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  1. A Significant update for you guys!!!!!!! As a last ditch attempt to resolve this without court action i did as Barty said and rang the 0117 number. The guy who answered was spot on but his info was rather disturbing. I explained that all i wanted was LLoyds to play ball and give us the info we had requested and that i didnt really want to, but if pushed would take them to court to force them to give us it. The guy on the other end of the phone told me that Lloyds standard defence would be that we posted it out to you and its not our problem if you havn't received it. As i already
  2. No problem for the letter mate, just shout as and when you need it. What i found was that once you got past the "Customer - we're right and your wrong- Service" telephone operatives and started speaking to the people in the Payment Collections Unit you started to get results. All the best mate. I'll keep my eye on this thread for you but if you need owt and i've not seen this thread just PM me. Oz
  3. Kenny P R I've just had 8 weeks of pure fun with Littlewoods and Debt managers Ltd. They started giving my Mother in Law loads of Sh*t so i decided to start firing some letters at them. To cut a fairly lengthy story short, Debt Managers fired her account straight back to Littlewoods within 48 hrs of receiving our CCA request. They even rang us and said that they had handed it back as there was no CCA agreement in place and they did not want to be associated with illegally chaseing a debt! We then got a letter from Littlewoods as follows "With ref to your letter requesting
  4. From what i have read these are a proper scraping the bottom of the barrel outfit. It seems to me though that there is some top advice in this thread and i for one will be spreading the word and making people aware of there tactics. As always guys top advice, thank you, and spread the word!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sorry for the delay LB17. I don't bank online with LLoyds. Basically, this account is running with a few pence balance just while i recover my charges and then it will be closed. I got hacked off with them about 6 months ago and moved to a different bank. Excuse my ignorance LB17 but whats the significance of online banking?
  6. I've sent a SAR- 40 days and nothing. A non compliance letter - nothing. A LBA giving 7 more days for them to send me the information i have requested- nothing. That expired 3 days ago. The only way now that i can think of forcing them to comply is by going thru the small claims process. Hence why i say that its a non cash claim for now. I just want the info that i'm entitled too!!!!!
  7. Hi LB17 I understand exactly what your saying and yes you are spot on. In the cold light of day i guess i would lose out on >£1K, i'm just so bloody annoyed that the post man has been with nothing again!! and i just want to force Lloyds hand into doing what they should be doing. The £10 cheque was cashed weeks ago and they just appear to have "we'll do it in our own good time attitude". Can MCOL/Small Claims be done for a non cash claim? As i say, i am all ears for advice guys?
  8. I sent a DPA request off on 25 January 07. Signed as received on the 26th. 40 Days was up on 7th Mar 07. I gave them a couple of days grace and still nothing? I then 7 day LBA them on 14 mar 07. STILL NOTHING!!! I now want to put it through the small claims court to force them to cough up the info. I believe there is in the region of £5K of charges to be re-couped. Can i claim £4999 of compensation while filing my MCOL for non compliance of DPA? What is the best plan of attack Guys? I just feel like they are taking the Pee now. Any advice would be great
  9. Hi Yoda Would just like to echo everyone else's sentiments if i may. Took a lot of balls to do what you did and you should be immensly proud of yourself. I guess you thought long and hard and questioned yourself a million times, but as i say, i for one think you have done nothing at all wrong and you should be very proud of yourself. Whatever line of career you have now chosen i really do hope that you have every success, you deserve nothing less. Good luck Oz
  10. Do nothing!!! You have received a bog standard reply. I'm guessing that you have asked them for all info on you and that you have asked them to give you a list of charges that they have applied to your account and records of any human intervention. They WILL provide all the info that they have on you which is their obligation under DPA but they wont provide a list of charges, or records of human intervention as they dont have to do this. Hopefully you sent this request by recorded/special post. they have 40 days to comply from the day they received the letter. (A letter is deemed as
  11. Hi jaxads, Freemans being a catalogue, (and coming under the remeit of CCA1974 even though they told me on many occasions they were exempt from it!) have you gone down the CCA request route to find out if they even have the correctly executed agreement to enable them to even pursue this debt? Not forgetting that if they dont, under what authority are they selling/passing your mates personal details from one company to another? Oz
  12. They are a catalogue and they are covered by the CCA, albeit as with most catalogues you never sign an agreement. There's a thought, if it is an unenforcable agreement can you be defaulted on it. Someone with far more brains than me to answer that. SAR them and find out how much they whacked you for in charges en route to the DCA. Reclaim it back from them, but now that your accounts are settled, while reclaiming your money put the removal of the default in the Prelim and LBA's too. Its a very slim chance theyre gonna go to court to argue about it. Good Luck
  13. LBL Your input to this forum has been nothing short of awesome and i am sure will have benefitted many. As an outsider looking in (just interest, no dealings with LBL) from what i see you have no reason to justify your actions. Just my opinion but although users on this forum maybe initially frightened or worried of the situation they are in, seldom are users stupid. Just by taking a step back and reading ALL posts its easy to decipher good from not so good info. Save your energy for posting up to date inside info, i know its valued and appreciated. Chin up fella!!!!
  14. Hi Pmoney/tiglet ect. I may be totally wrong here but something is nagging in the back of my mind that student loans fall under some sort of different rules with regards to CCA, stat barring ect ect. The far more well versed people on this site will confirm or deny this but in the mean time i'll have a trawl round for you and see what is said about it all. A quick update, from what i've seen on a quick search, a student loan pre 1998 is subject to CCA1974. Post 1998 they're not. Hopefully more knowledgeable people than me will come along and help you out.
  15. EXACTAMUNDO!!!! Tesco/Morrisons are the face of the problem and i wouldn't be surprised if the claim against the supplier is for a lot more than the claims that tesco pay out for car repairs. They are getting good PR at the moment for saying they will pay out on claims but at the actual time of the contamination they were getting bad PR so no doubt there legal eagles will claim for damages. In addition the supplier deserves all they get as it was a completely avoidable situation which should never have happened. A diesel additive into petrol, where are their safegaurds?
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