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  1. Hi, got an update for you. I've received an offer from the abbey via email - a person I've not heard of but as long as she has cash, who cares? The email and my response are below: "Thwaite, Tanya" wrote: Dear Ms Holmes, Following your email dated 8 March 2007, I am writing to you in order to negotiate a settlement with regards to your legal claim against Abbey. After having verified your claim, I believe the total claimed currently stands at £3673.73 (including £220 of court fees). In the interests of commerciality, Abbey would like to make you an offer of £3100.00. This reduced amount reflects the fact that some charge should be levied against each default that was made on your account. It also reflects the fact that in agreeing to an out-of-court settlement now, you will receive your settlement sooner and will avoid the time and energy expended in putting a trial bundle together. Should you wish to accept this offer, please confirm by return email so that payment can be processed. I look forward to receiving your prompt response, Many thanks, Louise Jacobs "Many thanks for your email. I have already put together my court bundle, it has been printed and filed as I wish to hand it in at the Directions Hearing on the 2nd May, a copy of which will be sent to you/given to you on the same day. I have spent the last few weeks putting together these documents. I appreciate your offer but would respectfully ask that to settle the claim in full, you increase your offer to cover the full amount. Kind regards, Miss Sandra Holmes Good eh?
  2. Thanks, at least it's all here, ready and waiting - I can ask for costs towards now hehe. Can't wait to complete now though.
  3. Got my bundle all sorted, printed and ready in lovely little (well, quite large actually) plastic files - I'm considering sending one to the abbey to gee them up a bit but then hand the other to the court once I have a final hearing. Is this a good idea or is it best to hang fire a while longer?
  4. Thanks phil, just getting it all ready as I haven't had much contact from the abbey and I want to get it out as soon as I get a full hearing date. overflow - to start your own thread u need to go to the bottom of the abbey page and there is a button for new threads - good luck
  5. Great, thanks for your help. I think I'll add a case summary too - still quite a lot to do. No final hearing date though so no rush for these documents to be in. Do you think it would be a good idea to take the bundle along to the directions hearing or wait until I get a final hearing date?
  6. Hi, Just a quick update. I decided against sending the letter to the court, I will just turn up for the hearing with a copy of my draft directions. I have, in the meantime, printed and copied by court bundle, which i intend to send to the abbey once completely complied. Does anyone have a list of up to date settled cases against the abbey that I can put in my bundle?
  7. Thanks noob - I'm glad you got yours sorted. I wont contact shabbey again, I'l let them do the chasing.
  8. Thanks for pointing me in that direction - this looks very useful and I'll send a copy of the letter to the courts that was featured in the thread. Mine is only a 10 minute hearing - perhaps my local court is event busier!
  9. I've read through quite a few threads but am still unclear as to what is likely to happen. Has anyone got any experience of a directions hearing or can you suggest any other threads that may be of use?
  10. Great - am panicking a little 'cos I'm not sure what things they'd ask in a directions hearing in court etc
  11. Anyone out there had a directions hearing? Did you have to go to court?
  12. Cheers, glad I can be of help. Shabbey will put in their defence at the last minute, thats almost guaranteed. Burnley County Court seem to be on the ball with paperwork etc so everything should run pretty smooth - from a court point of view. Has anyone had this kind of hearing and if so, what was the outcome?
  13. Thanks Lula. Have the abbey showed up to one of these hearings yet, and if so what has been the outcome? I'll sit back and wait now. M y court bundle is printed, I need to photocopy and index and update settled cases and then it's ready for posting. Another 28 days of interest if they don't settle beforehand I suppose.
  14. I think I'll give the courts a call tomorrow to see if they can advise of any documents I'll need to take. The letter I received is below: 'TAKE NOTICE that the DIRECTIONS HEARING will take place on 2 May 2007 and 3pm at Burnley County Court etc When you should attend 10 MINUTES has been allocated for the DIRECTIONS HEARING Cases are listed in accordance with local hearing arrangments determined by the Judiciary and implemented by court staff. Every effort is made to ensure that hearings start either at the time specified or as soon as possible thereafter. However, listing practices or other factors may mean that delay is unavoidable. Furthermore, in some instances a case may be released to another judge, possibly at a different court. Please contact the court for further information on the listing arrangements that may apply to your hearing.'
  15. Ooh, you've made my day - thanks nick - I'll take a look at the links - cheers
  16. Bugger! Have got home and the paperwork from the courts has arrived. I have been set a directions hearing which will last approx 10 minutes. Anyone else had this?
  17. Hi All, Things are starting to move at pace now. I've called the courts this morning and a date has been set for 2nd May 2007 at 3pm!!! I have emailed the abbey to let them know. All paperwork should be with me soon regarding directions etc. As the date is so near, would it appear to anyone other than me that the judge has proceeded with my draft directions request? Bring it on!
  18. Well, it's been a while since I updated but that's due to moving house. We're now settled in and I can continue where I left off. I contacted the local court last week and they confirmed that the Abbey had returned their AQ - on the last day. I was told that the file had gone to the judge and that a hearing date should be allocated within 10 days. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow to se if they have an update. No contact from James as yet!
  19. They want your details so that they can contact you with a view to settling your claim - probably not immediately. I would only give them your emaile address so that you have any offers in writing. Did you submit your claim at MCOL? If so, they are just stalling by requesting the documents, just forward them another copy of everything.
  20. Oh yes, when you file your claim it's at that point that you work out the daily interest rate and then just kep a track of the number of days until they settle. 15 weeks does seem a long time but that is the maximum wait so with a little bit of luck all this may be over long before then.
  21. Hi Vicky, Looks like your at the same stage as me. The defence appears to be the same too. I emailed them to advise that I'm not willing to settle for less than 100% of the claim. I have today filed my AQ and handed over another £100 - at least it's the last amount I will have to pay out for the case.
  22. Lucky you lot. I got a letter this morning. My rate is going up 5% from 29.5 to 34.9!!!!! I'll be paying the card off and stuffing captial one. I only have the blasted thing because no one will give me a debit card.
  23. Well, that's my AQ filed. Apparently, my local court has to arrange a hearing within a timescale of 15 weeks, but hopefully I'll get this claim sorted before then.
  24. Here's a copy of the email "Dear James, Further to my previous emails, I note that the deadline has now passed without any contact from yourself and without settlement. I have, therefore, filed the Allocation Questionnaire that was sent to me. I will now be claiming further charges for court fees and interest at the daily rate of 56p. The total being claimed now stands at £3653.47 and as previously stated, I shall also be requesting costs for the tme spent producing my court bundle - which is well underway. I would also like to advise you that I have put forward a request for the draft directions below. DRAFT DIRECTIONS AS PREVIOUS POST Please submit your Allocation Questionnaire to the courts as soon as possbile so that a hearing date can be arranged. Kind regards" Don't think he'll respond to this either.
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