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  1. Hi thanks for the response, phoned halifax/BOS on monday 5th march to see if they were anywhere further with my claim and they said a letter ha been posted that day. So i waited in anticipation to see what it would say, and low and behold they are now saying that they will have a response to me by the 5th of April.So phoned them again and they say that they are allowed eight weeks by the financial ombudsman to respond. Also i was looking at some of the threads about splitting up claims in the courts and you may only being able to claim once and i would not want this to happen. I also checked the Financial Ombudsmans site to see about the Eight week timescale that the bank was talking off and true enough there it was but it also said that if you were unhappy with the banks decision then you should send a complaint to them. So any advice would be most helpful as I am not sure what to do now
  2. Hi every one, great site. I posted my preliminary letter off on 8th of February and received a letter back within four days saying they were looking into my complaint and would get back to me within four weeks. I thought it best if I stuck to the time scale I put in my preliminary and since not hearing anything else from the bank I sent of the LBA on Monday 25th february recorded delivery. They also put on a reference number for future contact with them about the claim so i put this on the top of the LBA too. What I am not sure of now is what forms I should be filling out should this go to court and since I live in Scotland and the claim is over £2500 where do I take the claim as i know it is not the Small claims court as they anly deal with claims up to £750? Any help would be greatly appreciated. John
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