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  1. So does this mean that they have to start right from scratch, they can't just turn up with the default notice and say "here it is....... we win!" Canaan
  2. Thanks Banker. Hopefully PT will have a look in and have some ideas on where to go with this one. Canaan
  3. I have received a letter today stating... We refer to the above matter and with respect to the hearing dateed 19th Jan 2009. We enclose for your further reference Default Notice dated 15th February 2008 that was served upon you at the above address via first class post of that date. Looks like they might be taking another stab at me! In that case they better come up with proof it was delivered to me and sort out the excuse for a credit agreement they have!! Canaan
  4. I am still working on the letter to claim costs. Is there a time limit for getting this in after the hearing?? Canaan
  5. How would I go about this? And what would the chance of sucess be? I have read the judgement on southern district V Turner Southern & District and Finance PLC v Turner (YAWS version 47.1 (27 October 2008)) but I could'nt make much sense of it. Canaan
  6. I did think about attaching everything to the thread but then thought the same as you FG 8-) If this debt was for a serious amount of money then I could see them trying again but for 3k??? I would love to know how much they have spent on it so far. Canaan
  7. Thanks Womble. My defence mainly dealt with the lack of a proper executed agreement, but the judge obviously looked at my defence and decided that it was the default issue that was more important and relevant. I had requested the default notice along with the agreement repeatedly, the agreement appeared after my original defence was submitted but they never sent me a copy of the default notice, nor did they have it with them today. The judge did all the work today, as I said in my post below about the day I only said good afternoon and thank you Canaan
  8. Thanks Sillygirl. If they do find a default notice they still have to prove that they sent it to me. Also their CCA is complete pants so they would loose on that too. Canaan
  9. Ahhhh I have been sent that link recently but forgot about it, thanks supa:-D Canaan
  10. LOL Thanks Cit B, I am having real trouble converting the wasted costs letter to one from a defendant rather than one from a claimant. Should I use the same harsh tone in my letter? I guess that I need to put that I am claiming wasted costs beause the claimant went ahead without the correct documents??? I will take another look tomorrow evening. Back to the wine for now Canaan
  11. Too late, on my second glass I will click the triangle then and get it moved Canaan
  12. Thanks Banker..........there is a bottle of white on ice as I type....another half an hour should be enough Canaan
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