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  1. A querey. We booked our wedding with a well known hotel chain last year for this May. We have arranged the full ceremony and after party with them and paid them as instructed on the relevant dates. When we asked for the final settlement figure they provided this and we paid. They are now telling us that they forgot to charge us room hire on the ceremony room and that we owe them a further £200. We are most disappointed as we have kept in regular contact with them and have trusted them to keep us informed as the event planners to allow us to concentrate on other areas. They state they did
  2. Firstly, I used to hit this forum with speed and now it seems to have slowed down... Now on with the main subject... I inherited egg debts from my ex wife some years back...I have albeit arrogantly paid them at the minimum rate as I am a bitter twisted ol man....however as this debt has been sold on from Egg to their in house collections, then to ARC for several years and now to Barclaycard...I am of the opinion that the debt value is not that much and it will have been bought for a nominal value...I would like to pay it (may my ex wife suffer-joke and meant in good spirits...lol)...
  3. We purchased an indesit washer for use in father in laws small dry cleaner business. The purchase was from COmet and we told them that it was to be delivered to the shop and they agreed to install it. This was the latter part of January 2011. The washing machine has stopped working and the engineer came out. He stated it needed about £150 of repairs and that the warranty would not cover it as it was being used in a shop. Comet knew this from the start, they fitted it and did not ask us to sign any disclaimer about it being used in the dry cleaning shop. Where do we stand legal
  4. It was the GP that told us this. I have spoken to a local coroner and he says that this is rubbish.
  5. My sister in law died recently with little in the way of any estate. We want to make a complaint to the GMC for medical negligence. The doctors are insistent that there needs to be an administrator of estate forthis to be pursued. How do we go about this? We don't want to spend any fees on solicitors etc as there is no other estate to sort out. Sounds to us like the Doctors are just being difficult? Any help appreciated...
  6. The relative would have attended court had they been invited but they weren't and there was no letter before action. It was Bow Street in London (England).
  7. thank you...any advice welcome and appreciated
  8. A relative of my partner has recently received papers from the small claims court from a customer he believes is telling a bit of a story in order to claim money from them. In the small claims proceedure it stated 'particulars of claim to follow'. This in mind and following the guidance from the leaflet enclosed with the small claims form. The relative did nothing except wait for the particulars to arrive (which they did not). On the 14th day following, the realtive wrote to the court and sent the letter special delivery to the court stating that no particulars of claim had been receiv
  9. i'm currently being pursued for an old egg debt and arc/tm are sending me letters...what should my course of action be to determine if this debt is enforcable / lawful as the accounts date back to around 2002...
  10. On Monday 21st December 2009 we were due to fly back to Manchester from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria with Thomas Cook. Due to the weather situation in the UK we were told at around 0930 hours that we should expect lengthy delays though would be picked up and taken to the airport as normal at 12 midday. I asked the rep why we could not remain at the hotel rather than being sat at the airport for hours on end and was told that should they be able to fly in another aircraft we would need to be at the airport in order for them to take us (call me a cynic but i guessed immediately that this wouldn't ha
  11. I have lived in my apartment for 3 years and the carpet/laminate flooring (which was not new when I started renting) has started to look a aged/worn...who is responsible for this? Should the LL make a deduction to allow me to get it done? I'm mindful that if its something they don't want they'll charge me to put it back when i leave...how do i go about this?
  12. In the past 18 months the owner & registered keeper of the vehicle has received several tickets for several alleged offences at Tesco in one of their Yorkshire stores...we have written and asked for proof of the driver at the time of the alleged offences (bearing in mind that we are under no obligation to tell them who it was) and received no response. We did receive debt collection letters which we ignored in the absence of the proof we requested...it has now been several months since hearing from them and we suspect they have become bored of pursuing us as we clearly are not going to pay
  13. Also if you phone from a mobile phone you need to go in to your settings and select the relevant option to withold your number... I would also like to state that in the last 18 months, despite numerous tickets being placed on vehicles I have driven though are not always registered to me the requests for payment have been ignored and to date all the letters have stopped and I (nor the registered keeper(s) have not been asked to attend court...I always encourage people not to provide any information unless it falls under the road traffic act of 1988...which of course private property does n
  14. done - thank you for that advice - if you hadn't of posted I wouldn't of known to do that. Apparently once I get the new car they work out the time I've been without and they credit my payments without me having any penalty...
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