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  1. ok thanks very much for your help. alll the payday loans have defaulted and i have only managed to pay 1 any money that is wageday advance have had £60 a month for the last 3 months? where do i need to go with this post dont know if i can stay here and get help or post in another part dont want to do it wrong? Thanks mykeie
  2. many of my debts are a few years old and some new. tsb old loan and overdraft with lots of charges on the overdraft account, marbles card old, black horse x2 loans old, alliance& leicester overdraft old, first bank old, barclaycard old, all these new last 6 months wonga, quick quid, payday express, payday uk, text loan. had lots of letters over the last 6 months not opened any for a while just hide them or throw them away many of these have been past to lots of different collection companies? not paid any of these for a while as i have been trying to catch up with my priority debts and repaying mortgage arrears and council arrears dread comong home and seeing the post on the floor or wondering who is going to knock on the door had to change my phone number and email as well? cant remember the last time i slept through the night! thanks for the reply, mykeie
  3. Hi can you help me on where to go with lots of different loans payday laons and bank bebt as i am at the point of no return. i haved looked at debt plans but there seems to be lots with different reviews and i dont know where to turn to sort this out? not slept for years letters stashed everywhere and i am totally dejected any help would be kind? Thanks mykeie
  4. hi gilliancooke use the letter that i gave the doorstep caller from the link in thread #6 its number three in that link. that did the trick for me not seen anyone at my door since. i am still waiting for their reply to the prove it letter expecting it very soon though.
  5. hi there just a quick update. the old doorstep caller came tonight so i gave him the stay away letter. it was quite i picture watching his face as he read it in is car? hope this does the trick? also posted the proove it letter to moorcroft today so i will let you know as soon as they reply. thanks for your reply havinastella but dont understand as it has not gone to court yet? and sam614 yes im a stokie
  6. ok sam614 thanks for that ill send the prove it letter straight away and let you know what they come back with if thats ok? ill go down to stoke post office this afternoon. also ill give the doorstep caller the letter tomorrow to stop him calling? thanks agian for your help
  7. sorry for being a bit dumb here but i just want to get it right sorry. being told to send different letters? cca but no good? prove it letter and s.a.r. ok i know about the s.a.r so i will send that off to alliance & leicester. cca do i need to send this and who to? prove it letter this is to Moorcroft i take it and what happens when they send proof? thanks for your help i need to get this right as i have other companies after me and feel trapped at the moment. thaks
  8. not contacted or spoken to moorcroft about the debt or made any payments to them. charges were added to the account by alliance & leicester. a payment was made to allince & leicester for £80 in april. can you tell me if i send a cca or any other letter to them please? thanks
  9. thanks for your quick replies any help is welcome. no not requested a cca from them. do i call them telling them of the cca request and stop this man calling? thanks
  10. Hi i have moorcroft debt recovery on my case they have taken over a debt from aliance & leicester bank £1428.47 overdraft and cheques cashed. i dont know what to do for the best. keep getting threatening letters of court action and last week when i was at work my wife said an old man was knocking at the door and looking through the window for 4 nights my brother answered the door to this man on saturday morning who said he was here to see me for a debt for the amount above he told my brother all this bebt without asking who he was? then he gave him a contact card and said he would be back tomorrow(tuesday) to arrange for a collection amount? i am thinking of ringing moorcroft in a moment to speak about this but dont know what to say to them? can anyone help me wiht this situation please? thanks
  11. ok thaks for that. i will post as soon as i hear from 1st credit. just a bit worried about the payment in full bit in the letter?
  12. i have put the letter on as it read ? dont understand about the deed of bit. sorry. not had a letter from Vanquis saying 1st credit have now got the debt?i spoke to a lady from Vaquis and she said a default had been issued and they could pass the debt onto 1st credit ?
