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  1. I had a call back from a customer service manager today stating again their belief that as they didnt report to CRA's until 2015 then they only record all defaults as starting from that date.


    I think that is against the spirit of the ICO's advice, so i have asked them to send me a letter of deadlock, which they will send within 10 working days. Once i receive it i will escalate via the ICO

  2. Could you offer some advise on my situation please?



    I moved into a property in December 2010, and the Water bill was put into my name. I left this property at some point during 2014, at which point i had made no payments towards the water or been in contact with the water company. I've made good the debt now, ive actually cleared all my debts!



    My question is regards to the default date. The company placed the default in January 2016. They then applied for and won a CCJ by default in August 2016.



    I've raised a complaint as i believe the default should have been dated between March-July 2011. That is correct i assume? In regards to the CCJ, I have asked that they agree to have it set aside, as if they had placed the default on the correct date then it would have been statute barred.



    Im confident on my first point, how do you feel the second point (CCJ set aside) will be? I've already paid any monies i owe to them, but if they had placed the default correctly then it would have been statute barred before the date that they actually applied for it

  3. hes managed to get into branch today and get copy statements. Timeline is as below:


    last usage by himself:

    deposit - 2nd July 2012

    Failed D/D - 8th August 2012


    Account went over the overdraft limit on 2nd July 2012, and stayed that way until closed by collections on 1st November. Looking at the fees charged in Septembers statement for unauthorised overdraft it would seem that the authorised overdraft facility was withdrawn during August 2012


    Does that make the statute barred date any clearer?

  4. Seeing as I’ve had some success with agencies lately, it seems I’ve been nominated as the family help.


    So here goes. My brother in law has a default for an overdraft, default date 6th November 2012, value £3k.


    This week he has received a letter from intrum justitia offering to settle it for 50% off or to arrange a payment plan.


    As it’s so close to the statute barred timescale he’s asking for advice on how to proceed as obviously he doesn’t want this to turn into a ccj

  5. These never showed up as being in Lowell’s name, they were listed as being still with 3.


    The lady from the executive team office stated they would remove the defaults as I had had the accounts for a number of years being well managed. I did email the ceo of the Monday which might also have had something to do with it.


    All I can suggest for others is to go through the painful 3 complaints process until you can escalate to the executive team and deal with someone based in the UK

  6. My wife has a CCJ to the value of roughly £800 from vodafone, containing what i presume would be a large value of early termination fees.


    She has made one payment towards this, as she only became aware of it last month (dont ask, burying the head in the sand...)


    Now, ive seen some members on here stating that OFCOM are against early termination fees being included in a CCJ/default? Is that correct?


    maybe dx100uk you know more? as its one of your posts referencing termination charges and mobile contracts that i have referenced

  7. I have not seen or asked for any notice of assignment.


    In regards to Lowell, today was the first time i was told it had ever been passed to them.


    In the past i had been told it was with PastDue Collections, and PD collections stated they had no record as it was too long ago.


    PD/Lowell could be the same company for all i know.


    If i request a SAR from 3, will that contain evidence of the debt being moved around etc?


    SAR submitted and a notice of dispute raised with Equifax/Experian/CallCredit.

    Maybe one of those can get some sense out of 3.


    Should i go ahead and contact ICO/ombudsman at this point or would it be best to see what comes of the SAR and the notices of dispute with the CRA's?

  8. hope you checked the debt was legally enforceable first before paying for the dca to go away on a free holiday or buy all their drinkies that night...?


    I could keep batting some of my past misdemeanors away, and if there are discrepancies then i will do that. Its just that i have been the victim of backdoor CCJ's in the past and if i can aford to pay what i owe, and not add extra court costs, then i will

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