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  1. Ok then, thanks for your help! ill let you know the outcome, just hope it all goes well! Thanks
  2. Ok, thanx for the reply. i think i will send a recorded letter to there Head office, requesting details of my account history, who the debt collectors are and records/copies of any letters / notes & payments/arrangements present on there. i am entitled to copies of all this aren't i ? Can they insist that i pay a fee to have copies of all this information? -i ask this as i know how crafty some of these companies can be! Anyways, once i have studied the information that i get back, then ill go ahead and write them my letter disputing my issue, following your guidelines. Would this be
  3. Hi, im new to this site, got referd by a friend. hello to you all and i truely hope you can help me end my nightmare! Basically i have a default on my credit file from my old phone contract that i got with vodafone when i was 18 (6 years ago) and even tho experium and equifax credit agency's show my credit score to be Extremely good (not missed a payment in 3 years and a good combination of settled/active accounts etc etc), whenever i apply for credit of Any sort , soon as the computer generated decision system detects the default, it automatically comes back declined!! Ill expla
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