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  1. Hi Norris, This is not something I know a huge amount about, however in a previous life I did take an employer to an industrial tribunal for constructive dismissal. It was a long time ago so things have probably changed but i would suggest that you contact the Citizens Advice Bureau as i found them extremely helpful and they may take the view that this is constructive dismissal. Good luck
  2. The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdon or Great Britain as it has its own legislation and tax system, therefore they will be treating it in the same way as if you had phoned from abroad. The Channel Islands are the same which is why they will probably have grouped the two together even though they are miles apart...
  3. You can terminate at any time by giving the correct notice, however you will be charged an early termination fee which is probably going to be very high if you've only had the phone for a few months. If you cannot afford this then another option would be to complete a transfer of ownership whereby you pass over the phone contract to a friend/family. This gets you out of the early termination fee. Have you given Vodafone a call to explain your circumstances? may be worth writing to their Customer Relations Department explaining your circumstances have changed and can they offer you any support. They may be willing to lower your tariff. The address to write to is: Customer Relations, Vodafone Limited, Babbage House, The Connection, Newbury, Berks, RG142FN
  4. Yes, this will be hampering you from obtaining credit. Its basically saying that over a 36 month period you have been 3 months or more in arrears 10 times. To lenders that would be quite serious. Does the account show as settled? The easiest way to dispute it would be to raise a consumer query with Experian stating that you do not believe the payment history is accurate. They will contact Orange directly who will investigate the complaint and have 14 days in which to do so.
  5. Would suggest that you get a copy of your credit files - Im not sure which networks use which credit reference agency, but its probably best to get your credit file from Experian as a starting point. Check to see how many searches are on there - it should tell you which company did the search and the exact date. You can then raise a consumer query directly with the credit reference agency advising that you didn't give permission for the searches to be made. Another option would be to write to the networks concerned explaining the situation and advising that you didn't realise the dealer was going to perform all these credit checks on you. According to my credit file the address for Vodafone is Quality Assurance, Vodafone Ltd, Pembroke House, Banbury Business Park, Aynho Road, Adderbury, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3NS. Don't know the other addresses but I'm sure someone will be able to give you the details. Good luck in re-building your credit file.
  6. How many credit checks did she perform? As a general rule the more searches you have done in a short space of time the lower your credit score will be because lenders take this into consideration. If you are trying to re-build your credit history then don't have too many searches on there.
  7. This is all about "capacity" to enter a contract.The legal position is as follows: As a general rule, a contract with a person suffering from mental disability or drunkenness is valid, unless the person is, at the time of the contract, incapable of understanding the nature of the transaction and the other party is aware of this: Molton v Camroux [1849]. In the circumstances, the contract is voidable at the insane or drunken person's option. Where, however, the other (sane) party is unaware of the other's disability, the contract will be judged by the same standards as if the contract were between two persons of sound minds: Hart v O'Connor, P.C. [1985]. Thus the transaction would only be set aside if unconscionable. Section 3 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 provides that persons under such disability will be liable to pay a reasonable sum for necessary goods sold and delivered to them. I'm not a banana, but have come across this situation at work and this was part of the advise I was given. Do you haev a legal departmetn/lawyer that you could speak to/get advise on writing a letter to this company? Trading Standards may also be able to offer some advice. One thing you will need to do is get your client to authorise you to deal with this account. Usually this is just a case of phoning the company concerned and verbally stating that you have permission to deal with it. Hope this helps but please let me know if you need any further help.
  8. Lenders use their own scoring methods not the ones that are provided by the CRA's. The ones provided by Experian, Equifax and Callcredit are only a rough guideline as to how they believe leders will view you based on the information that you provide them which enables them to then score you. Banks will not be basing anything on the score that you see. Getting your score from the CRA's will not help you know whether you have been the victim of impersonation fraud - you would be far better in signing up to one of the many free trials they offer (you do have to provide debit/credit card details and you will need to remember to cancel the membership once the free trial is over) where you can view your credit file and they alert you to any major changes.
  9. The mum may be able to report it as impersonation fraud without the need of actually shopping her son to the police. Contact both lenders concerned stating that she believes she has been the victim of impersonation fraud as she didn't take out either of these accounts. For the applications to pass the credit check then i suspect the son used her personal details i.e. date of birth/bank details. I'm not sure of the extact process the mobile phone company will use but it is likely that they will send her a disclaimer to complete. it would be helpful if she had a crime reference number from the police, however she shouldn't need to divulge the fact that the fraudster was her son as in most cases the victim of impersonationfraud has no idea who the fraudster would be. Another option would be to seek advise from the citizens advice bureau and ask them to act on her behalf. I would also recommend contacting the credit reference agencies to raise a dispute on the accounts statying that she believes she has been the victim of fraud. this will then be handled by their specialist fraud area who will in tunr contact the lenders concerned. Regardless of the fact that it was her son who took these accounts out she has still been the victim of impersonation fraud and is not responsible for the debt. can you confirm how these accounts were set up? Was it on-line?
  10. Surely teaching the son right from wrong is the best way to deal with this otherwise she is setting herself up for far more serious consequences. If she does nothing about it then she is just teaching him that it is okay to steal and okay to commit fraud. He has basically committed impersonation fraud and as such it should be treted as such. Its very doubtful that the police will get involved and she should be able to resolve it amicably with the two lenders concerned. the lenders will probabaly get her to complete a discalimer form and may wish to see a copy of her signature for comparison reasons. They will not make her pay the debt as it wasn't her than ran it up. If she does none of the above then she is very likely to end up with a couple of defaults or CCJ's on her credit file which will have far more serious consequences and her son needs to know the affect that his actions will have on the rest of the family i.e. inability to obtain a low rate mortgage/take out a loan etc. If she doesn't do something soon to nip this in the bud then the 'not bad kid' will potentially turn into a nightmare kid. Having a 15 year old daughter I really do appreciate the moral dilema that she is under, but having also worked with delinquent children she does need to face this matter head on. Also the mobile phone contract will not be covered under the CCA. She should also be aware that if either of the lenders are members of CIFAS then they may record a CIFAS warning on her credit file if they do suspect fraud.
