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  1. I'm partially sighted - getting worse - and cannot read printed material. I wish to communicate only in braille which I have been using for years. Can I request this from any DCA who approaches me and do they have to comply? Thanks, (dicated to and typed by a friend)
  2. My bank, a small provincial building society, have started charging me £5 per month as an under funding charge because I'm not paying in at least £500 per month. I only opened the account as a backup but the charge wasn't there then. They have only started sometime in the last year or so (I know I should have checked my statements.) What recourse do I have to reclaim this or at least kick up a fuss? Thanks
  3. And another letter from Instant Silver has appeared offering a whopping 45% off. All I have to do is complete the direct debit form and they'll never call me on the number they don't have which isn't answered.
  4. I knew that before I got the letter with "Instant Silver is a trading style of Link Chancers ..."
  5. I just thought I'd update this thread with the news that Instant Silver have now written offering a 40% reduction on a payment plan over 3 years for an alleged debt of £6400.00. Clearly they must think I'm stupid enough to do that after maintaining complete radio silence for almost 6 years. It's a lovely letter though, as in return for my payments they offer no telephone calls, no agent visits and no collection letters. Quite a deal. I might take two.
  6. I don't have an NOA only a letter introducing me to Link. They state they have been assigned this account in 2007 but it was only received recently and I've had no previous letters.
  7. After another reading of my love letter from Link Financial I notice that it says that Link are now the new owner of the alleged debt. I presume MBNA are no longer involved at all. I read on 'another' forum that by buying the debt Link have effectively cleared it and it no longer exists as a debt owed by me, allegedly. I'm sure this can't be correct but the people on this forum seem a little wiser so maybe you can advise this poor serf of his misunderstanding? Thanks
  8. It would be nice to do this with the next Euromillions jackpot of £133m. Maybe set aside £20m to buy up a batch of debts and set the people free. How much paper value of debt would £20m buy I wonder?
  9. Thanks. It is almost SB - only a few months to go. Let's see how quickly they can get the paperwork done
  10. I've recieved a letter from Link Financial Outsourcing Limited (hereafter LFO) who now state that 'Link Financial' own an alleged debt from MBNA from 2006 for £5900.00 and that LFO have been instructed to attempt collection. My research this far has suggested that LFO seem to collect on debts which are pretty much uncollectable and without paperwork. Would this seem a fair analysis? I'm just going to wait for something more concrete before responding as I think this is just a stab in the dark for them,
  11. Ignore was my default choice so thanks for supporting me. I shall await a further missive from them or another hapless firm.
  12. Last week a card plopped through the letterbox and asked me to call a telephone number in Liverpool. It says it's not a sales related matter, but it's obviously a debt tracer. My debts are all very old (5yrs+) and a couple are statute barred. I think ignoring it would be the best course of inaction. What stage do these people usually get involved and what do you think I should do?
  13. I would simply like to see what's happened over the last year or so but don't want to start the dogs barking just yet. Thanks
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