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  1. No! thats literally it,

    just like the previous one that i got a CCJ for ,


    1st instance of any knowledge was the letter before claim!

    as for windscreen PCN i think people have been playing silly buggers in the carpark as i have seen cars with 2 or 3 pcn's on them that have clearly not been issued by a warden. theres a lot of kids hanging around causing problems.


    as for place its Chatham dockside outlet, 4 hours free parking. UKPCM in charge , they keep changing the rules between the main , multi-story and underground carparks also.

  2. Hi


    I received a PCN from a Free! carpark some time ago.. 4 hours free then pay.

    I received no letters from UKCPM about a fine nor do i know what it was for .

    . I then get a letter from Gladstones saying Pay £160 else court action. I 'forgot about it'.


    Next i get a court letter which turned up at my address late , saying £273 to pay with response within 14 days else action will be taken.

    Ok this one i genuinely did forget about, i emailed them stating the letter was late and i forgot to take action due to work commitments and stress.

    Next thing i know i have a CCJ on my credit file and a letter from the courts saying they made a judgement.

    Luckily i had 30 days to pay the £273 and they will lift the CCJ so without haste i paid and the CCJ is now gone.


    two days ago i receive yet Another!

    Gladstone solicitors letter on behalf of UKCPM.

    new reference number so a new claim,

    this one as before £160 before court action.

    and again , no letters from UKCPM beforehand.


    Now, i know this will go to CCJ if i ignore it, but what can I do?

    the carpark is free for 4 hours !

    i used it almost every day for the Gym.


    the carpark is poorly marked, paint very worn on disabled bays, no phone number to call to extend your stay.

    you have to display a ticket but half the time the machine was out of order however i still am aware of PCN's being issued for non ticket when the machine is not operational.


    What shall i do?


    Many thanks for your help

  3. Hi, I am in a occupation that has very strict security and H&S Rules and I operate as a self employed limited company in this industry.


    Recently whilst on site I was calculating the ullage values of underground petroleum tanks using a solar power calculator as allowed by the company that I was working for. However the site manageress interrupted me from my work to inform me of a gate that needs to be open whilst I'm on site. Cut long story short, she see me using the calculator and assumed I was on my mobile phone and without a word to me, she reported it to the higher authorities which triggered an investigation and render me out of work for the past two weeks.


    I was requested to provide proof that I was not in use of a mobile phone at that time to which my mobile phone bill proved without question.


    This so far has cost me a potential £3000 and I would like to know if I can sue the site manageress for loss of earnings.


    A few points.


    . She was not allowed in my working areain accordance to the petroleum delivery rules but did so without permission.

    . She was not wearing correct ppe

    . She did not question me on the device I was using to confirm it was a mobile phone.


    Any help with this would be much appreciated.



  4. well, i was not sent any statements for the SO's that i paid, but on the copy of my credit file , it shows the balance for the account to be Zero. so surely this is proof that the balance is paid off.


    On my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) data, i can see where the SO payments have been made, it does not state exactly that there has been a payment made, But there are notes of 'Cust relation chg' on a monthly basis, similar to what i see on my bank statements. After the last SO was paid -indicated by 'Collection Terminate' , the next recorded SAR data shows they sent an email to the credit agencies, which i assume contained instructions to place my default. This is what i can make of the information that i have received anyhow.

  5. Hi, thanks for the replies. ill have another look through the information later on to see if there is any details of letters etc. i do believe there is tho iirc.


    Thing is , The balance was settled,and before they issued the default, infact i overpaid them by £37 !! i did not realise this till not long ago when i digged out all my old bank statements and checked.


    The SAR states that i agreed to 5 payments of £37.50 to pay off the £188 balance, but they never mentioned this to me what so ever. However they did mention 7 payments of £25 and final of £13 by SO, this was direct to voadfone and not a debt collector. The penalty for not keeping to this payment plan was that it will be passed to a debt collector.


    My bank statements show that i paid 9 payments of £25 (hence the £37 overpayment)


    I have a direct number to someone in vodafone thats incharge of this area. Would presenting this information be enough to remove the default? -If they refuse, could i use this evidence to threaten legal action?

  6. Ok. buzby, what would your recommended plan of action be now then? surely there is a way to have these removed?! on my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) it shows something abut me paying 5 instalments of £37 to which i never knew of before i got my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) data. i do however have proof of paying SO of £25 per month which i DID agree to. the total balance to be paid was £188, which = 7x£25 and 1x£13 i however forgot to cancel my SO once the balance was paid and therefore have overpaid them by £37 (i paid 9 instalments of £25). the default was placed on my account because i apparently did not pay the final £13 ,which was then passed to Westcort debt agency, without even informing me about the outstanding payment 1st. But being as i have overpaid them £37, why are they defaulting me for the £13!!

