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  1. Hi My Mum received two cheques yesterday one for the refund of £1000 and the other for the £65 court fee, her bank said they will be cleared on Tuesday, so will fill in the court forms on wednesday to say they have paid. Wobbles
  2. Hi Update, Yes the letter was headed letter before action, applied to the courts and deemed served on 16th August, Mum Recieved phone call from Hilarys on 20th August saying they will refund her the full cost of the blinds but will have to come and collect the remaining blinds, mum told them that was fine but they could not collect them until she had recieved cleared funds in her account. No cheque arrived as yet but according to Court documents they have until 1st september to respond.
  3. My Pensioner mother purchased roof blinds for her conservatory from Hilarys in April 2008 she paid £500 deposit at the time of order and was told the blinds would be fitted in May 2008. The blinds where eventually fitted in July 2008 (2months late) and she paid the remaining balance of £500 total payment £1000. In September 2008 the blinds fell from the conservaty roof and she had to put some ladders under them to stop them completely falling and damaging her roof, someone from Hilarys eventually came out after numerous phone calls in November 2008 and took the blinds away to be repaired, this was the last time my mother saw the blinds, the fitter kept making excuses, he was on holiday, he broke his arm, he broke his leg etc. My mother rang head office who promised to investigate, then herad nothing for 2 months so she rang them again, they got a fitter to phone her, he told her the original fitter had had lots of complaints about him and he had been sacked. Then the new fitter never turned up. I sent them a email 3 weeks ago telling them they had 14 days to rectify the problems or refund her in full her £1000 or she would issue county court proceedings to recover her money as the blinds where obviously not fit for purpose or up to standard and for the last 8 months she had had no blinds. They totally ignored the email, tonight they left a message saying they hope the problems had been solved now that the fitter had been out ( not seen a fitter in months) Any Idea as to how we would word the court papers? Thanks in advance
  4. i was also told it doesnt affect your credit rating, but then got turned down for HP but was given the personal loan no problem, the finance guy at the vauxhall show room said i coould have been turned down for the HP because I had just VT'd and the new finance companyhad gotten wind of it and did not want me to do that to them. I had done very high mileage in my car and VT'd 3 months early but made the payments up to the half way payment. i only had to pay extra for a small dent and scratch on bonnet and small scratch on nearside front door.
  5. I VT'd my car with GMAC yesterday, the car was collected and inspected, I had to pay £166 for some dents and scratches which is fair enough however, when I tried to get a new HP agreement for a used car today I was told I could not have the HP and would have to do it on a personal loan as I have VT'd one HP agreement, The car I wanted HP for is a 6 month old Vauxhall Zafira which has only done 2000 miles and has been owned by Vauxhall head office. So It looks like VTing does affect your credit rating in some way. The car I VT'd was a 56 plate Zafira 1.9CDTi (120) Energy that I could not wait to get rid of as I had done 67,000 miles in it and it was out of warranty and had been nothing but trouble since the day I got it brand new.
  6. spoke to vauxhall customer care today, they are saying to me no way its out out warranty but when I spkoe to the dealer vauxhall had told them they would not replace the part because its too cheap (less than £250) I have seen an email now to Vauxhall but its not looking like they will give in and pay for it, im stuck with a car i cant use again for at least 2 weeks cos even if i pay for the part its out of stock and on back order so will be 2 weeks before they have the part
  7. Update received letter yesterday from FOS stating yorkshire bank have offered to refund 11 weeks of charges at £10 per week for when the account was not in arrears they will also pay 8% interest and £75 compensation, dont know what to do if i accept its full and final I originally asked for over £700 back plus interest.
  8. Emissions light came on agian last night. Took car back in again today and now need another egr valve exactly 1 year after it was replaced thay rae trying to say im out of warranty cos car has done 62500 miles my argument is going to be that part was exactly one year old so the warranty should not come into it. they should replace the part free as its obviously not up to standard, let you know how i go on.
  9. yeah I hope so Caro, the guy at the Financial Ombudsman has been really helpful, he even siad he was going to try and get the solicitors fees back from them from the repossession. this has been going on now for 18months and been with FOS for 5 months so hopefully it will be sorted out soon.
  10. HI Latest update, received a phone call today from the financial Ombdusman who has been dealing with this for me, he said Clydesdale where not agreeing with anything I said even though he was. He then went on to say there will be ameeting tomorrow to discuss my case with someone more senior at the FOS and that the Senior Ombudsman would be taking over my case. I asked them to repay the amounts they took plus interest plus compensation for distress caused at the discrection of the ombudsman. Has anyone won going this route for mortgage charges
  11. Just had them on the phone, they rang my mobile and asked to speak to my husband, he refused to confirm his details cos he didnt know who they where. We set up a direct debit with UU 2 weeks ago so dont see why moorcroft are ringing. Hubby put the phone down on them.
  12. just emailed lady at FOS asking how she can say i dont class as hardship when nationwide agreed that hubby did and we both have the same income and expenditure. Will await her reply now, i sent her a copy of the letter hubby got agreeing to refund him £170 and saying that they agreed he was in hardship
  13. wobbles

    Style Card

    Received a letter from style financial services this morning dated 26th December 2008 (Boxing day:-o). The letter states: This notice is being sent to you as required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because you are behind with your repayments. Poundstretcher account number: 123456789 If you have difficulties making the required payments, please contact us if you have not already done so to discuss the matter. Please note that the amount you are required to pay to bring your account up to date by the "payment due date" on your latest statement of account, is shown on that statement. Missed or partly made payments. This notice gives details of missed or partly made payments previously notified whether or not they remain unpaid. Details of your last two payments - either missed or only partial payments recieved;- Date payment due Nature of payment Amount due 23/12/2008 Minimum monthly payment £1.14 22/11/2008 Minimum monthly payment £1.11 Partial payment recieved £0.00 Difference between payments required and amounts received; £2-25 Default sums and interest You may have to pay default sums and interest in relation to the missed or partially made payments indicated above in addition to any default sums and interest already included in this notice. Now for a bit of background on the account, the account is in my maiden name, I was married in May 1999. I remember having a poundstrecher card when I was young and foolish, my mother found out and cleared the balance in full, which was about £200 she also cut the card up in front of me. I never asked for a new card. So now after at least 9 and a half years (it could be about 16 years) they are asking me to pay £2-25p, its definatly staute barred but think i might play along with them and SAR & CCA request them.
  14. Recieved another letter today from FOS apparently I am still not in financial hardship they are agreeing with nationwide that i have the surplus of £107.05 per month from child benefit, and because i had charges refunded 2 years ago they will not proceed with my complaint. If i am not happy with their decision i should write to them by 29th January 2009 to explian why I disagree and provide any further evidence. So hubby got £170 charges refunded when he has no benefits or tax credits going in his account and although the only money i have going in my account is tax credits he is in financial hardship and im not even though we both have the same income and expenditure. Should I write back to them saying hubby got refunds because he is in hardship so how can i not be?
  15. Hi, The letter you have got sounds like an exact replica as the one i recieved dated 18th December 2008, They will now ask Nationwide for further information on the case and then as soon as they are able to do so the will pass my complaint onto an adjudicator who will consider carefully what both me and Nationwide have to say before setting out thier view on how the complaint should be settled. Just to let you know FOS have been looking at my other complaint since 3rd July 2008 (last year) nearly 7 months and still no sign of resolving compliant regarding old mortgage with Yorkshire Bank
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