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  1. Pony is 12.2hh and 5 years (young I know) I know it seems like we are rushing to make judgement but the instuctor feels that if the pony is going to react like this is new situations, could we ever trust it? The instuctor really is an accomplished horsewoman, the tack and ponys back has been checked, and its the tack that she came with. As far as vetting she had been vetted in sept of which I have a copy, so I didn't feel the need to have it re-done (in hind-sight, I should have but they seemed so genuine) The seller told me that when she bought the pony she was told it had been back
  2. Hi, honey I initially phoned the seller and said could we give her a settling period and if she still proved to be the same would she take her back, she said no. I do realise that we have'nt given her fair time to adjust and feel awfull about the whole situation. The pony was sold to us as childs pony, if she rears with a child they would probably out of instinct hold onto the reins causing pony to go backwards on top of them. If she had just been high spirited so to speak, it would'nt be so much of a problem. If seller downright refuses I won't be selling her straight away, i
  3. I bought my 8 year old daughter a pony 4 days ago from a private seller, the ad went like this; 4 white socks, Professionally schooled. Jumps fillers without a look. Proving to be well schooled quite/sensible (steady) forward going pony to ride for her age. would suit leid rein or child wishing to progress on to PC /RC activities. 100% on roads/ Hacking. Does nothing nasty/ is not strong. Proud to say she is well mannered! Price to include all her rugs. That is word for word what the advert said. I have a print out. We went to see the pony and she behaved well, wa
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