  13. hi there just an update on this 1st credit situation. i posted a CCA request on the 8th of september they got the letter on the 10th today i had a reply from them and it reads lst credit PO Box 278 Reigate RH27WB 0870 164 2048 enq@lstcreditltd.com Mon - Fri Sam - 8.30pm Sat - Sun 9am - 5.30pm Text CREDIT & your 1st Credit Ref No. to xxxx & we will call you back. Dear Sir / Madam 11 September 2008 Client: VANQUIS BANK Relating to Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Balance Outstanding: £1,214.14 Our Ref: xxxxxxxx REQUEST FOR COPY AGREEMENT We refer to your recent communication requesting a copy of the relevant agreement. The document you have requested is retained by our client. We will therefore advise them of your request and arrange for the document to be sent to you as soon as possible. Should your request also include the below documents, please be advised of the following: Deed of Assignment- we would refer you to Section 136 of the Law of Property Act 1925 which provides that the debtor is notified of the assignment of the debt in writing and not a copy of the Deed itself. Copy statements—there is a charge of £10.00 for this information. On receipt of the copy agreement we would expect you to contact this office immediately to arrange settlement of the debt. Please call this office should you wish to discuss this matter. Yours faithfully ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT All calls may be monitored or recorded for training and audit purposes 1st Credit Limited is Registered in England and Wales. Registered Office: Hill House, 1 Little New Street, London EC4A 3TR can you please help me with this letter as i think they are trying to blind me with waffle?and please can you guid me on where i go from here? thanks mykeie
  14. first of all thanks for the replies it give me a lift and boosts my confidence. Let me tell you about today after i read a few replies i went to see the manager at TSB. i told them i am in financial trouble and i cant afford to repay the overdraft and the charges are making things worse! she put me on the phone to a collections department as they say my accout had been passed on to them but nobody had informed me?? i spoke to a man who just said that i need to repay the debt and there was nothing he could do to help. after reading other threads on this forum about banks i let him have it and told him what i wanted! i want the interest stopped and want unfair charges put back onto the account which will reduce the overdraft and with the interest stopped for a while i could repay some of the debt. so let it be known that i have offered to repay the debt as i know the telephone conversation is recorded ? it seem to through him out of his stride and he then said that he will stop interest charges for 6 months then it will be reviewed!(quite a u-turn dont you think?) but he could not fefund any unfair charges. i said i was happy with the offer and would take the next steps to reclaim the charges myself. also they have now stopped taking my child benifit as payments for charges.(more info from the forums.what a help)
  15. so i can send them a s.a.r for charges after my 1st claim and are they for the unplanned O/D fees ?
  16. i made a claim 2 years ago and they refunded charges but i dont know if i can do it again for charges after my claim ?
  17. hi i am in financial problems with loans, credit card and overdraft bebts and dont know where to turn ? i need advice on a few problems 1, i have run up an overdraft of £5000 which i have had for 3 years now with TSB and i just pay the O/D fees every month (O/D interest £74, unplanned O/D fees £69). i have my child benifit money £122 paid into that account and it gets swollowed up as i am overdrawn with the charges each month ? i have read on the forums that i can stop them from taking this and my next payment is due in on tuesday is there anyway i can get this payment from them as i am over my limit with this months charges and it will offset the money that is owed ? 2nd thing is that i am thinking of contacting one of these companies that help you get debt free in 60 months as they write to your creditors and offer them reduced payments. is this a good idea and does it work? any help will be greatfull please. thanks mykeie
  18. hi just spoken to Vanquis and they have told me that they have spoken to 1st credit to put any further actions on hold for 2 weeks so i can submit a monthly amount payment offer. they tell me that this is now on hold for 2 weeks and im sending that offer now through the post.
  19. i am going to cca 1st credit like you say just to be on the safe side just in case my monthly offer is turned down. i have looked for the cca template but cant find it sorry can you help thanks mykeie
  20. first of all thanks for your time and fast responce to help people. i have just come off the phone to vanquis they were very helpfull. they said that they put a defaul on my account i march and that means they can refer my account ? i told them that 1st credit now had my debt and are not letting me make a monthly payment offer. the lady at vanquis spoke to her collections department and this is what they came up with - Vanquis will speek to 1st credit and ask them to put a hold on further action and that i should send a letter to Vanquis offering an amount to pay monthly and then wait to see if that is acceptable to 1st credit ? should i follow this advice?
  21. Hi. I need some help as i am in trouble with 1st credit who have taken a debt on for "Vanquis", a credit card i had from them. i am in debt for £1214. i first set up a monthly payment with vanquis for £70 when i got into trouble. i got pressured into this high payment but could not keep up the payment as i am in financial trouble with a few credit companies and now dont know where to turn. i did a S.A.R to vanquis and on monday this week they have said they will pay me £356 fees back for charges on my account with them so i assume that this will come off the £1214 amount i owe them? also on monday i had a letter from 1st credit saying LEGAL PROCEEDINGS for the sum of £1214 so i rang them to offer a monthly payment. the lady i spoke to just kept shooting questions at me but when i stopped her from asking lots of questions about me she then said you have 7 days to pay in full if not then the solicitors where going to be dealing with this. i dont know what to do next or how to deal with this and affraid bailiffs be knocking at my door. please any help will be greastfull thanks mykeie
  22. Hi can anyone give me some advice on my Lioyds TSB account. i have run up a large overdraft of £5000 for some time now and its been at the limit for 12 months or more and i am just paying O/D interest which i dont mind as i am the one who has used the money and im in debt to other credit card companies and struggling to rob peter to pay paul as the saying goes (financial trouble). for a while now i have being charged unplanned O/D fees and a monthly fee as my account is within the O/D until Lioyds put the O/D interest onto my account which takes it over the O/D limitand i get charged. can they charge me for going over the O/D limit when they took me over with the interst fee charge as this seems unfair ? any help would be very kind thanks mykeie
  23. hi there dont know if this is the right place for this thread if not can you please direct me? i had a credit card from MBNA about 5 years ago which i think was through the royal bank of scotland? can i still recover the charges after all this time as i do not have any account numbers or statements from them?dont even know the address to send for my statements but i know i had plenty of charges!sorry for not being to helpfull hope you can help me? many thanks mykeie.
  24. can anyone help me please ??
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