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  1. thanks hagenuk.....just one more point please. ..can my building society enforce the suspended order of possession they already have on my property without going to court?
  2. Many thanks for the advice. I will tackle the bank charges first. But as both accounts are with the A&L, do you think that starting a bank charge claim will influence them in seeking a repossession quicker than they otherwise would?. And is it safe to ask for an SAR/DPA on both accounts at this stage. I am aware that i cannot claim back legal fees that have been added to mortgage, but estimate atleast 2000 has been added to balance with the 25/35 a time they charge in sending letters to me in the guise of ....i quote 'administration charge for this letter'. My arrears are 1200.
  3. Ive had £4000 added to my mortgage balance over the years...mainly made up of i quote... "An arrears administration charge of £35.00 has been added to your account in connection with this letter".
  4. Hi, I dont know if my situation is unique, but i would like some sound advice and guidance regarding it. My situation is this.... I have both a bank account and a mortgage account with the A&L, both of which have added 000's in charges and penalties over the last decade or so. I would like to start the process to claim these back, and have done enough research now as to know how to go about it. My main problem is regarding the mortgage charges....as i already have a suspended order for possession against me, and am now behind with my mortgage again... Whilst the arrears are abo
  5. Ive heard about cases where even recorded delivery letters cause problems. i think special delivery is a better and more secure option, even if does cost abit more.
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