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    Co-op loan

    thanks for your speedy reply x
  2. karenc79

    Co-op loan

    Hi thereIf you pay a loan off early, is it right that lenders still charge you the interest as if you had had the loan full term? For instance, say I took out a £10k loan over 5 years. The interest for the 5 years would be £2500 making the total loan £12,500. If I pay this off say 3 years early, do I pay the full £2500 interest despite only paying the loan for 2 years?Does this happens and if so, are they allowed to do this? ThanksKaren
  3. Not yet, i wanted to be armed with the right information before I called them incase they try to fob me off, which I have a feeling they will
  4. Good Morning, On Friday (26th March) I had hair extensions put in by a company called Weave Got Style. The service etc I cannot fault, but since having them put in, they are now frizzy and look straw like. They were not like this when they were put in. I was advised that I could wash, dry, curl, straighten the extensions as they as are human hair. Since washing the extensions, they now look like damaged hair, straw like and generally look like hair that hasn’t been cut for years! On their website, the terms and conditions are as follows: Terms & conditions NO RE
  5. Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me at all. I got clamped last year and was forced to pay the fee of £130 or my car would be towed away to a car pound where I would incur more charges.I wrote to them appealing the charge but they refused to give me a refund. I have copied and pasted the letter I sent them below which details the whole story. Am I entitled to get this money back? Do you have any advice how I can go about getting my money back?[ Thanks in advance, Karen I write with reference to the clamping of the abovementioned vehicle last night (12th May 2009) at
  6. Hi all, I just thought I'd give you an update re my Natwest complaint. I contacted the FOS back in November and I have had a letter from them saying that NW have "offered to settle my complaint on what it describes as a 'goodwill basis' ". There was lots of info attached telling me how NW calulate the refund, but there was no amount actually stated in the letter. I am claiming for PPI payments made on the account totaling £2,784.26 plus interest of £222.74. I have emailed FOS asking how much I will be getting back so I am now awaiting their reply. I hope its the full amount
  7. Ok I have looked on the Information Commissioners Office website. which bit do I go to, to make the complaint?? In the complaints section it gives the following options... Data protection Privacy and electronic communications Freedom of information Environmental information regulation Which one is most relevant?? Or should I just email them from the "contact us" section. Sorry being a thicko... xx
  8. well i have just called the FOS and registerd a complaint. I have to call them back tomorrow with the reference number on the final response letter that they sent to me and they will start the ball rolling. I shall most definitely contact the Information Commissioners Office and report the beggers!!!!
  9. thanks paintball ;-) I really hope I get this money back, its been going on over 6 months!!
  10. yes i quote "we regret to advise that the loan agreement has been misfiled and despite searching our records we have bee unable to locate it" "we should point out that if you cease to make future payments as they fall due we will report the default to the Credit reference agencies" Bleeding CHEEEEEEK! Right I shall get reporting tomorrow and write them yet another stern letter tomorrow......
  11. Natwest wrote to me last week (letter recieved on Friday) telling me they cant provide my CCA!!!! They still cashed the £1 cheque I sent them though...
  12. Hi all, I have an update with those tinkers at Nat West. I received another letter from them on Friday saying that despite searching they are unable to provide me with the CCA as they cant find it (or words to that effect). The letter also warns me that I should continue paying my loan otherwise it will have a detrimental effect on my credit score as any unpaid amounts will be reported to the credit reference agency. What is the best course of action now? Court or go to the FOS first? Thanks for your help, as usual x
  13. Paintball, you really are a superstar! Thank you. This will be going out special delivery tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!! Thanks again x x
  14. Yup it is the same thing! I'm having a battle with Natwest at the mo so get ready to get the gloves on as they are useless!!! I think you can still claim after 7 years. Have you requested a SAR?? £10 and they have to send you all the documentation they hold on you. Including the credit agreement. It takes a bit of time but its worth a try! Good luck x
  15. Hi again, I have drafted a letter threatening legal action. Please can someone have a read for me and let me know if this letter is ok?? should I add anything or delete any parts?? gratful for your help as usual xxx With reference to my letters dated 12th August and 23rd September 2008 you have failed to comply with the lawful request for a true, signed copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement for the personal loan taken out on the above mentioned account. As previously stated in my letter of 23rd September these documents I requested should be readily available as proof of your
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