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  1. I've had same problem when sending letters recorded delivery, the problem can be reported to royal mail if the signature isn't available within 5 working days - presumably on top of the 72 hours the site tells you to wait initially.

  2. Just over a week to go until my court docs are filed. I'm also reading and printing the court bundle, which I think I have the gist of. I want to be able to send this to them a day or so after their defence is filed - so that they know I mean business.

    My account has been in credit for over a year, is it possible that they will still close it down once I'm refunded? I'm looking for a new account tomorrow but can only get a basic account though I would like a debit card - it's much easier than having to find a cash machine everytime I ned something. Has anyone any suggestions please?

  3. I've been working to reclaim my bank charges from the abbey and decided that it may be worth getting my statements from capital one so I can calculate my charges.


    I was charged £12 by them this month as I had gone over my credit limit by pennies and for 1 day!


    I'm sure this claim won't be very big, but as tesco say 'every little helps'.


    I've sent the DPA letter and a postal order by recorded delivery today so I'll just sit back and wait their reply.


    Do I use the bank charges letters or is there separate ones for credit card companies?

  4. I have now sent my LBA recorded delivery with another copy of my schedule of charges.


    My paperwork is all ready to take to the court in two weeks time to start my claim, the £120 fee is in the bank ready and waiting. I wonder what response I'll get, if any, from the scabbey.


    I've also decided to get my statements and go through them for my Capital One credit card. They charged me £12 this month for being over my limit by pennies and for 1 day.

  5. I'm getting into this now.


    Tomorrow is the deadline for the preliminary letter, I've got my LBA and schedule of charges all ready to send in an envelope. I'm going to the post office first thing in the morning.


    I've also popped in to my local courts today and picked up the necessary info and forms for when I start my claim - as I will no doubt have to - in two weeks time.


    I've got plenty of reading to be doing and I plan to have everything ready so that in two weeks time I can start with the court procedures.


    I'm looking forward to this....


    Will keep you posted x

  6. Hi,


    Once your 14 days is up you need to make contact with the courts to file a claim. You can do this in person via your local county court or online at moneyclaim.gov.uk. You will need to complete an N1 form and pay the necessary fees depending on the amount you are claiming (unless you are exempt). There are guidance notes etc to help you complete this form on the 'how to reclaim your bank charges' page. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  7. I understand that when you file a claim with the court you can then add 8%apr interest to the charges you're claiming for. Once the claim is filed further interest is then charged at a daily rate of 0.0022% - is this daily rate worked out to include the total amount claimed for including the 8% interest charge or just the amount you have been charged i.e. the total of charges on your statements? :confused:

  8. This is my story so far...


    I received an email a few weeks ago about a company who reclaim your bank charges for you. I read it, thought about it and decided to investigate - it seemed too good to be true.


    I made various enquires on the internet and arrived at CAG who confirmed that I could claim back my bank charges, and better still, that I could do it myself without paying someone 25% to do it for me.


    My next step was to dig out the old bank statements. I must admit, I didn't think I'd have them all but to my suprise I did. When I went through the details, I was horrified. I had some serious financial problems a few years ago and had erased them from memory, when I was in dire straits my bank made things ten times worse for me. One month alone I was charged £487!!!


    Time to do something about it. I read through loads of threads and info on how to reclaim the charges and I tried to find any cases that had been defended and lost in court - of which I'm happy to report there are none, if you follow the procedures correctly.


    I sent my preliminary letter with copies of my statements to the Abbey on 10th Jan, less than a week later I received an automated letter - we'll investigate and get back to you within the next millennium blah blah blah. The Abbey like wasting customers money so much that they actually sent me two letters, with the same brush-off, on the same day, both with different reference numbers!


    Anyway, the two week deadline is upon us on Wednesday. I have more copies of statements to send out with my LBA.


    I've decided to start work on my claim so that I can check it and re-check it before I take it into the local courts in just over two weeks time.


    I'll keep you posted on what happens here onwards.....:oops:

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