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  1. its a steo account with no overdraft facility
  2. I have just had 3 charges stuck on my account for bounced DDs which sent me OD so i assume i will get further charged. my housing benefit ad child benefit will go in on wed and i wont see it as it will all cover the chargesso i wont be avble to pay my rent. is there anything i can do.
  3. hi ya, As they were joint owners of the property and there was no declaration of trust drawn up when thye brought the house, technically he could claim half of the house and ask your partner to buy him out. On the other hand if your partner can prove she has paid the mortgage all this time and he hasnt she can argue this in court. I would tell her partner to change sols and get new solicitors to get this sorted. He should only take about 6 weeks to sort out. PS i work in the conveyancing department at a solicitors
  4. thank you for your reply. Basically the car was used by my ex and has been left at my house on the driveway as he couldnt afford to repair it so he brought a cheap car instead. I done the Sworn thing last week with dvla. The car goes but wouldnt pass mot at the moment. needs summit doing to exhaust and the back brakes. Just want to get rid of it. ill phone and see what the finance company say tomorrow
  5. I brought my car on finance back in Feb 04 and the agreement runs out in Feb 09. i have never missed a payment and have obviously now paid well over half of the loan. It says on the contract that if i have paid over half then i can terminate the agreement. Has anyone done this? Does it affect your credit rating? the only problem with the car is that it has no mot or tax which is why i am thinking about ending the agreement as the car is gonna cost about to get repaired. will they still take the car? the agreement is with on:line finance which has been taken over by GMAC. I tried phoning but they not open until tomorrow.
  6. sounds very promisinng doesnt it. i have until the 14th June to wait. ive already spent the money in my head!!! i want it now. alreayd started to check my account!!!!
  7. how did you get ur money soo early is there some kind of secret you want to share!!!
  8. yes it standard. is there not an email address mine was stephenperry. if you use the ref should get there i put this on my letter.
  9. i submitted mines with MCOL on 12th May deemed served on 17th. i receved my papers a while back. if you have your claim number you can send them to the court but really you need a contact reference at eversheds (which is on the acknowledgement of service) as i understand that there are a few ppl dealing with nationwide claims at their office. maybe ring up the court and ask for another to be sent, maybe ask for eversheds contact to enable you to get list of charges off good luck
  10. have u checked your account to see if there has been any money put in. if a defence has been entered either rinf the court to find out what there defence is or wait for the paperwork. I have no experience of this just from info i have read on here
  11. well done congrats!!! hope that means mine wont be long as NW have until 14th June to defend
  12. thats brillient, well done and congratulations!!! !
  13. lets hope so ive seen a holiday i want to book!!! lol
  14. hi, nw have until 14th to enter a defence. we should get our money at the same time.
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