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  1. Just a quick question. My prelim letter was one taken from moneysavingexpert.com and I've noticed that it doesn't request the bank make a disclosure of costs involved with charges. Should I include something somewhere or can that wait til a further point?
  2. Very true, I just feel a little devalued that they haven't offerred me anything other than a fob off. I don't suppose it matters when I get my money back just as long as I get all of it. I'll probably change banks as a 'thank you'.
  3. That's what I thought. Never mind, perhaps there's some other method to their madness. Good luck with your claim, I'll watch your threads to see how your getting on.
  4. I think I may have sussed out who the abbey dish out GOGW's to. My account is in credit with them and has been run without any 'penalties' for almost 18 months. From reading quite a few threads it appears that GOGW's are only being offerred to those who owe the abbey some money through overdrafts etc. What do you think?
  5. Good luck with your claim, I'll be returning for updates.
  6. I'll be watching your case with interest as I'm a step or so behind you. I start court proceedings tomorrow. Truth - I've not had any GOGW from Abbey either, just bog-standard bog-off letter with a smidge of intimidation. Any ideas how they choose which customers to send GOGW's to and who to try to scare off?
  7. It suits me too, a bit more interest in my pocket. Think the delays are more likely to be due to the scallies in our area lol
  8. At least you received a GOGW even if it isn't anywhere near the full amount. I got zilch, just a letter which basically stated that all the 'evidence' in my letters to them referred to credit cards, not bank accounts so therefore wasn't relevant to them. Yeah, we'll see what the courts say about that.
  9. I've filled in most of my N1 form, just left the bits re interest as I'll work those out on Wednesday before I take all the paperwork to court. According to the clerk at the courts it's taking around 4 months for hearings so I could be in for a long wait.....
  10. Well I've received a letter from the abbey today, they obviously have a low opinion of me and think I scare easily. How wrong they are. They have sent me their automoated response to my letters, this one saying 'I'm sorry you are unhappy with the charges and I understand you would like these refunded. I can confirm the charges were applied correctly, as you had insufficient available funds at the time. I have now had the opportunity to review your bank account and note that you have not incurred charges recently and cannot therefore refund any charges to your account. I appreciate your feelings on this matter but we are satisfied that the charges do not contravene the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. We also comply with the Office of Fair Trading, in dealing fairly and openly with our customers. The Office of Fair Trading announcement was in relation to Credit Card default charges and not overdraft default charges or to other products, such as Bank Accounts. This means our Tariff of Charges continues to apply. The information provided by UK banks to the House of Commons Treasury Committee, also related to credit card charges only. Therefore, the comments made are not directly relevant to the issue of charges on bank accounts.' And so on. Huh, not even a poxy GOGW. Maybe it's time I transferred my accounts. They have done me a slight favour though, I can now claim the full amount and interest through the courts, which I'm starting on Wednesday. See you in court suckers (IF they turn up).
  11. Thank you. I've also noticed a few that were charged and refunded can I add these or is that just being cheeky?
  12. I've been going through my statements with a fine tooth comb this week and have found a few more charges that had escaped my notice. Will I be ok to just add these to my N1 claim form?
  13. I've seen a few similar letters in threads signed like that just 'abbey' as though its someones name. Cheap and nasty...sounds familiar.
  14. p.s. I'm checking my account daily for any GOGW so that I can write back with a rejection letter!
  15. Thanks, that makes things even clearer - like you said it helps seeing it in writing. I'm kinda hoping abbey don't get in touch, more ammo for me to use against them and I wouldn't have to amend the figures that I've got. Fingers crossed eh? I am enjoying this, abbey put me through financial hell for years and now its time to get back what I'm owed! Thanks again for the 'order of service'.
  16. sam78

    A Bit Put Out!

    I'm with the abbey. Ive sent a prelim and LBA letter and only had one automated response 'sorry you've had cause to complain, we'll look into it and get back to you...well maybe, sometime, perhaps etc' From reading loads of other threads it seems that other people are getting more responses and GOGW etc. I feel a bit put out by it all - or maybe I don't. At least if I have no contact from the abbey I can't get stressed about the wording of their letters and start doubting myself and I won't have to make any deductions from my claim (my N1 is being handed in next week). More interest for me! Does anyone else feel ignored or is it just me? I've also requested statements from Capital One - do these guys drag things on as long as the abbey appear to be doing?
  17. Hi, When your claim was filed your SOC should have been sent through to Abbey again too. They are just trying to intimidate you with the letter. Send another to them. It's probably best to send one at every stage initially. Hope this helps. Good luck. I'll be at this stage next week!
  18. So far, no response from abbey, less than a week to go before I file my N1 form too. I put my details forward as a case study for the Sunday Mirror but as I wasnt overly keen on having my picture in the paper and my details revealed, I turned down the chance. I've also contact my local paper with details but no one has replied. I'll be back with more updates next week - unless abbey reply in the meantime.
  19. Unless the banks are willing to disclose the actual figures relating to these charges there is very little chance of them appearing and defending in court. I am going to contact my local news group with my story so far, and of course give them the details of the CAG site. They may decide to do nothing, at least until my case has been settled - but hopefully something will go to print that could help others. I live in East Lancashire and the area and people are poorer than other areas of the country, so there's likely to be many people in my town alone, who have sufferred the same and worse than I did. Knowledge is power!
  20. I've read and responded to the sunday paper request for volunteers to tell their stories and report on progress. Hardly any of my friends and family that I've spoken to were aware that their charges could be refunded (albeit with a lot of help from the CAG and with a lot of persistence). Should we be contacting our local media with our stories to get others to follow in our footsteps?
  21. Hi, I think there's some form of limitation which means you can only request a refund for the last six years.
  22. Thanks, thought it was. Considering noting the hours spent putting together the case, without a monetary value - do you think this would give scope for negotiations with abbey when they attempt to settle?
  23. The sooner you start the sooner you'll get your money back. I would suggest sending by recorded delivery, at least its guaranteed to get there and you have proof of posting if needed. I'll be updating my threads as and when things happen. Good luck!
  24. sorry to ask a silly question - whatt exactly is a schedule of claim for charges? Is it literally just a breakdown of the costs you are claiming i.e. bank charges, interest, court fees etc? Thanks
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