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  1. I received a council parking ticketing for failing to display a valid parking ticket back in early November. I made an informal appeal but was turned down. Now I have received a Notice to Owner. I am going to make representations immediately. I still have the ticket as proof. Does anyone know of any similar cases where a ticket has genuinely detached itself from a windscreen? (due to condensation in my case). Many Thanks Dave
  2. Hi there. I have two accounts with the Halifax, one of which was a few hundred pounds into the overdraft. Today they withdrew money from my other account to pay off the overdraft in the other one. Can they do this?? Many Thanks
  3. Hi blitz. They have not offered to repair the item nor to even inspect it.
  4. Hi there. In mid July I bought a few items from Dreams Plc in Braintree, one of which was a bed. The bed was delivered on time in mid-July, however, one of the support members was missing so i was unable to assemble the bed correctly and had to wait a further two weeks for the missing part to be delivered. Early this month, my wife sat on the side of the bed (that was assembled correctly in accordance to the drawing supplied) and the side of the timber panel snapped. It was a metal framed base bolted into a timber surround frame. Two of the bolts also failed pulling through the ti
  5. The problem when working out the CCI on the spreadsheets, and Capital One unfortunately are quite right, such calculations do not take into account any payments made to the accounts. I was claiming £1230 in interest alone, but after going through all of my statements, realised that the total amount of interest I had ever paid on all purchases was £574!! Also which is correct, is the fact that usually only a small percentage of the total interest I was charged over the years was in fact charged on the default fees. Thus the spreadsheet calculations are ONLY correct if you have NE
  6. Thanks for the reply. It's dated 21st January 2006.
  7. Sorry for jumping in, can someone tell me whether or not a credit agreement is enforceable if such wasn't actually signed (written)? Section 61 CCA mentions that an agreement has to be signed in the prescribed manner, just wondering what exactly is the prescribed manner? Is an online agreement (where you tick a signature box) binding under the CCA? Many Thanks David
  8. And what happens to his/her credit file??
  9. Don't re-send; you still have proof of postage. Having sent hundreds of letters back and forth I would guess anywhere around 30% of them are never signed for. I have personally received many recorded letters myself that have just been dropped through the letterbox. Royal Mail acknowledge this and have offered myself refunds on the price of postage. The fact remains, a recorded delivery slip will be proof enough should the matter reach the courts.
  10. Are there any standard POCs that you can use when filing your claim against the credit card companies, especially when claiming CCI. Many Thanks
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