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  1. Can anyone give me some guidance ? I have been corresponding with the BOS about my business claim for £12000 and got a final letter saying that they were not going to pay up and "have reached the position where no further explanations will serve any useful purpose" I now realise that this is going to have to go through the Scottish Court system. Can anyone give me any advice ?
  2. I have just settled on my personal account without having to issue a claim but my bank (BOS) are not budging with my business account. Have followed procedure with all letters and phoned them direct but still no joy. Starting to realise I'll have to go to court but need some advice. My business claim is for nearly £12,000. I am finding this site really hard to navigate and am getting confused. Please, can anyone help?
  3. Hi everybody Finally had a response from BOS about my £11952 business claim saying that in my letters I referred to OFT inquiry which is based on the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regs and these regs do not apply to business customers . I used the correct letter templates- what have I did wrong or are they just stalling ? What do I do now ? Issue a claim ?
  4. Thanks Scott Do you mean by going through the small claims process?
  5. Hi everybody-am in process of claiming for both personal (£6758) and business (£11952) accounts with the Bank of Scotland.Heard nothing from Bank re business account despite having sent two letters. Phoned local court today and was told that I would have to consult a solicitor because of the amounts involved. Starting to crap it ! Will the fact that I don't have an overdraft or loan with my business account go against me ? Any advice much appreciated x
  6. I am in Scotland. The amount I am claiming on my personal account is £6758 ( there is something wrong with my keyboard !) Is this still straightforward ? Also I have been reading through several posts and many of them mention going to a lawyer-do you think this would be advisable ?
  7. Hiya-I am claiming charges from both my personal account (£6758) and business account (£11952) both with the BOS. I have received a reply from my personal account and am giving them 14 days before sending 2nd letter. I have sent my business account two letters and have heard nothing. The deadline for raising a court action is fast approaching and I am beginning to crap it! I am worried about the process because of the large sum I am claiming. Can anyone offer any advice or point me in the right direction ?
  8. Hiya- I am claiming for both personal account (£6758) and business account(£11952). I have received reply from personal account and am giving them 14 days before sending second letter. With my business account I have sent them both letters and still not heard anything back. The deadline is fast approaching for me taking them to court and I am starting to crap it ! I am really worried about the amounts I am claiming for and the implications in the court process. Can any body give me any advice?
  9. Hi there- I have recently started the ball rolling with reclaiming charges on both my personal (£7000) and business account (£12000) both with the Bank of Scotland. I read somewhere that there is a limit to what I claim in the Small Claims Court and am a little concerned. So far I have had no reply from my business account and have just sent them the second letter LBA. With my personal account I have received two letters from my bank. The second one saying I will receive a response by 26th March ! Can I go ahead and send them the second letter regardless as I feel they are stalling. I watched the ITV programme the other night with Martin Lewis who said that the banks are waiting for a ruling from some Commission that would entitle them to only pay the original charge minus £12 (the proposed new charge amount) Any help would be fantastic xx
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