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  1. Hi thanks for the response, phoned halifax/BOS on monday 5th march to see if they were anywhere further with my claim and they said a letter ha been posted that day. So i waited in anticipation to see what it would say, and low and behold they are now saying that they will have a response to me by the 5th of April.So phoned them again and they say that they are allowed eight weeks by the financial ombudsman to respond. Also i was looking at some of the threads about splitting up claims in the courts and you may only being able to claim once and i would not want this to happen.
  2. Hi every one, great site. I posted my preliminary letter off on 8th of February and received a letter back within four days saying they were looking into my complaint and would get back to me within four weeks. I thought it best if I stuck to the time scale I put in my preliminary and since not hearing anything else from the bank I sent of the LBA on Monday 25th february recorded delivery. They also put on a reference number for future contact with them about the claim so i put this on the top of the LBA too. What I am not sure of now is what forms I should be filling out should
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