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  1. I Just Spoke To A Lady At The FOS, And This Does not Affect Unfair Credit Card Penalty Charge Complaints Submitted To Them.
  2. I've submitted my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman service, there's no mention on their site as to whether the suspension of dealing with bank charge complaints pending the outcome of a test case will affect people like me too, who are trying to reclaim credit card charges rather than bank charges.
  3. I still can't seem to find a solid response to this question one way or another, does anyone else have any idea? Apologies for bumping the thread.
  4. All BoS responses were from the address I wrote to, in Scotland: Card Services Pitreave Business Park Dunfermline Fife KY99 4BS
  5. Cool. I read somewhere that the bank address you give to serve court papers on when starting a court claim must be the same address that any correspondence was sent to, and as I sent all mine to: Bank of Scotland The Mound Edinburgh EH1 1YZ and Card Services Pitreavie Business Park Dunfermline Fife KY99 4BS then do I not need to list one of those or does it really not matter if the address I use in the court proceedings is one I've never written to before regarding the dispute? I take it that this address is the one I should have used even for BoS credit card claims? Address to Serve Court Papers REGISTERED ADDRESS: HALIFAX PLC TRINITY ROAD HALIFAX WEST YORKSHIRE HX1 2RG Would it be wise to send one more LBA to BoS at the Halifax address just in case, referring to all the previous correspondence and stating where it was sent to?
  6. and now I'm at the point that I need to make my claim. From what I've read on here, would this mean that I'd have to make my claim in a Scottish court, as all my correspondence between myself and BoS has gone to their Edinburgh address? A trip to Scotland is not viable so what do i do in this position? I'm sure the information for this is up here already, but I can't seem to find it. Apologies.
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