  11. Report it to the police so that they give you an Incident number. Most of the networks will perform a free of charge number change for nuisance/abusive calls as long as it has been reported to the police. I don't know if 3 are the same but its certainly worth a try.
  12. raise a complaint to the Informtion Commissioner as they will be able to force the Debt Collection Agency to remove the incorrect information from your credit file.
  13. They are searching a live database. If say you got a copy of your credit file two months ago that would be now out of date as lenders will have done their monthly updates and some lenders may have done a manual amendment to your credit file should you have disupted some information. As an example you may have had a loan which you defaulted on which in turn when you were credit checked for a mortgage you were turned down because of this default. You then raised a query disputing the accuracy of the default and the loan company agreed that there was an error and removed the default from your credit file. Should you then get re-checked for the mortgage then the lender wouldn't see the default, however you may still see it on the copy of your credit file as your copy was correct at the time it was produced. Updates to credit files happen on a daily basis therefore lenders see pretty up to date information. Is there a specific reason for you asking as I may be able to help further if I understand your reason behind the question, however I hope what I've explained so far helps.
  14. visit the vodafone.co.uk e-forum where one of the advisors will look into your query. Do not withold payment as this will have a negative affect on your credit file.
  15. Write to: Quality Assurance, Vodafone Ltd, Pembroke House, Banbury Business Park, Aynho Road, Adderbury, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3NS as this is the department that deals with anything to do with credit files. Enclose copy of cancellation letter and any correspondence with the debt collection agencies. Best to send recorded delivery. Did you get any confirmation from vodafone that they had received your cancellation letter? Did she cancel her direct debit at the same time? If so it's possible that there would have been a final invoice to pay.
  16. Write to: Quality Assurance, Vodafone Ltd, Pembroke House, Banbury Business Park, Aynho Road, Adderbury, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3NS as this is the department that deals with anything to do with credit files. Outline everything you have stated here and include as muchpaperwork as possible. i would advise sending it recorded delivery. If you say your own account with vodafone was closed in full once your dispute was resolved then there would be no need for a debt collection agency to be involved, unless they still think that there is an outstanding debt on the account. It sounds like the debt collection agency may have got you mixed up with someone else especially as you say they have been sending letters to someone in England but you are in Scotland. Vodafone record credit file information with Experian, Equifax and Callcredit - is your own Vodafone account showing on your Equifax file? Check your file to see if Capquest or any other debt collection agency have recorded anything on it including and searches. If there is anything on there then highlight this to Vodafone when you write to them as this will help them investigate the matter.
  17. if you work for Experian, have you got a copy of your credit file and does this show a default for either vodafone or 1st credite?
  18. Hi Mooshy, Address for Vodafone credit file queries is:- Quality Assurance, Vodafone Ltd, Pembroke House, Banbury Business Park, Aynho Road, Adderbury, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3NS. Hope this helps
  19. there's a specific vodafone address to write to but I can't remember who it is, but if you look at your credit file you should have a list of useful addresses which would include vodafone. I'll see if I can find it on my credit file and post it here for you.
  20. raise a dispute through whichever credit reference agency you got your credit file from. give as much information/evidence as possible as to why you believe the default should not be recorded. Is it definately a default and not just late payments? whilst your dispute is being dealt with the credit reference agency will put a marker on your credit file to show that you are disputing the accuracy of the information.
  21. Have you thought about doing a Subject Access Request specifically for the credit file data/credit check information they used when they performed the search? As far as I'm aware, if they search your file it must show as a search. I don't believe that they are just allowed to check your credit file as and when they choose to. It may be that they get 'behavioural data' from Equifax on a monthly basis and it is this information that has stopped you getting the loan. Basically when companies perform a credit check they are checking to see how likely you are at that particular time to be able to pay them, once you are a customer they then often use something called behavioural scoring (also has loads of other names) to see if you are still going to be a good customer and would they want to allow you to have other products i.e. raise your credit limit on your credit card. Sometimes this scoring is done in-house, however some companies use Equifax, Experian etc etc to do their behavioral scoring for them. Its possible that if you have moved around a lot recently that this is going against you, however thwy should be able to give you more specific information on why they declined you i.e. was it as a direct result of a credit check/was it their own in-house scoring that declined you or did they just get it wrong!
  22. Use the Directors Office address as this is their high level complaints department.
  23. Has anyone noticed that whilst everyone has been arguing amongst themselves that the OP has gone very quiet..... guilty conscience perhaps or just fed up with the bickering...
  24. Have the DCA said which mobile phone company? Have you got a copy of your credit file as the account are likely to be on there, possibly with a default. If they are on your credit file then raise a consumer query via the credit reference agency stating that the account is not yours and that you believe you may have been the victim of impersonation fraud. If that doesn't help then you could do a SAR (Subject Access Request) to the mobile phone company. A SAR can cost £10 so often just raising a dispute through one of the credit reference agencies is cheaper.
  25. Hi, Looks like this has maybe been a processing error when they last updated your file. The default amount of 9,999,998 is normally only used when the actual default balance is unknown so it sounds like they sent the default status but didn't sent the default amount so it is in fact Experian that used the 9,999,998 amount. Lenders should know that this is infact an invalid amount and should ignore it.
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