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  1. Hi, Got back £560 from Halifax earlier in the year , and now going to help my mum get her charges back from Lloyds. Just wanted to double check a couple of things re S.A.R (which I didn't do because I had all my statements) and which I haven't been able to pin down from the FAQs: 1. Mum's been with Lloyds for over 40 years so can I specify on the SAR letter that I only want data back to 1 May 2001? 2. Been reading lots of threads where the bank only sends a list of (sometimes incorrect) charges. Can I specify that this would not be acceptable and emphasise that I want all transactions including charges? Found the forums sooooo helpful when taking on Halifax, so will keep you all posted as I help Mum get back what's hers. Bernie B
  2. Darn, knew I should've checked here first. Will know for next time and remember CAG is here for more than just bank charges advice
  3. Hi- Hope this appropriate, sort of half a complaint/half advice. Our insurance company gave us Currys/PCW vouchers to replace a damaged laptop. We were gutted that we had to take our custom to PCW (having had a terrible experience from them years ago), but swallowed our pride and checked out the website to pick a new laptop. Found a Compaq Presario (C542EA) with an instore price of £499 that we decided to go for. Went to the store an hour later, and were shocked to see it for sale at £599. When we finally got hold of a salesperson we queried the price. He tried to fob us of with, 'maybe you made a mistake and £499 was the web price', but we insisted we were right and he went of to check with someone. Lo and behold, 3 minutes later he returned, said we were right and changed the price on the ticket with a pen! Hey presto - instant instore £100 saving Assume if we hadn't checked on line, PCW would have had the extra £100 off us, not to mention the £100s of uneeded/overpriced extras, that because my other half is an IT wizz we were able to fob off or knew we could buy far cheaper elsewhere. Of course, now having read a lot of the posts in this thread, we waiting in dread for it to break down the day after the warranty runs out....;-) Bernie.
  4. Hi, I posted my acceptance form on Thurs 22 Feb. Rang on Mon 26 to check they'd recieved it. They said not but try the next day. Rang the next day (Tues 27) and was told it had been recieved and the money would be in in 14 working days from then. I did remind them that the original deadline from my LBA still stood (6 March). But money actually arrived in account yesterday, so pretty quick really. Not sure if it was the phone calls that did it, but it can't hurt to remind them your still on the case and time is ticking... Fingers crossed your money comes just as quick:) Bernie.
  5. Final update - money in bank today!!!! :D Even though they said they'd settle on the phone, it didn't really sink in until I saw the money in my account. Came through really quick too, only 4 working days after returning the acceptance form. Thanks v much to the CAG site and everyone on the forum Bernie (p.s. donated my 5% last week, really pleased to be able to give something back)
  6. Settled in full with Halifax this afternoon and have just donated 5%. Still on a total high from getting my money back and now have added feel good vibes from donating:p. Keep up the good work CAG - you are total stars:D:D:D
  7. Hi Docannie - you were kind enough to wish me luck when I first started so wanted to check in and send you some good luck vibes:p Settled my claim in full today via phone after recieving a reduced offer in response to my LBA - so hang on in there and if you haven't already got all your money back I'm certain it won't be long:D:D:D Best of luck, Bernie
  8. Consider them vibes sent Jenpenny and I really hope you get a result soon:p. Can't believe I've gone from start finish in only 16 days, and have got so attached to this site that I will definitely keep checking in and helping where I can (even if it's only moral support). Also, if there's a moderator out there, can they move my thread to the success bit - can't figure out how to do it, or how to contact you direct - I blame it on the fact I'd barely managed to learn how to post before my claim got settled!
  9. Phoned Halifax back, and asked to speak to Mark Scott. He wasn't in but the girl who answered said she could deal with my query. Thanked them for the offer but explained couldn't accept because it wasn't what I'd asked for. She then immediately offered the full amount which I said I would accpet as full and final settlement of my claim. She told me to simply change the amount on the acceptance form and make a note of her name next to it, send it back and the £ would be in my account in 14 days. Words cannot express how excited I am about this (been running round the office squealing!) and I am so so so grateful to this site for getting me here. Will be filling in the surveys bits and donating 5% as soon as I get the money. And most importantly, please keep going if your at the start of your claim against Halifax - it really does seem as if they're folding sooner and sooner. Keep the faith -we've got them on the ropes now! Bernie xxx
  10. LBA sent 2 days ago, but today recieved letter from Mark Scott, Review Manager Customer Relations (Leeds) offering me £440 in response to my preliminary letter and claim for £562. I still can't quite believe the bank want to give ME money! :D Also usual stuff including bank charges leaflet, can't reveal cost of charges as commercially sensitive, can't comment on OFT statement as doesn't apply to banks, and if I get any more charges they may close my account. And of course, requirement to accept offer "in full and final settlement" with acceptance form enclosed. So, what I'm planning to do is call him and request (haggle?) the full £562. I'll make it clear that anything less and I'll proceed with my claim which will then mean I'm asking for 8% interest and costs, so in theory, offering me the £562 now could save them up to about £150 extra. Does this seem sensible? I know I should really go the whole way, but I really would be happy with just the charges returned as still really quite nervous about the claim stage. Any advice or experience of anyone else who's haggled over the phone appreciated and watch this space for news...
  11. Quick update - No further response from bank other than a 'thank you for your complaint' letter (even though I didn't 'complain' just made a perfectly reasonable request for my money back!). So LBA sent recorded delivery today and starting to pull together details for small claims process. Not sure whether to go for MCOL or NI, probably the latter as I think I'll feel a bit more in control if I do it all myself in person. 14 days and counting....:)
  12. Still learning myself, but sure someone more knowledgeable will correct me if wrong! The references to MI relate to a request in the first template letter (S.A.R) where you ask for copies of your charges/statements from your bank. I think the idea is that you're asking for any evidence that the process of charging you is anything other than completely automated and carried out by computers (which basically we know it is!). In other words if it's cost £30 because someone from the bank worked out how overdrawn you were on an abacus, payed your DDs in pennies in person and then handwrote and handelivered the letter to you, they might have a case! But from what I gather, banks have been claiming this information is exempt from the Freedom of Information rules and haven't been providing it anyway. If you haven't included it in your letters so far, doesn't look it matters too much (I was just being hyper cautious cos this is all so new!). Good luck with your claim Bernie
  13. Phew !:p Thanks v much for the reply Jos. Still at the quite panicky stage where this is all a bit new and scary so getting a bit of gentle reassurance from people who've been through the system (and won!!!) is one of the best things about this site. Will get LBA off today - another step closer to getting my money back Bernie
  14. Hi, Due to send LBA tomorrow and whilst double checking the templates and step by step guide, realised that I think I've missed something important... Because I had all my statements the 'preliminary' letter was the first one I sent so I haven't officially asked for details of manual intervention yet. I notice this is often referred to at the claims stage. Have I blown it already or can I include the relevant paras from the SAR letter in my LBA:? Alternatively should I iniate a (seperate) formal request for manual intervention details in case I do get to the court stage and if so, would I still need to send £10 for this info. Any advice massively appreciated
  15. Will definintely keep an eye for your progress. Good luck!
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