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  1. i wonder how much lager i can get for £3800...
  2. great! thanks tipsyonbacardi i will be keeping an eye on your progress too! hopefully in a few months we will be swimming in bacardi!!
  3. hello people just a note to say i am going to be filing with the courts soon - will probably go the MCOL route unless anyone has any strong feelings otherwise - also i am going to add on some charges i got last month - another £60!! - do i have to inform barclays that i am ammending my statement of charges or do i just add it onto MCOL... I guess at this stage i add on the 8% interest as discussed on the forum... With interest my charges now come to £4,728 wish me luck! Barclays have until thursday to respond however i might not be able to afford to go to MCOL until next week anyway due to their excessive charges!!!
  4. Hi All Just an update to say I sent my LBA today and now just reading up on the MCOL system, however i noticed in the FAQs about MCOL it recommends filing directly with the court? should i do this instead? J.
  5. cheers johnny - i cant say i hold much hope for a good offer so i will try to read up about the MCOL procedure... i will be going on holiday for 11 days just after my deadline - do you think i should wait before submitting the MCOL or will it take a while to get a response? J.
  6. ok so i have just printed out my LBA and put a stamp on the envelope - its ready to go! the the games begin... cheers everyone i am really hoping to buy myself a new laptop this summer!! let's hope it's on barclays!! J.
  7. thanks jonnymitch that sounds like the perfect way to go! in reply to previous poster i am only going for six years - mainly due to the fact that my records are incomplete going back further and i know i have had a few refunds due to me playing the poor ex-student and also when i was actually at college they didnt make any charges whatsoever!! cheers for the quick responses i feel a lot more at ease now i know i have a team of rottweillers on my side!!!
  8. thanks for the kind words i know that there are lots of people on here that are prepared to support me (and the multitude of friends i have recommended this site to as well!)... it really feels like there will be a judgement soon that can stop this sort of thing happening to other people - to be fair everyone in my local branch has mostly been good but since writing to barclays i have incurred another £90 of charges for going just £30 over my limit and now that i am mostly in credit with them i can really see the injustice of it - when i was broke getting a £30 charge seemed ok when i knew there was money coming in!! Anyway my LBA is being prepared tomorrow although i think i may have to change the wording as they have responded (albeit with the standard complaints leaflet) - i am thinking of starting it by thanking them for their response and then telling them that they have completely disregarded my letter... cheers again for the support people!! J.
  9. Hi All My first post on here after lots of reading! great site keep up the good work... I already have all my Barclays statements going back six years as i have been self-employed for a number of years, after totting up the amount of charges i got it worked out at £3,810! i couldnt believe it! So anyway following the great instructions on here i sent my preliminary letter to Barclays on 4th April, so i am currently preparing my LBA to send off on 18th April, having only recieved an acknowledgement of my complaint. Just waiting now to see what they offer - am fully prepared to go to court - the charges they have levied on my account have cause me a great deal of hardship over the years and i want it back! However the prospect of going anywhere near a court fills me with dread! Cheers J.
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