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  1. Would recommend visiting the Vodafone e-forum where lots of DOT Mobile customers are getting help. Don't forget at the end of the day DOT Mobile went bust potentially leaving you with no service at all. It was only because Vodafone bought the customers from the official receivers that you are still conected and have a phone that you can use. If you visit the e-forum you will see that Vodafone are helping DOT Mobile customers.
  2. Would suggest that your friend writes to the Customer Relations Department, explaining the circumstances at the time i.e. abusive father etc as they will take this into consideration. A SAR (Subject Access Request) can cost £10 when sometimes just a nice polite letter explaining the circumstances will do. She should contact Capquest to advise that the amount is in dispute so that they can put a hold on any further actions whilst she deals with Vodafone. She will probably have a default registered on her credit file, but again if the circumstances at the time are explained then they may be willing to do something about this as well. Is prior to this she had really good payment history with Vodafone then she should state this in her letter.
  3. Think of it like a set of weighing scales; the more negative info you have on your credit file the less likely you are to get any credit at all. If on the other hand you have some negative info, but also have some positive info i.e. accounts paid on time each month then the positive will help outweigh some of the negative info i.e. you have a default for £200 but no other credit; a lender would look at this and not touch you with a barge pole as you have no proof that you are capable of paying back any credit. On the other hand you have a default for £200 but four other accounts that you pay on time each month. Yes, the lender is going to be cautious about the default but the other credit is helping show that you can pay your other accounts therefore improving the likelihood of them lending you anything.
  4. Not 100% sure but would have thought that all telecommunications companies whether it be broadband or mobile phones would have a Police Liaison or Disclosures team that any police force can liaise directly with in stalking/harrassment cases. It may be worth speaking to the police again to see if there is anything else that can be done to stop her being able to use these forms of communication in which to harrass you - certainly if this was a contract mobile phone she was calling from then the network provider could cancel the phone - I don't know if this is the case with payt phones or broadband. (Have just checked my mobile T & C's and it states:- We can suspend the provision of the service without telling you: - if we believe your mobile device or the services is/are being used in an unauthorised way or for criminal activities; If we belive you are making calls or sending data which are a nuisance, abusive, a hoax, menacing or indecent.....) As Ofcom issue a list of mobile phone numbers to the networks then I would have thought there would be a way for the police to trace which network she is using to make threatening calls. Of course this won't stop her from getting a new phone in the future but may make it more difficult for her to harrass you.
  5. Speak to Experian (credit expert) and raise a Consumer Query outlining your side of the story and asking 3 to investigate the matter further stating that as the modem was not used you expect them to stop chasing for payment and delete the entire account from your credit file (any search would remain). If you don't get any help from them then send a letter to their Customer Relations Department. Have you tried speaking to 3 again to get the matter resolved? State that its urgent as it is affecting your mortgage application.
  6. Settled/Closed accounts remain on your dredit file for 6 years from the settlement date.
  7. Have you tried the Law Society to see if they have a list of lawyers who specialise in Mental Health? One of the problems is that the police often have limited power over anyone who has mental health issues.
  8. If it was done as a gesture of goodwill i.e. previous good payment history/long term customer or they believed it was a genuine oversight rather than a no intent to pay and they stated it was with no admission of liability on their part then you wouldn't get very far if you tried to claim. What exactly would you be claiming for? The onus would be on you to prove any financial loss. You would also have to prove that it was purely the Vodafone late payments that stopped you getting the loan. Lenders don't usually worry too much about the odd late payment therefore can you be 100% sure that you have no other late payments on your credit file as Vodafone could ask for your credit file to be produced as part of their defence.
  9. Would include in the letter that you will contact Otelo (not sure if the FOS can help you as don't think telecommunications companies are regulated by the FOS, but I'm sure someone else will be able to confirm that if I am wrong)
  10. Ooops, sorry Buzby, I meant 'T-Mobile still own the debt and have not sold it to Fredricksons'
  11. The start date should be the date that you first took the contract out. The deliquent date is likely to be the default date. On a credit file you have different Status Codes i.e. Stauts Code 0 (account paid on time), Status Code 1 (account paid 1 month late) etc, once it gets to Status Code 4 its classed as being delinquent. Most lenders will default an account once its got to Status Code 3 (3 months in arrears) and it is at this point that they pass the acccount to an external debt collection agency to chase the money on their behalf. As you have a copy of your credit file from Equifax you can raise a Data Dispute through them to advise that you do not belive the data to be accurate. They will then contact the Data Controller (T-Mobile) who should then investigate the account and advise of their findings. Judging from your credit file it looks like T-Mobile still own the debt and have sold it to Fredricksons therefore correspond with T-Mobile, but advise Fredricksons in writing that you dispute the debt and are taking the matter up directly with T-Mobile.
  12. You have to give 30 days notice so would still have your final bill to pay for call charges up to the point of disconnection. Did you move address at all as usually collections letters would be sent out advising of the balance. Which department have you spoken to at vodafone and what did they advise you?
