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  1. Hi I have a £1000 expense due in February and an £1000 credit card bill at 30% now. I can afford 200 a month to save or pay my card. So far I have been making min. payments which incur about £20 interst per month. Does it make sense to pay 200 each month to reduce the credit card each month only to borrow the full 1000 on the card again in feb? The thing is i don't know if it works out any cheaper if i borrow the 1000 from scratch off the card in feb or paying an additional £20 a month now and save the 200 in my ISA. Help please.
  2. Hi Is it possible to change the terms of my contract within the contract period? I am with 3 and pay more than i need to as I have more minutes and texts than i use. I'd like to pay less for less. anyone thing its likely? thanks
  3. 1t was an initial 12 mths. Then membership runs until you cancel.
  4. Hi I took out 12 mth membership w/LA Fitness. After 9 mths I had to cancel. I was no longer a student and had not found a job (still haven't) wrote to LA asking if I could freeze membership, then found that was too expensive as it was just over half the mthly fee. Told them I wanted to opt out under s.6.3 where they want a letter confirming your status. I have no income told them this they referred me to ARC. Emailed ARC told them I kept in contact with LA. Heard nothing for a while then after a few more emails offered them a part payment in full and final settlement which they declined. Now asked them to refer the matter to a court as I have tried to settle with them several times. Does anyone have any thoughts please?
  5. Thanks - I have done, am waiting for their response. In the meantime Abbey's letter finally came. The exact same letter in response to other bank charges 'we are investigating...will take some time...etc'
  6. Phoned Tax credit people, they told me it was between myself and my bank because they already paid it to me.
  7. check your credit references! they had 13 entries as late/missed when 2 that were missed showed as paid! After a stern letter and cc to OFT, FOS, FLA record is now corrected. you should all check.
  8. Update - Partner just got creit reference. Found 15 incorrect entries on the payment history showing that payments were missed when they weren't. :mad: :mad: :mad: would use more but limited to 6. Just sending letter to them now demanding instant correction.
  9. So that means the tax credits meant for the non -resident parents' own child will be deducted for the benefit of a step-child?
  10. Hi Guys, Thank you all for your responses. I shall report them to the FOS and will now read through the nationwide and NatWest threads. I do have a Barclays normal current account and recently got 2 weeks worth of temping work so I had that small amt of money put in that account. But my benefits go into my long term Abbey a/c I have had for about 5 years. Like I said before I took them to court and they settled the morning of the hearing at the mercantile (london) court. So when I wrote the letter I foolishly thought they would take me seriously. They have pushed me over my o/d limit knowing full well I have a mobile bill DD left to pay at the end of the mth and I did a little grocery shopping:mad: I have been a mature student and just finished, they wouldn't return my calls for a student a/c which would have prevented all those past charges! I have just worked for the 1st time in about 4 years and so i hope to have this financial struggle behind me soon. Then I'll have my wages paid i for a couple of mths into Abbey and then shut down the account in favour of Barclays:D Show them they should have been more understanding. Sorry for the life story:smile: Again thanks for the help-- there seems to be a thread on this website for every life problem. Brilliant.
  11. Hi Abbey advised me that i would be charged £68 in two weeks. The only income I have at the moment is child tax credits and child benefit. I paid the rent and some of the electricity bill and left enough for my phone bill on DD. They took it today and put me in the negative and now I do not have any money. I had written them quoting social administration act...and they still took it. I already successfully claimed the previous charges back! Anyone know what I can do to get it back? Really need the help. Thanks.
  12. good - don't forget to keep your payment records and ask for a statement from time to time.
  13. Hi I'd like to know - 1. Is it true that if the payments are made directly to CSA that the parent doesn't actually receive all of the money? 2. If a couple live together and the non-resident partner does not have an income, is the CSA allowed to charge the working partner even though he/she is not a parent to the child? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi Summer30. Did you read my post no. 4. everything you have just mentioned I've given you a solution. The bank details are correct as I am using them. resend expense form recorded delivery amd I'm sure you must know your loan reference
  15. 1. You should have just filled out the expense form. some organisations can request this by law to check if you are telling the truth. 2. The following are their details - Bank: The Royal Bank of Scotland Sort code: 83-52-00 A/c no: 00676345 USE YOUR LOAN ACCOUNT NUMBER AS THE REFERENCE. 3. They can be b******* but the key is communication...by recorded delivery. 4. Set up the standing order to make the amt you can afford even if it's a token payment of £1. Then they can't say you were being difficult. Send a letter telling them you have done so. 5. If it does go to court they will just set up a manageable payment arrangement for you anyway. Hope this helps.
  16. In addition, they left 2 threatening messages on his mobile and landline saying that if he didn't make the payment by that day -end of the month- they would come the next morning and take the car. :mad: 1. car has already been vt'ed 2. over a 1/3 has been paid so a court order would be needed. I got him to record the messages on his dictaphone. Do not know how I'm going to get the recordings to the relevant authorities yet. Already told them he would pay at end of mth and he did!
