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  1. Thank you will scan at work in the morning and post on here. Secondly I got a notice of defence has been filed and the case has been moved to guildford county court to be referred to District Judge Raeside, an allocation questionnaire was enclosed and it states that a fee of £100 is payable by the claimant on the filing of their allocation questionnairee. I will need help with the AQ please help.
  2. I have received my defence from Wragge & Co and I am not sure if I need to be doing anything about it. Could I scan it and send it to someone to help me.
  3. Hi sorry for hi-jacking your thread, but my sister would like to claim from barclaycard, could you let me know what she can calim for. Can you claim back the interest charged on your standard balance and interest on your cash balance?
  4. Please could someone reply
  5. Another Question: Do I have to inform the court that I will not be accepting their offer?
  6. Received letter from Wragge & Co saying they intend to defend all of this claim. What do I do now. I also received a letter from A & L with a cheque for £566.00 which includes the court fee of £120, my claim is for £2516.13. This is their full and final settlement. What should I do????
  7. thanks will go to courts at lunch time and keep site posted as to the progress of the claim.
  8. N1. Just a bit nervous. Can I pay cash at the court?
  9. A & L have not replied to my LBA and 14 days is now up. Should I go ahead with court claim?
  10. I bought a car from my nephew in October, then my husband used the car and forgot to pay the congestion charge, I paid the charge but was later sent a penalty noticee for a balance of £35, i have been trying to make payment to CCL from November 2006 they keep on returning the cheque and saying it has been handed over to debt collectors who will be in touch, after returning the cheque for the 4th time I requested the name of the collectors, I sent the cheque to them debt collectors on 2nd April 2007 who have confirmed recipt of the payment, but they say the do not deal with such small amounts, they were supposed to send my cheque back its more than a month now and no cheque, CCL have sent me a letter to say I can pay them directly now but within 14 days. What should I do, why should I have to send another cheque to them when I did as they said I should, their debt collectors still have my cheque????
  11. The bailiffs had been before, but due to going one maternit yleave I contacted the council because I could not keep up with the £40/month agreed. The council just ignored me and left it to the bailiffs.
  12. In 2006 I was on maternity leave and was having difficulty paying my bills, I sent a letter on to council to offer them a token payment till I get back to work. The council did not reply but then I had bailiffs appear they threatened to get a locksmith to open the door if I did not let them in, I told them I was waiting for the council to get back to me and that I had been making payments to the council (I showed them my bank statement to prove the payments were being made), I then called the council and the manager told the bailiffs that they should take my property or get full payment, even though he had said it would take two weeks for them to agree/reply to my letter. I owed them £282.34 but had to pay the bailiffs £462.47. I am really bitter about the way the council handled this as they knew I was on maternity leave and on benefit. I had to get my niece to pay the bill as the bailiffs had starting removing property from the house and to top it all off while they were looking around one of them said oh yeah take the shredder I need one of those at home. What should I do was this too long ago (october 2006) or can I pursue the bailiffs or council. All this and a 9 month old baby to deal with.
  13. Hi have been paying Bryan Carter by direct debit monthly for capital one. does this affect my payments should I still be making them. Maybe Capital one should be aksed why they are still collecting on their behalf? What to do????
  14. Hi have been paying Bryan Carter by direct debit monthly for capital one. does this affect my payments should I still be making them. Maybe Capital one should be aksed why they are still collecting on their behalf? What to do????
  15. Well sent my prelim letter on the 23rd and got a reply on 3rd May, well within the 14 days, anyway it is the usual fob off letter our charges are fair and so on and so on. Sending out my LBA today.
  16. Do we give them 14 days including weekends or is 14 working days?
  17. Have sent my prelim letter today. have to wait for 14 days to be up.
  18. Once again thank you and will let you all know on the progress of the claim.
  19. Hi have copied and pasted prelim letter. In this section of the letter what figures are I to use if I am not adding the interest. I calculate that you have taken £2107.00 plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX . I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter
  20. Thanks will read FAQs and keep posted of progress.
  21. Hi I have got my statements in the post yesterday and charges add up to £2107 I need to send off my 1st letter do I enclude interest charges of £251.33?
  22. Hi, I had problems with bailiffs and their charges. I sent an email to [edit] and they were very helpful, so try them they will let you know what you can and can't do.
  23. I initially went into overdraft of £250. Was out of work, explained to them but they only closed the account when the figure was £723.00. Can I still claim my bank charges, while disputing the amount I owe them?
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