trying to fill in the charge reason section on my spreadsheet.Mine currently has late payment on all charges but I think Im wrong. Does any know when you get two charges in a month which comes first over limit charge or late payment charge? Thanks bas
  21. Curlyben as you stated in your cap 1+ CI thread ' claim for everything' but how can you if cap1 decides they will only pay the 8%. How can you get them to 'reconsider' paying CCI?
  22. What bugs me though is that Capital one decide to offer 8% when it should be a judge deciding. Its typical arrogance plus the fact the whole account was a charade anyway legally with no proper CCA
  23. My thoughts were if they refused to pay compounded contractual interest but offered me stat 8% instead then if I refused the offer a judge would look favourably on my case as the orginal agreement( application form only) was unenforceable Baslow
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