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  1. Thanks for the advice, its horrible feeling so helpless. I have already started to get my spreadsheet done in order to claim back for a second time (hoping the test case wins in our favour). I will also be writing to the CEO and my MP (can't do any harm can it). Thanks for your time guys Verers
  2. I need some advice please, I really don't know what to do. In the last 5 days NatWest have taken a total of £205 in charges out of my account. This began with an unauthorised borrowing fee (which we had no prior warning about) and spiraled from there. Last year we claimed back the last 6 yrs charges successfully out of court, and because of this they say they will not refund anymore charges. We've phoned countless times and been into the branch to see the manager but to no avail, they really don't seem bothered at all. Now, we are living soley on benefits. I claim DLA and my husband claims Carers Allowance as he is my full time carer. We also have 3 small children. All we have going into that account is £249 per week, so you can see how worried I am about this. I know that the charges will continue aswell while we are overdrawn. we have changed our payments to go into a different account from next week, but I am very worried about the Natwest account sitting there pilling up with charges. We cannot afford to pay it off and close it. I am absoloutely livid with Natwest, to say the least. Surely there must be something I can do. Regards Verers
  3. Thats very interesting, thanks. I'm going to have a go at writing to them, see if it gets me anywhere. I could really do with some help with the legal side of it though as I am clueless, can anyone advise me? I'll keep you informed. Verity
  4. Hi all, I am hoping that there might be someone who can provide some information as to our situation concerning Scheidegger training and their finance company. About two and a half years ago my husband Alan and I were both very unwell mentally, Alan decided he was going to make use of his time at home and do some training courses to complete some qualifications that he wanted to do. He looked on the web and found this company Scheidegger Training. they then set up having a salesman come to our home to talk to us. The salesman offered my husband a deal to do his courses with them but the cost was about £2.5-3k and they would provide credit. We weren't sure at first and said we wanted time to go over our money situation. We already had alot of other debts. The salesman then did the old salesman tricks and told my husband that it was the last chance etc etc and if he didnt sign today then it would be almost a year until he could sign up again. We feel that he used his new knowledge of my husbands illness to badger him into it. We accepted the debt and my husband started the course, which was in his words unprofessional and felt that he wasnt able to work at his pace etc. About 6 mths later we hit new financal problems and we struggled to meet the repayments on the loan to do the course, we paid what we could but couldn't afford the full repayments, they then stopped my husbands course material saying no money-no course, but saying that he does have to repay the full amount at once (basically 3k for nothing). Since then we have found that Scheidegger training is basically running a [problem] with its qualifications as they are not recognised. Some careers advisors have been warning if someone comes with these qualifications then not to employ as they aren't worth the paper they are printed on. We are absoloutly livid as now we are both well again we can see how they took advantage of our mental illnesses (I suffered also), but haven't a clue what to do about it. So I am asking on here, if anyone has any knowledge if theres anything we can do about the debt. Is there some sort of legal action we can take to try and resolve the matter? We need any help we can get! Thank you for any information and your time to read our post. Verity Bennett
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. The bank won't listen to us, nor will the DWP Going to start the process of claiming the charges back by post now.
  6. Hi, i am hoping someone can help me with an issue i am having with Natwest. Basically i am getting charged stupid money ( charged today £70 for a pos i made on the 16th - even tho there was money at the time, but there was also a DD coming out) ok so, i rang Natwest and explained that them taking £70 ( making me £65 overdrawn) leaves me with £5 when my next lot of DWP money goes in at the weekend. Which is not enough to feed 5 people and run the car to get the children to school. I have read thro the other threads about banks takig charges from DWP money but when i tried to tell them about this on the phone i was snubbed off, with them telling me they havent broken any laws or anything. and now i am totally confused. The DD that came out of my account was for my car insurance which tbh i had totally forgotten about ( i have been ill the last few months with mental health issues). So natwest tell me that i am spending my DWP money before i get it ( the DD and pos) and thats why they are taking £70 from me. after giving them a bit of a month full they agree in the end to pay 50% of the money back into my account and i will still be charged £28 at the end of the month. Is there anything i can do about this? or am i stuffed becuase i forgot the date that the DD was coming out my account? Any help is more than appreacted Thank you for your time.
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