  7. ok, so i finally received my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) data after a good 60 days from the original date posted. i have looked through it , some is quite complicated due to being computer generated , but i think i have got the jist of what's been going on in my file.


    Looking through it, i can not see any indication of a Default notice being sent out to me... and it also appears that my credit file has been defaulted while the account was still in dispute.


    Being as mobile contracts do not run under CCA rules, do they have to send me a Default notice prior to enforcing a default on my file? Also, would a default notice have to be signed and returned by me?


    What would be my next step of action now, in getting my default removed?


    i did make a post with scans of my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) data , is a little lengthy, due to large pics.. feel free to have a look if you can, and advise me of anything you notice.


    1 last thing... when requesting a SAR ,should details of calls,numbers,txt's + general other bill info And copies of sent/received letters be included, If available , when the data is sent to me?? as i have received none of this..



  8. i noticed it says that i have agreed to pay £37.63 for 5 months and that i will pay by CC.. i really do not know where they got this from as i did not even own my 1st Credit card untill mid 2004 (7 months later!) and it clearly shows on my bank statements that i agreed to £25 per month and final of £13..


    Also it says that i was 4 months late making my 1st payment, this is due to me thinking it was going to be taken from my account using my current DD, i received No letters informing me that i had missed a single payment, let alone 4 !!

  9. i have finally received my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) data from Vodafone, after about 3 months of waiting!! but there seems to be quite a lot of voda jargon in there and im finding it hard to make head or tail of it!!


    basically, short story of what happened... A few years back i missed bill payment, phone got suspended and ,eventually cut off and i had to pay back the bill + remainder of the contract, which was £188. i was given the option of either paying in 1 go, or spreading the payments monthly @ £25 x 7 & 1 x £13.


    i missed the 1st payment as i was under the impression that vodafone was going to take this money using the DD that was already setup for my bill payments. After this they sent me a form for SO to which i filled out and returned.


    approx 1 year later (+- few months), i recieve a letter from a debt agency telling me that i have 24 hours (iirc) to pay the sum of £13 !! to vodaphone, otherwise legal action would be taken. I then used my dads card to pay there and then (as i did not have a card of my own)... and after that, didnt think anything of it. till 1 year later when i found a default on my file!!


    i had not received any letter from Vodafone about the £13 that never got sent, and i also received no Default notice!


    i have got my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) data here + a copy of account activity (which i can not figure out for the life of me!)


    i have just looked at my bank statements and realised that i hadn't cancelled the SO and there for i have made 9 payments to them of £25! which surely would mean they owe me £37 !!


    anyways, here is 8 pages of activity and 3 accounts.. (there was a good 60 pages of activity, but i only put up from where it was clear things where going wrong..









  10. Ok, so i have just recieved a letter from vodafone today (2may), it is dated from 30 April and says the following..


    Dear Mr.Simmons




    Thank you for your letter of 22 March 2007. i am happy to provide you with the information that you have requested, but note that the address for the above account is different from that on your letter. I would be grateful if you could confirm the address on the account so that i might verify you as the account holder.


    I look foward to hearing from you.





    Now, this has clearly been sent knowing that if i reply , it will be over due the 40 day period. im wondering if they are trying to catch me out and thus allowing them all the time in the world to send my details.


    The letter they posted to me was not sent recorded delivery etc etc, just a standard letter.


    What shall i do now? could i just 'Pretend' i never got this letter and proceed with sending the S.10 Data Protection Act letter?


    there is an address and phone number on the letter they sent me, but i am worried that if i phone them to give my address details, there is no proof of me doing so... If i send a letter, then they will not receive it till After the 41'st day, so then they would have no time limit to get my Data..


    Help! thanx.

  11. Na i very much doubt they have credited it to my account, it has been closed since 2003 now and fully paid off too.





    edit... i have just had a read thru the S.10 DPA letter, will i have to edit this letter at all to make it usable for sending to a phone company and not a bank? To be honest, i have read thru it a couple of times and it confuses the hell out of me! could someone shed some light on it for me?


    if vodafone fail to reply to my SAR within the 40 days, then does this give me any great advantages to having my default removed ,should the matter goto court? i am hoping that they are taking there time as they have maybe lost some or all of my records, which should give me an advantage i would imagin?

  12. I have sent a SAR to vodafone as they have unfairly issued me with a Default on my credit file and i wish to find evidence in my history records with vodafone to prove this default should not be there. They have cashed my check for £10 that i sent as payment for my information, about 3 weeks ago, but i still have no response from them.


    I would just like to know what i have to do + what exactly happens if vodafone fail to send a response to my SAR letter after 40 days. Also, is it 40 days from receiving the letter (which i sent recorded) or is it 40 days from when they cashed my cheque?


    thanx for the help :)

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