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  1. Even inheritence they class as income so if the money is over 6K then they will stop benefits, I'm not sure about carers Allowance or incapacity benefit, but they will definately stop the income support. Any benefit that is means tested they will stop or reduce.
  2. Has your wife phoned them direct about this situation? I don't think they can just stop benefits with out informing you, I suggest you get your wife to phone them and find out what is happening.
  3. She did have a contract but as you all say, my daughter was only there 5 months and there is no CCTV. I have thought about this all day and considering if it would be worth visiting my local solicitor, to see what they think. She's got a job interview tommorrow so fingers crossed. She has been at college full time for the last 2 years, as well working, training to become a nursery teacher and her ultimate goal is to become a social worker, so every year she has to have police checks so obviously her police record has to be impecable. It has just made me so mad that these bosses can treat her like this and I don't think theres not much we can do about it, without ruining her ultimate career path.
  4. She was confronted by the boss who said 'admit it now and nobody need to find out about it and it will be dealt with now'. My daughter did admit to taking a lolly but said 'I left the money on the till'. Her boss just kept repeating 'admit it now' but that was on friday the conversation ended with the boss saying I will let you know by monday whats happening. But over the weekend my daughter has had phone calls from numerous people to say my daughter had been sacked for stealing. On monday she never got a phone call, so she rang them the boss kept hanging up, so Myself and my daughter went up there to the shop. My daughter then got a phone call from the other boss (father daughter business) while we there on the premises, who told her over the phone that she was sacked for stealing and remove herself from the premises, did she want to get the police involved. My daughter then nearly in tears I took over the phone and asked for the reason she was sacked, he said theft, I asked what evidence he said he had been told I asked for proof and he kept saying and repeating himself 'do you want the police involved?' Her friend has never been told to her face yet that she has been sacked he told me, like my daughter she was told we will ring you and everyone in the complex has been told they stole something. Their business is set within a complex they rent the building and we have found out from one of the managers of the complex that the whole site is being changed round and they may not be renewing the shops contract, and by getting rid of 3 people within a month I'm wondering wether its a ploy to get rid of them, and over the last few weeks the boss has been whining how much the business is bringing in and that she paying wages out of her pocket.
  5. No there is no cctv. Her boss said that someone told him that my daughter and work collegue was bragging about this. By the way the item she has been accused in taking is a Solero ice lolly.
  6. My daughter has just been accused of theft and dismissed. She was working about 25 hours a week. There are a few people who didn't like my daughter working there and often were unpleasant. She has been accused of taking something as she left work without paying for it. She says she did take something, she left the money on top of till, because she had already cashed up. There was someone with her at the time and she has also been dismissed for theft. The evidence her boss has said is that someone else has told them, but there was no-one else there other than the two who got dismissed (my daughter and work collegue) She has been working there approx 5 months. Does any one know what we can do about this? Doesn't her boss have to prove that she stole something? Isn't this deffammation of character? Hopefully someone can help with this dilema
  7. I know this to be true because when Bryan Carter solicitors took me to court on behalf of shop direct i used them quotes from the consumer credit act in my defence to the court and Bryan Carter solicitor's dropped the case and I haven't paid them a penny since.
  8. By sending the CCA you are putting the debt in dispute, if that's the route you want to go then don't pay anything. If you think that you didn't sign a credit agreement in the first place you have nothing to loose really, if they can't produce the CCA the debt is unenforceable. Under Section 77 fixed sum credit of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 they have 12 days to produce one, if they don't under section 78 (6 a and b) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, they are not entitled whilst a default continues to enforce any alleged agreement.
  9. Hi, I've had a few dealings with Moorcroft in the past and found their all talk and not really much action. When ever i was late with a payment I would pay them as soon as possible and send them a letter apologizing for the delay in payment and that I would catch up as soon I can. I would not agree to their demands if you can't afford it, after all you can't give them what you haven't got. I would put in a letter that you can afford the £20 a month as you have been doing but no more. Never speak to them on the phone unless you record the conversation and tell them that you are recording it. I'm sure these advisers are trained in making you make pannick decisions, which result in you pannicking further.
  10. dpr

    dpr vs LLoyds

    Hi, Am about to start claiming my money back from the bank, but wher shall I send the SAR request to here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/236-lloyds-tsb-contact-details.html it says one address and here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/516-1-data-protection-act.html it says to the address which your bank has registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as the address of the Data Controller. Which one should I send it too, Thanks
  11. Even vermin are killed humanely. Maybe those who like the 'sport' should play the part of the fox and see if they like it then.
  12. Surely thats as good as theft. Have you informed the police? As I'm sure it's criminal damage. I'm almost certain that the owners have to give you a certain amount of time to empty the contents before they themselves take action. Even without a written contract they can't take the law into their own hands.
  13. I have also requested a CCA fron NDR, and was also wondering what was my next step. It's time I did something as 12+2+30 days past on the 29th May 2007. I don't know if they are still adding on any interest as I haven't heard from them instead I had a phone call from Littlewoods themselves, they just said the account had gone back. I just denied having an account and said put it writing and I will reply. I told them I would make no agreement on the phone and as they still hadn't honoured my request for the CCA they were committing a criminal offence.The lady hung up saying that she will have to check on this, that was wednesday last week.
  14. I've just had a letter from Bryan Carter & co regarding the county court claim. The letter is a "notice of discountinuance of proceedings", not bad they didn't take long to decide what to do (a couple of days). I would just like to say thanks for all the help and support I have recieved.
  15. As its not got your signature on it, its not a legal document.
  16. Thanks Dencha, I did read the link you put up and found it very useful. I have just finished my defence to the court claim, stating that they have failed to produce any CCA. Just have to wait and see what Bryan Carter / Cyclone Asset Management do next. As for my trouble with NDR they have passed my file back to littlewoods, I had a phone call from them this week. So should I request a CCA from them as well?
  17. Jangles65 There is an example letter here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/89444-ruthbridge-again.html?highlight=cca+request Hope that helps
  18. hi could yo tell me who I report them too for failing to supply a copy of my cca and also could anyone point me in the direction of the rules and laws they have to abide by relating to a request for a cca thanks
  19. I do mean Bryan Carter & Co the company as I have just had a letter from them but have read on here they have ceased trading so I rang The Law society and they said it is the trading name of Crellins Carter Solicitors. But other people seem to have been saying the Law society are interested in them. Or am I missing the point?
  20. When we sent a cca request off we sent it to Bryan Carter as thats who we have been getting the letters from but on the county court claim form it says the claiment is Cyclone asset management and the address for sending documents and payments to is Bryan Carter. Were we correct to send the cca request to bryan carter?
  21. Just rang the Law society to ask if Bryan Carter & Co are still trading as I have seen lots of posts saying they no longer are. The Law Society said they are still trading, is this true
  22. Is there anyone that can give some advice about the court summons? Do I dispute the claim on the grounds that they have failed to produce any CCA and if so how do I prove to the court that I requested it in the first place? I did send the CCA request by recorded delivery and I gave them a postal order to which I have reciepts for both.
  23. Hasnt Bryan Carter & Co solisiters cesed trading? What would be my best coarse of action with this, how should I proceed
  24. How can you check if its an official court summons? Looking at the form the claiment is Cyclone asset management. with the page i have scanned in there was a response pack which included Admission form N9A Defence and Counterclaim form N9B Acknowledgment of service
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