  17. Hi In 2005 my partner had bad credit and foolishly signed up with Welcome for a car. Paid a significant deposit, acceptance fee about £100 and the loan for 28.9%. Then PPI for 26.5%. This combined to make a combined monthly payment. 2 years in he finally realises that this payment is not worth the value of the car. He voluntarily terminates (vt) 6 mths ago. Then gets statement saying he has to pay arrears (fair enough)...missing documents cost...PPI...damage to the car!! When you vt they send the RAC to do a vehicle inspection. If you don't turn up on the day then you get charged. The settlement statement has a charge of nearly £200 for missing documents. The letter makes no mention of bringing MOT etc with you to see the RAC! PPI was signed and was a single payment which he has been paying back monthly. He was told that it was optional with them but to get it elsewhere would mean car loan would have higher APR. The RAC found a dent on a 7 year old car and now welcome want to charge over £300 in damages:mad: ...well I got the mechanic to write a letter saying that the car was in good nick for its age...according to 4e of the contract the car must be returned in 'gd condition for age and mileage' Aslo he cancelled the DD to avoid charges and agreed with the person dealing with his account to phone him at the end of the month for payment...had several a/c managers since...each time having to explain he did a vt...dealing with constant calls every mth 2 weeks before the next payment is due to 'check' he's going to make it:mad: The settlement statement gave a refund of PPI (a small amount, says in the contract). Now sending complaint to FSA, FLA and their office disputing the remainder of the debt, everything mentioned above (arrears have now been paid) but I cannot find the letter on the A-Z list where they cannot default you during this time:confused: Can anyone help? Cannot express how wonderful it will be to be finally rid if this atrocious company:D
  18. Hi, my partner was a student at a London Uni a few years ago. He interupted and said he'd be back in sept '06 He went back as a returning student but was advised to start course from scratch even though he had a couple of passes, modules had since changed. He enrolled and the £1200 tuition fee was charged and the LEA paid - no problem. Partner has now done 2/3 years of course charged at old fee level. Uni are now saying that the fee was incorrect. All came about as he applied for the uni bursary which they gave him last year but say he is not entitled to now. Can they charge him the new higher fee? Advice please. Thanks.
  19. background to debt I took out an agreement with VW in 2001. A few mths later I ran into financial difficulty and stayed in contact with them and let them know what happened. I then got a default notice saying to pay a certain amt to prevent repossession. I sent a chq it was cashed and they still took the car! It was recorded on my credit reference 5 yrs ago I just got a warning from bailiff for the o/s £6000+ which is the difference after they took the car to auction. They took the car even though I made provisions to pay the arrears. AIC chasing I recieved a yellow slip from AIC in the post marked 'warning' get in contact. 3 days later I got a letter saying the usual final notice of Intent if you don't pay what can happen such as CCJ etc. I phoned National Debtline 0808 808 4000 and was advised 1 of the options was to wait it out as the 6 year limit is 5 mths away alternatively I could S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) VW and argue that they were in breach of the contract as they wrongly took the car. Then I received another letter 10 days later saying 'further to our conversation we will except the agreed £xxx...' which was about 30% of the original debt! I NEVER PHONED OR TALKED TO ANYONE!!! I am currently still ignoring it but now wondering if this is a tactic where they can say I have been in contact and so restart the whole 6 year period? Any ideas?
  20. Thanks for that but my problem is not with the bailiffs. I wanted to know if I have a case against VW for taking the car even though I paid the arrears before the time expired on the default notice. Thanks
  21. I took out an agreement with VW in 2001. A few mths later I ran into financial difficulty and stayed in contact with them and let them know what happened. I then got a default notice saying to pay a certain amt to prevent repossession. I sent a chq it was cashed and they still took the car! It was recorded on my credit reference 5 yrs ago I just got a warning from bailiff for the o/s £6000+ which is the difference after they took the car to auction. Can they claim this? They took the car even though I made provisions to pay the arrears. Help please. Where do I go to get advice?
  22. My partner decided to end his HP agreemnet with Welcome Finance as they are b********. Constant chases for payments when they aren't due etc.. He sent them a template letter notifying them and said any money owing o/s or owed should be calculated under s.100 of the cca '74. He had payment breaks amting to £1800. They told him the cost to give the car back would be 2800:mad: 1st when he phoned them they said the 1800, then a few days later the revised figure and guess what? No record of them quoting the original figure. we have a statement from them back in January, have not taken a payment breaks since so where did an extra grand come from?? In the contract there is no mention of a 'redemption fee' He told them to send out a statement detailing the info.
  23. My friend finally attended workshop. He sent passport to DVLA so turned up with 2 utiltiy bills. They didn't bat an eyelid about lack of licence or photo ID:-| Awaiting response from DVLA about replacement licence
  24. Go to CAG's A-Z complete list and under S it tells u how to apply to remove a stay or it might be under R. You can tailor it also to inc. pers circs. if you have mortgage arrears etc
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