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  1. I have left my letter at home and they have offered amount I asked for. Has anyone got their customer relations telephone number? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for that. I will see what the figures are when the statements arrive. I had my acknowledgement letter finally yesterday saying that statements have been ordered. Let's hope it is a bit more!
  3. Ok but if the charges turn out to be more than they have stated (when I finally get my statements through!) should I claim the extra due to being told the wrong amount?
  4. Has anyone found that the list of charges Halifax give you are different to when you actually calculate them once statements are received? I called Halifax and they stated that the charges they have stated are correct for the past 6 years. I am still awaiting statements and would like to know, if I have accepted refund of x amount that they have stated to be full charges, can I claim more if when I receive my statements and the total is different (i.e. more)? I know this isn't the way to go about it but I started my claim before finding the template letters and steps on here... S
  5. Ok so do I trust the Halifax with the list of bank charges they have stated - has anyone found they are correct and not trying ot pull a fast one? They have listed dates, what the charge was and what I was charged for. If so, then I thought I may as well accept their offer, save waiting around for my statements.
  6. I have received an offer from Halifax without getting my bank statements through. An offer of £786 with a list of charges they have provided me with for £819. My account with Halifax was taken over by Payplan and so there is an outstanding balance of around £250 for that. Within my letter this morning they say:- "The account is still open and currently under our Hed Office control therefore any refund made would be credited to the account. I am unable to agree to this refnd being made to you by cheque". Now I thought they would clear the outstanding balance and send me the b
  7. Well, that sounds good as I actually work in a solicitors office and have done for the past 8 years! Thanks for that info!
  8. Just wondering whether Halifax always start off with 'gesture of goodwill' offers that are not even half of what people are asking? Has anyone had an experience where they have offered what they owe or near enough what they owe in charges first time round?
  9. Hi everyone, I am about to take on Halifax after thinking back over the past 6 years of all the charges which got me into serious financial troubles! The only stupid thing I did this week is send off a letter to them asking for a refund of charges without having my statements to hand and knowing how much those charges amounted to! Anyone done this? Excellent site anyway!
  10. Hi everyone, I first heard about reclaiming bank charges a couple of weeks ago when my sister mentioned it. I really thought about it and thinking back over the past 6 years, thought about all the money I have lost through Halifax's bank charges. These actually caused me to fall into serious financial difficulties, by losing part of my salary per month to charges, I then relied on credit cards etc to get me through month by month. Anyway, I decided to write to Halifax in the first instance. I haven't any bank statements from Halifax as I now bank with Natwest and I know I should
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