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  1. Went to Court today - RESULT!!!! The Judge ruled that we can pay Natwest the £50 a month we originally offered. AND HE REJECTED THEIR APPLICATION FOR A CHARGING ORDER!!:) SO HAPPY!!!!!!! AMD
  2. Thanks all for replying. I didn't defend the claim stupid! As I now realise that it includes payment protection insurance. When he was made unemployed we did claim from it for the specified period. Will this effect my argument that this fee is included in their final figure? Reading through some of the threads I will be writing an urgent letter to the solicitors asking for a breakdown of costs. I suspect that penalty costs for non-payment are included as well. We have asked Natwest for statement re bank charges and have put in a claim, I have asked for the matter to be dealt w
  3. He took out a loan against my advice:mad: and now he is being taken to court. He has an overdraft as well and this has been lumped in with the loan (£6320.00 this includes interest and court charges) When we were initially were sent court papers, I saw no reason not to contest the claim, because he owes the money. We made an offer to pay Natwest £50 per month but this was turned down by their solicitors. (I have been paying this money into his account closed Natwest account) My husband suffers from ill health and is unable to work, so I am the breadwinner in our house, we have told t
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