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  1. a little update - son is now applying for one of the senior jobs with closing date of 22/10 - however he thinks (along with others) that a couple these jobs have already been allocated to other current staff members (they've been given new uniforms) I have said that he cannot be sure of that - but there is a general feeling that it's all a forgone conclusion - not sure if this would be legal or not -
  2. not sure where scales are Ell-enn - ! but have clicked on 'reputation' hope that's right!
  3. thank you for your advice - hopefully it won't come to this; the matter probably won't come to a head for another month but I will keep this in mind should it become necessary to fight a corner. sincere thanks.
  4. thank you Cal37 - I must confess - altho' I have a limited knowledge I felt that there was something about custom and practice etc. I
  5. Private sector - very high profile upmarket public school in the Cotswolds - son is in catering department and has been with them for 10 years. They have mentioned redundancy for those that are not successful in their application for their current job!
  6. This is all due to take place by Jan 2008 and formally advised of this approx 2 weeks ago - I should also say they are all having to reapply for their jobs, or other jobs within the new structure if they wish - tho' no guarantees of actually having a job at all. I don't know what his current contract says - but suspect there will be new contracts for all.
  7. my son's employer is resructuring the department he works within. I've seen the details and they do improve the system currently in place somewhat. However, they have now been given a new rota which changes their current working practice to 5 days per week (but slightly longer hours) but and here's the query - insisting that the 2 days off per week will always be a Monday and Tuesday. Previously he worked 6 days a week and had some or all w/e's off. This allowed for socialising and family occasions which of course always happens at a w/e and a certain amount of swapping between staff wa
  8. Great read Roger - I managed to get my son's charges back from Barclays a month or so back- a long drawn out affair - but without actually going to court just - wish I had now and got some costs!! Well done.
  9. that's what I did John, it took 10 days. If you're in my area Gloucestershire! all the courts are postponed because of having no water - it's a nightmare!
  10. hmm- some seem to have had more luck than others today. It's a pity Barclays can't be consistent - and stopped playing games.
  11. sorry DOS didn't read previous page and now see what happened - there will be lots of support and help now from many others - I'll keep watching to see how it goes. Good Luck
  12. DOS - really sorry you seemed to have had a bad deal plus this other stuff for the 4/12 - you are not alone tho' what actually happened in your case?
  13. sorry - I see that your claim is just over £1000 - (I thought it said £10000) hmm - I really don't think they will turn up you know.
  14. Hi - you must be worried that no one has got back to you - I understand. I'm not an expert in this at all - I struggled thro' the procedure for my son. Luckily I did settle for the full amount + 8% and did not go to court, just. Tho' it took nearly 2 weeks for the ££ to get paid. Now as I said, I'm no expert - but basically the charges are unlawful, if you look at the link where the chap lost against Lloyds a few months ago, this breaks down the reasons why he lost - unusually the judge questioned him. I could try and quote what some of it says but I don't want to give you incorrect info.
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