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  1. A friend is in arguement with them thats all, his car is 10 years old. Car is hidden at friends but he would prefer to be driving it. But if you don't want to tell me thats not a problem. i understand where you are coming from with respect of lbl knowing things.
  2. Hi trooper, I have also looked everywhere for 8 year age limit, can't find it, have read Bill Of Sale act completely, advise where to look would be appreciated.
  3. Default was dated 2007,, will have a look a IC, cheers
  4. Would you believe it, Global have put default back on register, now £36,000....... Have contacted Experian who in turn have contacted Global who said can't / won't amend or delete entry and for me to contact them direct, have already been on to trading standards so hope they get it sorted. Good job I kept their letter but what the heck are they playing at....
  5. One of the things to do is refuse to answer their security questions when they ring you as they can't talk to you then, harrass you I mean as this is their tactic..
  6. Hi givuzagame, can't find where can download from dvla site, could you give me a link? thanks
  7. if the ccj has been set aside and the charging order discharged & the court have written to you to confirm this, looks very good. Check for credit file in a few weeks to ensure removed. well done
  8. no they havent used without prejudice, am waiting for trading standards to contact me, I suppose they will, and then armed with all information can glean reply. I will ask for help in producing the appropriate response. everyone is cynical - its just the way of the world nowadays Thanks Van
  9. Good result, thats what happened next.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/111796-stevie1-paragon-finance.html?highlight=paragon
  10. thanks one and all, much appreciated, stevie1
  11. default was on file since feb, has now been removed..
  12. they never supplied documentary proof of debt, I think gave them 6 months..... never happened, just harrassing calls, told them failed to supply and wrote stating if continued to harrass would go trading standards, etc, seemed to have worked but as letter is a bit vague just wanted others impressions on its content.. Thanks all
  13. forgot to mention was for £28,901 just thought put correct figure in, was originally stated at 28k, actually nearly a grand more.. steve
  14. Had a dispute with Parangon finance who sold debt to CBS transcom, who sent it out to Arrow Global, anywany complained to trading standards and following their visit to global got back a letter containing, all references numbers pertaining to Paragon & CBS Transcom & Arrow Global "We have received a visit today from the trading standards service following your request for information under consumer credit act 1974 - sections 77/79. further to your letter, we can confirm that we will be conducting a full and thorough investigation into this matter. Pending the findings of that investigation, as a gesture of goodwill, we will be waiving the amount outstanding on this account" I think that means I won, what do you all think?? thanks for assistance. steve
  15. Looks like trading standards seem to be getting through to arrow, did credit check and they have removed the default...... will have to see what else happens,
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