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  1. Bit paniky now. My case was only handed to the court last wednesday and I received my docs on Thursday advising the claim is deemed served from Friday (9th) Lo and behold I've received another letter from court this morning advising that Abbey have already acknowledged the claim and are defending.


    From reading other threads I thought they would drag this out, I'm a bit concerned that they've acknowledged straight away. Can anyone calm my nerves a little or am I right to be worried?

  2. Hi,


    I'm another person to add to your list of those who haven't had a GOGW. I also received the same letter you did. My claim has been served today so at least I'm getting nearer to receiving all my money back.


    If you had received a GOGW you would've had to take the amount off your charges which means at court stage you wouldn't be able to claim as much interest - in a way we are better off! :p

  3. Have you sent the preliminary letter? This needs to go before the LBA. If you're requesting your statements first you'll need to send the DPA letter that's in the templates file and the £10 payment - it will take a while to get the information back as it seems there are a large number of people requesting this information at the moment - they have a maximum of 40 days to get it to you.

  4. I presume your only accepting the GOGW as a partial payment? If the money is in your account then you will also need to deduct it from the amount that you are claiming and then you can put the updated figure in your LBA.

  5. Well done. The best advice I can give at this stage is to keep to your deadlines. If you don't have a satisfactory response by the time your deadline is up, move on to the next stage. Read up as much as you can too.


    Let us know how you get on.

  6. Thanks for the advice.


    I've now issued my claim at the courts, so I presume I just sit back and wait now. I also sent a recorded letter to the abbey today advising them that I was unhappy with their response so far and that I had issued against them. I also listed the cases that have been brought against them that they have settled out of court. This letter was included with my court papers too.


    Should I receive my copy in the post with the date the papers were served?

  7. Well done and good luck, though luck doesn't come into it. Read through the FAQ's if you haven't already done so, the more information you have, the better.

    Patience and focus are needed when dealing with the abbey, i'm sure you'll get there in the end.

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