  13. Did you cancel the direct debit before the final payment could be taken? This is often one of the causes for problems as people cancel the contract and cancel the direct debit too early resulting in the final payment not being taken.
  14. Not my area of expertise but have you tried the following websites to see if they give you any advice: FLA, Financial Services Authority and dti.gov.uk/consumers .
  15. Not sure the info about Callcredit is correct as they were originally set up by Skipton Building Society. Mortgage Express is a subsiduary of Bradford & Bingley.
  16. You may be interested to know that Experian state ' Low value defaults should not be recorded on accounts and records with an original default balance between £1 and £10 will be processed but set to private. Records set to private are not viewable to other lenders or consumers on request of their credit file. Accounts with small balances, which are not collectable, should be recorded as settled at the appropriate arrears status code. Can you confirm the axact amount of the default as the CRA's round down the balance i.e. if you owe £10.11 then they will round this down to £10. If the original default balance is £10 then i'm not sure why you are seeing it on your credit file and would take the matter up with them. You won't find this £10 'rule' documented in the Information Commissioners 'Default Guidelines' document, however its probably worth speaking to the Information Commissioner as they can insist that an unfair default is removed, especially if you can prove a perfect payment history prior to this final bill. Good luck
  17. He has to give 30 days notice to cancel the contract (this is the same for any mobile phone contract). If they have passed it to a debt collection agency it will be affecting his credit file and he may now have a default recorded which will remain for 6 years. His best bet is to phone Vodafone and may it as soon as possible as this may just stop them registering the default but he will probably already have late payments.
  18. Sounds like they have suspended the account for non-payment and are routing any calls you attempt to make to their customer service department so that you can make a payment on the account.
  19. If you start your query with the words LONG SAGA then you can hardly be asking a simple questions. People on here are trying to offer their help and experience, but if you don't like the answers you are getting that's your problem and not theirs
  20. Hi, If your mail was returned then yes its possible that they stopped the paper bill being sent out to you, however the sensible thing for them to do (and especially if the account is already suspended due to a stolen bar) would be to cancel the contract for non-payment after a certain period of time i.e. three months. It seems absurd that they would let the debt increase for such a lengthy time as this will go into their bad debt provisioning and all companies aim to have as minimal bad debt as possible (well reputable ones would at least!). If they have passed the debt to a debt collection agency then they may very well have performed some sort of search and trace on you (i.e. checking credit files/electoral roll) to ascertain where you live. I would certainly write to their Customer Relations Department highlighting your concerns and explaining that they could have minimised the debt by cancelling the contract sooner and as they will be able to see from their records you haven't used the phone so would they consider a goodwill gesture of reducing the amount owed and also remove the default from your credit file. Explain that you were unaware of this debt etc and that you belive there to be failing on both sides (they shouldn't have let the debt get so high before cancelling the phone for non-payment and you should have double checked that you did cancel the contract). If their customer relations dept don't help then ask for a Deadlock letter and take the matter to Otello. When you write to Otello make sure you mention the impact this has had to your credit file. If you get no joy with Otello then take the matter to the Information Commissioners Office. I am aware of times when the Information Commissioner has come down on the side of the consumer and agreed that a default has been incorrectly registered under circumstances when it has been a case of a consumer being willing to pay, but just not being aware of the fact that they needed to pay. Make sure you highlight the fact that the bills were held and that you received no phone calls to alert you to this debt. Good luck!
  21. If you cancel the direct debit they will just end up cancelling you for non-payment, passing you to a debt collection agency and along the way they will record late payments and eventually a default on your credit file which will have serious implications should you need to apply for credit in the future as a defult remians on your credit file for 6 years. You've signed a contract with them and the phone is only a 'bonus' as such to that contract therefore as yet they have not breached the contract but you will breach it if you don't pay as per the agreement on the terms 7 conditions.
  22. Do you have a friend who would be willing to complete the contract for you? I'm not sure if 3 offer this service but the other networks offer a Transfer of Ownership service whereby someone you know can have the contract moved into their name and affectively finish the duration of the contract without you having to pay an early termination fee. You would be liable for the contract/costs until the number is moved into your friends name.
  23. They can't just do a credit check on you (I'm sure you would complain even more if they left a footprint on your credit file). If you are not receiving your bills on-line have you checked to see if they have the correct email address for you? Have you changed your email address at all? If you have received letters at your correct address this suggests again that they have updated your customer address and haven't updated the billing address. As previously advised, if you visit the Vodafone eForum you should be able to resolve this matter without the need of a visit to a store.
  24. aaek - why are you bothering to ask for peoples help if all you are going to do is belittle them? You've asked people for a 'meaningful response' - maybe you should try following this yourself.
  25. Have you been receiving your bills okay? I believe Vodafone have a customer address and a separate billing address so it may be that when they updated your address details they only updated the customer address. Have you tried going on the Vodafone website as they have an eForum on their Help section where specialist agents will respond to your query far quicker that speaking to someone in a callcentre.
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